Extreme A&E

  • Episode 1

    Every day four people are killed and 90 seriously injured on Australia's roads. Kevin joins the team at a leading trauma centre that's famous for its specialist treatment of traffic accident victims.

  • Episode 2

    There were more than 12,000 reported violent crimes and 127 murders in the Bronx in 2011. Kevin joins the team at St Barnabas hospital, who patch up the victims of shootings and gang violence.

  • Episode 3

    Kevin sees how the specialist trauma team at King's College Hospital cope with London's most extreme medical emergencies, from gunshot wounds to road accidents and kids with suspected spinal injuries

  • Episode 4

    Johannesburg is one of the world's most violent cities, with 3000 murders a year. The Charlotte Maxeke Hospital has developed a legendary trauma unit with an extraordinary record in treating patients.