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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

Series 5 Summary

The nation's favourite doctors are back for a fifth series, with tropical disease specialist Dr James Logan joining the team.

  • Episode 1

    Dr Dawn and Dr James head for Thailand to hunt down the embarrassing souvenirs some Brits bring home with them after a trip abroad.

    Dr Logan bravely infests himself with parasitic hookworm, while back in the UK Dr Pixie meets Carol who has an addiction to coffee enemas.

    And a woman who was one of the first generation to have breast enhancement surgery asks Dr Christian for help.

  • Episode 2

    The show travels to Thailand, offering on-the-spot medical advice to those with tropical troubles. Dr James continues his 60-day experiment of living with hookworm buried inside his intestine.

    In the clinic, Dr Christian helps a woman who had botched cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

    Dr Pixie sees a patient whose large breasts are ruining her life.

    Twenty-one-year-old Caroline's diabetes is damaging her sex life and 59-year-old Jarvis is worried about the risk of prostate cancer.

  • Episode 3

    Dr Christian hits the party island of Ibiza, tackling the issues caused by too much sun, sea and sex.

    He opens a clinic on the beach for clubbers in need, offering on-the-spot STI tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

    Back in the UK, Dr Dawn meets a man with a buried penis.

  • Episode 4

    Dr Christian helps a patient with a vasectomy. Dr Dawn meets a woman who bangs her head in her sleep. And the clinic meets a man in Skegness with a wriggly bottom.

    The seaside tour continues as the truck stops off at Skegness, where there's a man with a worrying lump on his testicles.

    Dr Pixie hits the streets and helps the women of Skegness get the measure of obesity. Meanwhile, Doctor Christian asks a team of BMX bikers to produce a sperm sample.

    Dr Dawn meets a woman whose bowel condition has left her with shocking stomach scars.

  • Episode 5

    Dr Christian helps a man whose rare genetic condition has left him needing new ears.

    Dr Pixie meets a patient with a leaky back passage.

    Dr Dawn meets Helen, who has a very unusual symptom - she can see faeces moving inside her intestines.

    The mobile clinic visits a music festival in the north-east, where Dr Pixie sees a lad whose testicles are causing him trouble and a woman who has a sizeable breast problem.

  • Episode 6

    The doctors visit Tamworth, where Dr Pixie helps a man whose oozing bottom wound hasn't healed in six years and Dr Christian meets a woman with a mysterious whistle.

    The show meets an art student fitted with pacemakers in his chest.

    Dr Pixie visits a pop festival in Staffordshire, where microbiologist Professor Val conducts a forensic examination of the loos.

    Dr Dawn gives her top tips on everything you need to know about nipples.

  • Episode 7

    Dr Christian meets a woman in Brighton with very different breasts and a man with a pimple on his penis. And resident dentist Dr James meets a woman with the worst tooth decay he's ever seen.

    Back at the clinic, Dr Pixie meets a guy whose massive weight loss has left him with some unwanted baggage.

    Dr Dawn helps a little girl who's having trouble in the toilet department.

    And in Thailand, Dr Dawn asks some lads to have a feel of her prosthetic balls.

  • Episode 8

    The team hits the highlands, and Dr Dawn sets up camp at a festival where she meets a man with a problem under his kilt and a couple whose night of passion turned into a balls-up.

    Professor Val gets up close and personal with sweat, Dr Pixie hears about the condition that's stopping a woman from having sex and Dr Christian meets a woman who's been struggling to hide her growing problem for seven years.

    Two sisters discuss their rare skin condition that means each night they grow as much skin as most people would in 14 days.

  • Episode 9

    The doctors look back at some of their bumpiest cases.

    Nine months after they first met, the team catch up with the woman who had two large cysts on her head. Dr Dawn is in the Costa del Sol to see a man with a massive hernia. Dr Pixie revisits a woman who picked food out of the pits of her tonsils.

    And Dr Christian uses a box of willies to teach everyone the difference between good lumps and bad. And how is the patient whose nose was ruining his confidence?

  • Episode 10

    The team revisits memorable cases, including a man leaking milk. There's also transgender Jenny-Anne on her wedding day. And Dr Dawn and Dr Pixie show how to self check for breast cancer and which lumps to worry about and what to get checked out.

  • Episode 11

    The doctors catch up with some of the show's most sensitive and scabby cases, all of them concerning the skin, from oozing, smelly underarms to a bottom wound that wouldn't heal.

    Dr Pixie catches up with a man who, having lost ten stone, went under the knife to deal with the problem of excess skin.

    Dr Dawn hits the beaches of Thailand to discover how a tropical skin complaint can turn into a holiday horror story. She also helps beach lovers keep watch on their moles.

    And Dr James Logan recruits Dr Dawn and Dr Christian to find out just what happens when 50 mosquitoes start munching on the skin.

  • Episode 12

    The doctors catch up with some of the people who have come to the clinic looking for post-op help. For many ailments, surgery is the only answer. But sometimes surgery goes wrong.

    Dr Christian catches up with one of the first generation of women to have a boob job back in the 70s. Having followed the dramatic reconstruction of her breasts he returns to see the final 'cherry on the cake', with the making of her new nipples.

    Dr Pixie catches up with a man reeling from the results of surgery on his bottom.

    Dr Dawn meets woman who was left with terrible tummy scars.

    And Dr Christian advises some bold BMX bikers how best to keep your semen in tip-top health.

  • Episode 13

    The doctors catch up with some of the most memorable problems involving the face.

    Dr Christian continues the story of a woman who hopes radical surgery will bring the end of her facial malformation.

    Dr Pixie catches up with mother of two who's on the mend after an extreme bout of teenage acne left her in despair.

    And Dr Dawn meets a woman whose face takes a bashing every time she goes to bed.

    Resident dentist Dr James is at the Stockton weekender flogging the benefits of flossing; and helps a woman whose badly stained smile has smashed her confidence.

    And Dr Pixie has her nasal polyps checked out.

  • Episode 14

    In May and June of this year, nearly a hundred patients consulted Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper for medical advice over the internet.

    What Happened Next? catches up with a number of patients who took part who have already benefited from the advice or treatment they received.

    Among the many men and women featured, there's the student rugby player who memorably ripped an intimate piercing, and needed reconstructive surgery on his penis, and the woman who wanted help reducing the size of her particularly large breasts.

  • Episode 15

    Dr Christian revisits two women who have gone to extreme measures to dramatically change their bodies. Their very different personal stories provide an insight into what it means to change sex.

    The programme follows the women's journeys and the lengths they've gone to in order to achieve their goal - from stories of love and bullying to butchery abroad and eye-watering surgery.

    Over a year later the programme catches up with them to see how life has changed since being in the clinic.

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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

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