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The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

About the Show

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors offer an innovative way to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions

Series 4 Summary

The Embarrassing doctors are ready to treat more brave souls who are at the end of their tether as they take their mantra, 'There's no shame, we're all the same', to seaside and holiday destinations around the UK and Spain

  • Episode 1

    The doctors take a trip to Fuengirola on Spain's Costa del Sol to help Brits abroad with embarrassing body problems

  • Episode 2

    The mobile clinic visits Weston-Super-Mare, where Dr Pixie meets a local with an eye-watering condition. Also Dr Dawn examines a woman with an intimate problem.

  • Episode 3

    Dr Pixie helps a woman whose nipples are sticking out in the wrong places after breast surgery

  • Episode 4

    The docs pitch their tent at the Wakestock Music and Wakeboarding Festival in Wales. In the main clinic Dr Pixie meets a man whose tight foreskin makes sex difficult and a woman with a painful vagina.

  • Episode 5

    There's a fertility theme in the clinic as Dr Pixie investigates why one woman has intense pain during sex, and why another seems to have a baby bump, although she isn't pregnant

  • Episode 6

    Dr Pixie meets a woman with a pair of testicle-like cysts on her head. Dr Christian deals with a young woman with incontinence. Dr Dawn helps a man who just can't hold on to his leaking bowels.

  • Episode 7

    Dr Christian meets a girl with asymmetric breasts and looks after a man whose penis has curved right around, while Dr Pixie takes on a shocking case of painful scalp pustules

  • Episode 8

    Dr Christian deals with an enormous pair of breasts and Dr Pixie sees a man who's struggled with an itchy bottom for 20 years. Meanwhile, Dr Dawn talks periods with three young women.

  • Episode 9

    The clinic meets a man with a large lump on his testicle, a woman with an embarrassing vaginal discharge, and a case of a hairy female bottom.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 10

    The Embarrassing Bodies doctors return. In the clinic Brenda discusses her vanishing vagina with Dr Pixie, while Dr Christian meets Slavek, whose droopy face is getting him down.

  • Episode 11

    The mobile clinic visits Leicester, where Chris shows Dr Pixie his boils, Jenna discusses a smelly discharge, and Ria is distressed about a double nipple on one of her breasts.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 12

    The doctors visit Bristol, where they meet Jo, who has sweaty hair, and Aaron, who's got a rash on his penis. And Amir gets a shocking diagnosis concerning his lactating nipples.

  • Episode 13

    The doctors meet Jerusha, who suffers from chronic pain at the entrance of her vagina, and Duane, who is told that the copious tags on his penis are caused by excessive friction.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 14

    In the final clinic of the series, the doctors meet Hayley, who suffers with throbbing varicose veins, Belinda, who has curdling discharge, and Carl, who needs reassurance about his acne.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 15

    The nation's favourite doctors visit Sheffield Hallam University giving contraception advice to students, meeting a boy with lumps on his scrotum, and a woman struggling with heavy periods.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 16

    The mobile clinic rolls into the West Midlands. Dr Christian meets Kate, who's worried about having an extra hole above her anus, and Luke who has asymmetrical testicles.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 17

    The doctors visit the Wakestock festival in a bid to help reduce teen torment. And Dr Christian meets 19-year-old Jade, who avoids going out because of her severely asymmetric breasts.

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Episode 18

    A young woman shows the doctors her self-harm scars. A student from Sheffield is worried about his asymmetrical testicles. And the doctors ride the rollercoaster at Thorpe Park.

  • Episode 19

    Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn catch up with the most memorable cases from the award-winning series. The conditions in this episode include piles and a new nipple.

  • Episode 20

    Among the cases revisited in this episode are a man with severe anal abscesses, a teenager struggling with a diabetes diagnosis and a lad with an overeating condition

  • Episode 21

    The doctors catch up with a case of night terrors, a man with leaking bowels and a woman with persistent thrush. And the programme looks into the world of labia shape and size.

  • Episode 22

    Drs Christian, Pixie and Dawn catch up with some of their most memorable cases. This episode revisits Keith, who first came to the clinic with a bent penis caused by Peyronie's disease.

  • Episode 23

    The doctors revisit Maria, a young woman with a hairy face and body, and Ed, who needed help to uncover his buried penis. And Dr Dawn reminds viewers of the importance of regularly checking breasts.

  • Episode 24

    The doctors catch up with a woman who had excessive facial hair, and another with an inverted nipple. And Dr Christian gives an update on how young men should check for testicular cancer.

  • Episode 25

    Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn catch up with some of the most memorable cases from the award-winning series

  • Episode 26

    Stewart and Christine, first stepped into the clinic with a combined weight of 52 stone, now they've had life-changing stomach surgery they return to see if they've lost weight