Nash was rescued from a puppy farm, a breeding factory where people intensively breed puppies for profit with no regard for their welfare.

Things are now very different for the little terrier as he lives with Laura, Brett and their ten year old son Henry. Unfortunately despite his devotion to Laura, Nash is terrified of Brett and has become highly aggressive towards him. The family are at their wits end and are desperate for help to improve both their lives and Nash's.

Nash's Treatment

It is important to discuss any changes in your pet's behaviour with your vet and the first step in Nash's treatment was a full health check to rule out medical conditions which may be influencing his behaviour. Nash is worried by men, so we wanted to teach him that they can be fun too.

We started by making men less scary – they never approached him, it was always his choice to approach them, and they didn’t reach out to touch him or pick him up. They also tried to be a bit less noisy! Henry and Brett became responsible for all of the good things in life such as food and games.

To help change his behaviour when people entered the room, we taught Nash that the rattle of the treat pot meant that treats were on offer. Brett picked up the pot before he entered a room to signal to Nash that he was coming and that he was bearing treats.

Nash already had a positive association with Laura laughing, so we also used this when Brett came into the room to signal to Nash that he had nothing to worry about. We also gave Nash a cosy ‘den’ to retreat to when things got too noisy for him.