Series 1 Episode 7
First Broadcast: 12AM Thu 3 November 2011

As leavers' day, exams and the all-important prom approach, the school tries to prepare two very different students for the future.

Fifteen-year-old Ryan, a recent arrival at the school, has Asperger's. Unsure of what the future will hold, the teachers attempt to equip him for life beyond the security of the school gates.

While Ryan wishes he could stay at school forever, troubled top-set student Vinni can't wait to leave. He voluntarily went into temporary care earlier in the term and now the staff work tirelessly to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Will Vinni leave the care home to move back to his family, can the teachers help him to leave with the grades and opportunities his abilities deserve, and will his behaviour improve enough for him to attend the prom?

As the series draws to a close the students say goodbye to the staff and school, and nervously await their results. Perhaps more nervous than them all, however, is headteacher Vic Goddard. He finds it hard to sleep in the run-up to results day as he waits to see whether the school will achieve its targets.

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    1. S1-Ep7: Introducing Ryan This video is a clip S1-Ep7: Introducing Ryan Video duration: 0:51 minutes

      Student Ryan explains how he has Asperger's... and a big imagination. Watch Educating Essex Episode 7
    2. S1-Ep7: The Prom This video is a clip S1-Ep7: The Prom Video duration: 2:07 minutes

      While Vinni has an incentive to attend to the prom, Ryan has concerns. Watch Educating Essex Episode 7

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This series follows a group of GCSE students, and the staff who teach them, as they face the most important year in their education