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When, at 16 years old, Kwame is stabbed to death by a local gang, the lives, feelings and fears of the young perpetrators and the police officers investigating the crime are exposed in full. This drama helps us to understand why some of our youth would arm themselves and commit devastating acts of violence.

Fallout was written as a passionate and powerful reflection on race, law and order in the aftermath of the Stephen Lawrence and Damilola Taylor cases - and has been rewritten in light of the recent escalation in youth violence. Acclaimed writer Roy Williams is unflinching in capturing the culture and circumstances that are wrecking young lives.

Roy Williams says: 'I remember following the Damilola Taylor Case, and the feelings that I had. Anger with the killers, anger with whoever had let those kids down. I felt it was important as well as necessary to write a piece that allowed all my feelings, and the feelings of those kids and police to be expressed.'

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A policeman returns to the estate where he grew up to investigate the murder of a young boy. Lennie James stars in this powerful drama about race and law and order.