Educating Yorkshire


  • Hannah

    Popular student with dry wit and an endearing personality

  • Musharaf

    A hard worker and one of the team of student prefects

  • Jack

    Funny, talkative and endearingly animated about history

  • Hadiqa

    Bright, articulate and ambitious, Hadiqa is every teacher's dream

  • Safiyyah

    Larger than life personality and a happy-go-lucky attitude

  • Sheridan

    Pretty, sometimes petulant and always up for a laugh

  • Grant

    One of Year 9's loveable rogues and growing up fast

  • Bailey

    A leading light in the cool crowd as well as a staff favourite

  • Kamrrem

    Charming and resourceful, but can be a bit of a headache

  • Ryan

    Wit and wisdom beyond his years and dreams of being PM

  • Georgia

    Boisterous and a member of Thornhill's coolest of cool crowds

  • Jac-Henry

    A firm fixture in one of Year 11's closest-knit friendship groups

  • Brandon

    An articulate, opinionated and often vocal member of Year 11

  • Robbie-Joe

    A charming member of Year 7 who just can't stop talking