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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

Series 6 Summary

The Embarrassing Bodies docs return for a new series as they take the clinic on the road, offering aid to awkward ailments everywhere.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 1

    The doctors visit the holiday hot spot of Magaluf, where sex goes, booze flows and the sunburn shows.

    Dr Pixie sees a lad looking for treatment for a bulging ball and Dr Christian meets a girl who needs a helping hand following an awkward climax.

    Dr Dawn educates the hedonistic holidaymakers about the horrors of a hangover.

    Back in the UK, Dr Christian meets an extremely brave man who reveals the extraordinary extent of living with half his face missing.

    Dr Dawn meets a man with a patch on his penis that needs straightening out and Dr Pixie helps a lady whose groin and bottom abscesses are causing constant pain.

    And Dr James the dentist sees a 32-year-old woman whose thumb sucking habit is affecting both her teeth and her boyfriend's genitals.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 2

    Doctors Christian, Dawn and Pixie help with the 132% rise in hospital cases in Magaluf that have resulted from 24-7 partying, petting and drinking.

    Dr Christian extols the importance of safe sex, and Dr Pixie braves the midday sun to tame the tourists who are burning to be beautiful.

    In the UK clinic, Dr Pixie helps a man who lost his penis in a childhood car accident, and follows the dramatic reconstruction surgery to make him a new phallus from his own body parts.

    And this week's unsung heroes of medicine are involved in eye donation.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 3

    This week the portable clinic pitches up in Caerphilly, Wales, and Dr Dawn helps a lady who's hiding a secret pain inside her national dress and a man who's been walking through his problems for 20 years.

    The clinic is open for business meeting brave people sharing their problems, and nothing's left uncovered. Dr Pixie's hit a bump tackling some testicle trouble, Dr Christian meets a woman whose baby bottom burns are still bothering her as an adult, and a lady for whom weight loss has left her nipples near her nether regions; and Dr Dawn has a mystery case of festering feet the likes of which the show has never seen.

    Dr Christian takes the 'Brain Sex' Challenge to discover if our genital sex really does match up to the way we think. And in the 'Living With' series, the programme features a truly amazing 14-year-old girl with a rare condition called Progeria, which means she's living in the body of a pensioner.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 4

    The doctors bring their portable clinic to Bristol, where the bothersome conditions include rashes, mouth ulcers, excessive sweating, a painful post-pregnancy problem, and excessive body hair.

    Dr Christian helps a man with a worrying pain down below, while Dr Pixie gets to the bottom of why her patient 'blocks the bog'.

    Dr Pixie meets a lady whose rosy nose embarrasses her so much she rarely leaves the house.

    Scientist Dr James Logan returns to investigate the healing power of leeches, allowing his own blood to be sucked in the name of research, while Dr Christian comes up trumps in his quest to educate festival goers on all things flatulent.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 5

    The doctors bring their portable pods to the Love Luton festival, where some mysterious cases crop up. There's a young woman with monster bruises that appeared from nowhere and another with unexplained skin patches.

    Back at the clinic, Dr Dawn treats a lady with a fishy smell, Dr Christian meets a man whose skin-cancer scar has left him looking like a thug, and Dr Pixie helps a chap with a blockage in his waterworks.

    Dr Christian asks what a transistor radio, a light bulb, a tropical spider, a 12-inch salami and a complete tool set all have in common, as he warns of the dangers of inserting foreign objects into intimate places.

    Dr Dawn hits 'shag week' at Newcastle Uni.

    Dentistry with Doctor James, who's tackling more tarnished teeth.

    And the cameras go behind the scenes of Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth hospital.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 6

    The portable clinic visits Weymouth, where Dr Dawn meets a man with blood-blisters on his testicles, advises on pubic abscesses and warns of the dangers of dodgy tattoos.

    Dr Christian meets a man whose prostate cancer treatment has left him with rectal incontinence and a women who is in need of jaw replacement surgery.

    Dr Pixie sees a 31-year-old with a saggy body and Dr Dawn examines some supersize varicose veins.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 7

    Dr Christian tackles some difficulties with bottoms at Liverpool's Brazillica festival.

    In the portable clinic there's a woman with a prolapsed bottom who must empty her bowels by hand and a chap whose anal abscesses are ruling his life.

    Dr Dawn offers advice to a man with troublesome testicles.

    And the show catches up with Eric, who lost half his face to an aggressive cancer, as he prepares for a drastic surgery to implant a metal structure into his jaw.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 8

    Having set up camp at the Sundown festival in Norfolk, Dr Pixie meets a lad badly bitten by the festival bug, a man with piles and a lady with chronic discharge down below.

    Professor Val lifts the lid on toilet hygiene, flushing out some frightening facts on what's lurking in festival loos.

    In the clinic, Dr Dawn comes face-to-face with a girl whose rare genetic disorder has left her with tumours all over her face, and Dr Christian tackles testicle pain when he meets a man who can barely get out of bed.

    The Living With series meets the inspirational former England rugby player Matt Hampson, who, following a rough scrum, suffered a spinal injury that's left him paralysed from the neck down.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 9

    In this one-off special, patients returning to meet Dr Christian and Dr Dawn include a man who had a problem with swollen testicles and a woman with a cyst in a very embarrassing area.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 10

    Some of the show's most inspirational cases return to the clinic having battled cancer and the scars it has left them with. The show catches up with Julie for an amazing breast reconstruction, and Natalie, as she finds out if she's beaten her cervical cancer.

    There's also Josh, whose face was rebuilt from scratch.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 11

    The doctors Stand Up to Cancer, taking an emotional medical journey with cancer patients.

    Dr Christian meets Josh, who tragically lost half his face following the diagnosis of a rare cancer, orbital melanoma. He also meets Danny, father of two young boys, who's been diagnosed with bladder cancer at just 39.

    Forty-nine-year-old Julie comes to see Dr Dawn having overcome breast cancer eight years ago and hoping to now have her breasts rebuilt with a pioneering technique.

    And Dr Dawn meets 22-year-old Natalie as she undergoes radiotherapy for cervical cancer.

    Dr Pixie offers a guide to the pitfalls of bowel cancer.

    Dr Christian dons a pair of fake boobs and hits the streets so women can see what's normal and healthy.

    And celebrities share their personal stories of how cancer has affected them - including Peter Andre, Ken Hom, Jenny Frost, John Hartson, Matt Dawson and Dawn Porter.

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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

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