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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

About the Show

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

Series 5 Summary

The nation's favourite doctors are back for a fifth series, with tropical disease specialist Dr James Logan joining the team.

  • Episode 1 - Embarrassing Bodies

    In Thailand, Dr Dawn and Dr James hunt down the embarrassing souvenirs some Brits bring home. And a woman who was in the first generation to have breast enhancement surgery asks Dr Christian for help.

  • Episode 2 - Embarrassing Bodies

    The show offers on-the-spot medical advice to people with tropical troubles in Thailand while Dr James continues his 60-day experiment of living with a hookworm in his intestine

  • Episode 3 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr Christian hits the party island of Ibiza, tackling the issues of too much sun, sea and sex, while back in the UK Dr Dawn meets a man with a buried penis.

  • Episode 4 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr Christian helps a patient with a vasectomy. Dr Dawn meets a woman who bangs her head in her sleep. And the clinic meets a man in Skegness with a wriggly bottom.

  • Episode 5 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr Christian helps a man whose rare condition means he needs new ears, Dr Dawn meets a woman with a very unusual symptom and the mobile clinic visits a music festival in the North East.

  • Episode 6 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr Pixie helps a man whose oozing bottom wound hasn't healed in six years, Dr Christian meets a woman with a mysterious whistle, and Dr Dawn reveals everything you need to know about nipples

  • Episode 7 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr James meets a woman with the worst tooth decay he's ever seen, Dr Pixie meets a guy whose massive weight loss has left him with unwanted baggage, and Dr Dawn helps a little girl with toilet trouble

  • Episode 8 - Embarrassing Bodies

    The doctors visit the Highlands, examining everything from sweat to problems under the kilt, while two sisters discuss living with a rare skin condition.

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep10_2

    Episode 9 - Embarrassing Bodies

    The doctors look back at some of their bumpiest cases, including the woman with two cysts on her head. And Dr Christian shows the difference between good lumps and bad on a box of willies.

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep9_2

    Episode 10 - Embarrassing Bodies

    The team revisits memorable cases, from the woman with 34K breasts to the man leaking milk and transgender Jenny-Anne on her wedding day, plus listing what both men and women should check.

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep11_1

    Episode 11 - Embarrassing Bodies: Under the Skin

    The doctors catch up with some of the show's most sensitive and scabby cases, all of them concerning the skin, from oozing, smelly underarms to a bottom wound that wouldn't heal

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep12_1

    Episode 12 - Under the Knife

    The doctors catch up with patients who've had their post-op help, including one of the first generation of women to have a boob job, as the 'cherry on the cake' of her breast reconstruction is ready

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep13_1

    Episode 13 - About Face

    The doctors catch up with some of the most memorable problems involving the face

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep14_2

    Episode 14 - Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic

    This special episode finds out how patients benefited from medical advice or treatment they received from Dr Christian and Dr Dawn over the internet in Live from the Clinic

  • embarrassing_bodies_52500_ep15_2

    Episode 15 - Embarrassing Bodies

    Dr Christian catches up with two women who have undergone a sex change. How have their lives changed since they first appeared on the programme?