Extreme Male Beauty

  • Episode 1

    'Skinny fat bloke' Tim begins his quest to transform himself from superslob to superman in just eight weeks. First, he tries to turn his man boobs into the sort of pecs you see on the poster boys.

  • Episode 2

    Having spent two weeks attempting to increase the size of his pecs, journalist and skinny bloke Tim Shaw now wants a bigger penis. He also meets Edward Evans who has lost 17 stone.

  • Episode 3

    Tim investigates the holy grail of the male physique: the perfect six pack. He checks out abdominal liposculpture treatments and electro stimulators.

  • Episode 4

    Tim Shaw has reached the final stage of his attempt to transform from superslob to Superman, and he's now spending two weeks perfecting his pores before revealing his new look.