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Double Jeopardy

When Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) goes sailing with her husband Nick (Bruce Greenwood), she's shocked to wake up covered in his blood, with a gore-slicked knife beside her and no sign of her spouse.

And when a Coastguard boat appears on the scene, things get even worse for her in director Bruce Beresford's revenge thriller.

Libby is imprisoned on the circumstantial evidence - that also includes a massive death insurance payout - and her best friend, Angie (Annabeth Gish), has to step in to look after Libby's young son, Matty.

But, speaking to Angie on the phone one day, Libby hears Matty say 'Hello Daddy...' in the background and puts two and two together: she's been framed by her closest friends.

Unfortunately for them, Libby discovers that once someone's been convicted of a crime, they can't be tried for it again. So she's got nothing to lose, and if she can get out of jail, she can make the pair pay the ultimate price for their treachery.

Also starring Tommy Lee Jones.

Double Jeopardy synopsis

A woman, wrongly sent to prison for her husband's murder, discovers what actually happened and plots her revenge

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