Road noise bothering you? Help is at hand with Sarah's top tips for soundproofing your windows.

1. Install double glazing or secondary glazing depending on budget, but keep in mind although secondary glazing can be less aesthetically pleasing it’s often more effective.

2. Ensure the window panes are firmly affixed and make good any cracks, gaps or holes in the frame, sill or grouting.

3. Hang heavy lined layered curtains (at least 2 layers deep) from floor to ceiling in front of windows. Thick velvet is perfect but make sure the wall fixings are strong enough to hold the weight.

4. If appearance isn’t an issue and you’re on a budget, affixing a layer of bubble wrap to the inside of a window can be surprisingly effective.

5. If light isn’t required from a window (for example in a garage, shed or unused room) you could block it up with a section of drywall, thermal insulation or cork cut to size.