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Eight O'Clock Walk

Taxi driver Tom Manning (Richard Attenborough) is caught out in an April Fool's joke played on him by a group of small children. One girl, Irene Evans (Cheryl Molineaux), pretends she has lost her doll on some waste ground. When Attenborough discovers he's been hoaxed, he pretends to be angry and chases Irene.

But when the girl is later found murdered, several people have witnessed Manning 'threatening' the infant and circumstantial evidence also links him to the crime.

Brought to court, Manning discovers that only his wife Jill (Cathy O' Donnell) and his young defence barrister Peter Tanner (Derek Farr) believe he's innocent. The trial is complicated by Tanner's father (Ian Hunter) acting for the prosecution.

Just as all seems lost, Peter decides to play a hunch... but will he find the evidence he needs to clear Manning and identify Irene's killer in time?

With Maurice Denham, Harry Welchman, and Bruce Seton.

(1953) Cert: PG