Thor is a young Great Dane that lives with Gill, her daughter Gemma and their other Great Dane, Watson, Thor's dad.

Thor is a big dog with an equally big problem - aggression towards other dogs. Gill is left struggling with her huge unruly pet and can now only walk him with Gemma helping her. Thor has even dragged Gill into the road to get to another dog. With Mark and Dr Blackwell’s help we hope to stop this out of control behaviour.

Thor's Treatment

Thor's aggressive response towards other dogs arose out of fear, so the main aim of his treatment was to change his perception of them, using desensitisation and counter conditioning techniques.

To begin with we had to find a distance at which he no longer reacted to our quiet dog Coco - this was two fields apart! We rewarded Thor all the time that he was ignoring the other dog and instead walking calmly by Gill's side with his attention on her.

Thor really loves cheese, so we used this to associate other dogs being present with something nice. Over many sessions we gradually decreased the distance between Thor and the other dog, all the time rewarding him for staying calm.