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Entertaining transformational battles against the odds. Intrepid volunteers are plucked from their natural habitat and given four weeks to master a skill well enough to fool a panel of expert judges.

About the Show

Entertaining transformational battles against the odds. Intrepid volunteers are plucked from their natural habitat and given four weeks to master a skill well enough to fool a panel of expert judges.

  • Factory Worker to Fashion Designer

    Twenty-four-year-old factory worker Mick Wigham leaves the grittiness of the production line for the glamour of the catwalk as he tries to fake it as a fashion designer

  • History of Art Student to Graffiti Artist

    Twenty-year-old country boy James Sawyer has four weeks to shed the tweeds, move into an urban jungle and convince us that he's a streetwise graffiti artist

  • Clog Dancer to Backing Dancer

    Jessica Wright is a 25-year-old clog dancer from Cornwall, but in a few weeks she will be performing with R&B singer Jamelia in front of thousands, live at Earls Court

  • Chess Player to Football Manager

    Former professional chess player Maximillion Devereaux trades his chessboard and rural idyll for the football pitch as he attempts to fake it as a football manager in a month

  • Newsagent to Showbiz Reporter

    Twenty-nine-year-old working mum Jatinder Sumal puts her real life on hold and swaps bringing up children and working in the family newsagent for a crash course in TV reporting

  • Management Consultant to Dog Trainer

    Bachelor Rob Archer is a high-flying management consultant in London, but he swaps that role for one of an expert dog trainer - in just four weeks!

  • Choir Girl to Rock Chick

    Twenty-year-old Christian choirgirl Laura-Jane Foley leaves behind her straight-laced Cambridge university life for London to be transformed into a rock chick

  • Bicycle Courier to Polo player

    Malcolm 'Woody' Woodcock, a bicycle courier from Manchester, has just four weeks in which to pass himself off as a polo player

  • Faking It Changed My Life

    A look back at the 2002 series of Faking It, following up on some remarkable developments in the lives of the participants

  • Punk Rocker to Orchestra Conductor

    Chris Sweeney leaves behind his life as lead singer of a punk band as he tries to fake it as an orchestral conductor in just four weeks.

  • Ferry Stewardess to Yachtswoman

    Twenty-eight-year-old Lucy Craig leaves her life as ferry stewardess behind for four weeks as she attempts to fake it as a yachtswoman.

  • Games Tester to Racing Driver

    A 23-year-old computer games tester has just a month to swap his virtual racing world for the real one and convince a team of experts that he is a bona fide racing driver.

  • Radiographer to Fashion Photographer

    Twenty-seven-year-old David Keith swaps his life as a radiographer and tries to fake it as a fashion photographer in just four weeks

  • Web Designer to Surfer

    Twenty-seven-year-old web designer Stuart Matheson leaves behind his desk-bound London life and heads for Cornwall to see if he can ride the waves and become a surfer.

  • Insurance Salesman to Stuntman

    Matt Davies, a 31-year-old insurance man, swaps a life of risk-assessing for risk taking as he struggles to become a movie stunt man in just one month.

  • Kickboxer to Ballroom Dancer

    Jo Weatherill, a 26-year-old black belt kickboxer from York, tries to fake it as a Latin ballroom dancer, with help from mentors Paul Harris and ex-champion Karen Hardy.

  • Lawyer to Garage MC

    Faking It follows self-confessed 'suit' George on a month-long mission to re-invent himself as a super-cool, lyric-spitting Garage MC.

  • Emergency Control Opertor to TV Studio Director

    Lynn Hurst, a telephone operator for the Edinburgh fire service, has just four weeks to convince some of the top names in TV that she's a live TV studio director.

  • Naval Officer to Drag Queen

    Spence Bowdler, a 30-year-old ex-naval officer and self-confessed 'macho' man, transforms into a drag queen.

  • Faking it Changed My Life

    What impact did the identity-transformation series have on the participants' lives? From their personalities to their image, and their confidence to their careers, did Faking It change them for ever?

  • Showgirl to Showjumper

    Shelley, a nightclub dancer from south London, has never sat on a horse. Yet, in just four weeks, she will have to re-invent herself as a show jumper, and do it so convincingly as to fool judges!

  • Ballet Dancer to Wrestler

    Kasper Cornish is a mild-mannered, talented ballet dancer from London, yet in just one month he must transform himself into a plausible, nasty, aggressive wrestling bad-boy.

  • Sheep Shearer to Hairdresser

    Softly-spoken country boy Gavin swaps rural bliss for the hectic streets of London to see if he can 'fake it' as a top-class hairdresser. Has he got what it takes to fool the judges?

  • Burgerman to Chef

    Ed is a burger vendor by trade, but he's about to be transformed into a top haute cuisine chef, learning the trade in the kitchens of some of Britain's finest and most demanding chefs

  • Painter and Decorator to Conceptual Artist

    How will painter and decorator Paul - who has no experience in art - make it as a conceptual artist in London's notoriously fickle contemporary art world?

  • Vicar to Car Dealer

    Country vicar Nigel Done swaps his sleepy parish and clerical garb for the mean streets of Essex to learn how to be a second-hand car salesman. Will he manage the challenge?

  • Cellist to DJ

    Straight-laced, classical cellist Sian Evans has just one month to transform herself into a hedonistic DJ club chick

  • Shop Girl to It Girl

    Like a modern day Eliza Dolittle, Lisa from Yorkshire agrees to leave her job in a local shop, and try to convince a group of posh society guests that she is a true blue-blood

  • Alex the Animal

    Could you learn to be another person in just one month? This was the challenge for Alex Geiki, a sensitive 20-year-old student who becomes a nightclub bouncer.