Embarrassing Bodies Down Under

  • Episode 1

    In Sydney, the team meet a woman who is upset about having inverted nipples, a man who has sebaceous cysts on his scrotum as a result of shaving and a woman who's demoralised by her high-pitched voice

  • Episode 2

    In Melbourne, Dr Christian gets a group of average Aussies to have a closer look at the colour of their urine, and finds out how well Australian women know their nipples

  • Episode 3

    The doctors are on a mission to tackle men's health issues during a visit to Melbourne, including a man with a hydrocele on one of his testicles and a patient with warts on his bottom

  • Episode 4

    Among the patients at Bondi Beach is a woman whose breasts are asymmetrical, who gets advice from Dr Ginni about surgery to make them the same size

  • Episode 5

    The doctors pay a visit to Dandenong, Victoria, where Dr Brad encounters a man who has suffered a penile fracture that has caused Peyronie's disease

  • Episode 6

    The doctors pay a visit to party paradise the Gold Coast, where Dr Ginni encounters a woman whose sex life has been affected by severe pain caused by vulvodynia

  • Episode 7

    The doctors are still in the Gold Coast. Dr Ginni meets a woman with swollen feet caused by Graves' disease, which affects the thyroid gland, and advises a patient with a cyst in his scrotum.

  • Episode 8

    Dr Ginni encounters a man with vitiligo, a condition that strips pigment from the skin, and a woman whose large breasts are giving her back, shoulder and neck pain