Empire's Children

  • Episode 1 - Dame Diana Rigg

    Dame Diana Rigg traces her early childhood in India in the final days of the British Raj and examines how the legacy of the British Empire has impacted on modern Britain.

  • Episode 2 - Shobna Gulati

    Actress Shobna Gulati travels back to Mumbai to visit her parents' birthplace and find out how her grandfather benefited from the end of the Raj, as Indians took over from the British.

  • Episode 3 - Sir David Steel

    David Steel was 11 years old when his family lived in the turbulent heart of the British Empire in Kenya. More than 50 years on, David finds out how his father tried to change policies.

  • Episode 4 - Chris Bisson

    Actor Chris Bisson was born in Manchester, but his roots lie in India. Here he uncovers the journey his Indian great-grandfather took as a labourer who was shipped around the Empire.

  • Episode 5 - Jenny Eclair

    Comedian Jenny Eclair's journey becomes one to the heart of darkness when she travels to Malaysia, the country where she was born 46 years ago, to explore her family's imperial past.

  • Episode 6 - Adrian Lester

    Actor Adrian Lester travels to Jamaica to find out why his grandfather chose to immigrate to Britain in the 50s, in the series that examines the legacy of the British Empire.