• Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes

    Dispatches goes undercover to examine wages and working conditions in British textile factories where clothes are made for some big brands

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    President Trump's Dirty Secrets

    Dispatches investigates the controversial figures surrounding Donald Trump and their links to powerful corporations that could have far-reaching consequences beyond America

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Britain's Homebuilding Scandal

    Many are struggling to find a home; a reason why is too few houses are being built. Liam Halligan probes developers deliberately holding back land to maximise profits.

  • The Secret Plan to Save Fat Britain

    Britain's men are the fattest in Europe, our women are the second fattest, and our children are getting fatter younger. So why has Downing Street diluted its obesity strategy? Dispatches investigates.

  • Addicted to Spending

    With personal debt at an all-time high, Morland Sanders asks if more could be done to help families kick the spending addiction

  • Living with Nightmare Neighbours

    The government promised to fix so-called neighbours from hell with its Troubled Families Programme, but Dispatches meets families who say it has had no real impact

  • Britain's Wealth Gap

    The wealth gap between young and old has become a defining feature of our times. Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson reveals new figures showing the extent of the gap and investigates its causes.

  • Undercover: Britain's Abortion Extremists

    Dispatches investigates the anti-abortion movement in the UK

  • The Battle for the Labour Party

    Antony Barnett investigates Momentum and those seeking to influence the Labour Party, just days before the declaration of whether Jeremy Corbyn has retained his leadership

  • President Trump: Can He Really Win?

    Matt Frei explores how the US presidential contest is shaping up to be one of the most brutal in living memory, and asks if Donald Trump can make it all the way to the White House

  • The Great Housing Scandal

    Harry Wallop investigates why not enough homes have been built, despite promises to increase housing in the UK. Just how committed are the government to easing the housing crisis?

  • Brexit: Who'll Do Your Job Now?

    Reporter Morland Sanders finds a shadowy workforce of North Koreans in mainland Europe who could end up working in UK fields and factories post-Brexit

  • How Safe Is Your Car?

    With new evidence indicating that some cars might not perform as well in crashes as their safety rating suggests, Dispatches investigates whether we can trust manufacturers and testers with car safety

  • How School Bosses Spend Your Millions

    Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money go into the academy school system. Dispatches investigates the finances of academies, and discovers big salaries and generous expenses.

  • Is Your Pension Safe?

    Post-Brexit, falling long-term interest rates are increasing pressure on pension schemes. Will there be more companies like BHS who struggle to meet their pension commitments?

  • Racist Britain

    Seyi Rhodes investigates the rising tide of racism in post-Brexit Britain, revealing the scale of the abuse and uncovering dramatic recordings of physical and verbal attacks

  • Are You Owed a Pay Rise?

    The National Living Wage was supposed to mean a pay increase for some of Britain's poorest workers, but is everyone really getting richer?

  • Undercover: Inside Britain's Children's Services

    An experienced social worker goes undercover in Birmingham City Council's children's services department, revealing the problems faced by the people responsible for the safety of vulnerable children

  • The Truth About Cheap Flights

    Harry Wallop goes undercover to learn the secrets of a major player in the travel business. Are low fares all that they seem? Are you getting the best deal?

  • Isis and the Missing Treasures

    As the war against Isis intensifies and Syrian troops retake Palmyra, a battle to stop the terrorist group cashing in on looted antiquities is being waged in the UK. Dispatches investigates.

  • The Great Benefits Row

    Hundreds of thousands of disabled people are having to apply for the new Personal Independence Payment benefit and many claim it is deeply unfair. Ade Adepitan investigates the new benefit.

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    Britain's Pensioner Care Scandal

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the home care services that some of Britain's most vulnerable pensioners receive, as the industry is squeezed by rising costs and slashed budgets

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Secrets of Cadbury

    From Creme Egg controversies to foreign manufacturing, Dispatches lifts the lid on what's been happening to Cadbury since its controversial takeover by American giant Kraft

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    Housing Benefit Millionaires

    Private landlords have become a major provider of accommodation to tenants on housing benefit. While many provide good homes, Dispatches confronts some rogue landlords, who are playing the system.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Council House Millionaires

    As the government looks to extend the right-to-buy to housing association tenants, Dispatches reveals how council homes have become a goldmine for a few, amid fears of the death of social housing

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Dirty Secrets: What's Really in Our Air?

    Morland Sanders investigates hidden pollution hotspots, learns that we can breathe in far more pollution than official figures suggest, and uncovers research indicating how dangerous pollution can be

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    999: Where's My Ambulance?

    With demand for ambulance services at an all-time high, many ambulance trusts are failing to meet their response time targets. What effect is this having on patients?

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How the Rich Avoid Tax

    Actor Greg Wise uses undercover filming to investigate tax avoidance, inviting financial advisors into his home to find out how they advise wealthy clients to minimise their tax bills

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Where's My Missing Mail?

    As how we shop changes, we increasingly rely on parcel firms to deliver our shopping. But as the number of items delivered has risen, so have complaints. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How the Rich Live Longer

    Some people in the wealthiest areas of Britain are outliving those in the poorest by 18 years. Dr Christian Jessen investigates the high-end health industry that seeks to help the rich live longer.

    This episode is subtitled47 mins
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    The Children Who Beat Ebola

    The remarkable and uplifting story of five extraordinary children in Sierra Leone who beat the Ebola virus and overcame loss and stigma to rebuild their lives

    Scenes that some may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled48 mins
  • How the Monarchy Can Make You Millions

    Roughly 800 companies hold royal warrants, and are said to make £4 billion extra a year because of it. With so much at stake, Dispatches examines the system that grants this regal seal of approval.

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    Low Pay Britain

    Who's really benefiting from the 3,000,000 apprenticeships the Government has promised? Dispatches investigates whether high-profile companies are paying ultra-low wages in return for poor training.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Britain's Nightmare New Homes

    The Government has committed to building a million new houses by 2020. Dispatches investigates what impact the rush to put up new housing will have on the quality of these homes.

  • Aldi's Supermarket Secrets

    While Tesco and other big supermarkets falter, Aldi gets stronger and was named Supermarket of the Year. Do they always deliver great value on quality and service without compromise?

  • Britain's Benefits Experiment

    Tazeen Ahmad examines a pilot scheme that aims to encourage working people who receive benefits to boost their income and reduce their dependency on the state

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    How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

    Millions of us are plagued by nuisance callers flogging things we don't want. Dispatches goes undercover to find out how the cold calling trade works, and reveals how people are fighting back.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Hunted: Gay and Afraid

    Dispatches investigates well-funded global networks that are supporting a wave of anti-gay laws around the world, including the World Congress of Families in the USA

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    Escape from Isis

    This Dispatches special exposes the brutal regime suffered by millions of women living under Isis, and the extraordinary story of a secret underground network trying to save them

    Upsetting accounts and images of violenceThis episode is subtitled49 mins

    Clips & Extras

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    Pensions and the Price of Growing Old

    As Britain's pensioner population soars, Michael Buerk investigates whether the public can continue to rely on the state to support us in our old age

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How Councils Blow Your Millions

    Reporter Antony Barnett uncovers unknown deals between cash-strapped councils and banks that are costing taxpayers millions of pounds a year

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Kids in Crisis

    Kids in Crisis meets families from across the UK whose children are being separated from them to receive treatment for mental health issues, sometimes hundreds of miles from home

    Moving stories which some may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled48 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • Salt: Are You Eating Too Much?

    Tazeen Ahmad uncovers worrying inaccuracies in salt content food labelling, and examines how food companies have influenced government plans to reduce our salt consumption

  • The Great British Property Divide

    From million-pound flats to 'poor doors', Dispatches explores how rising house prices can transform our communities, and what impact the right to buy law will have on the growing property divide

  • Exams: Cheating the System?

    From primary schools to universities, reporter Seyi Rhodes investigates how some teachers, pupils and students are bending exam rules and sometimes cheating the system

  • Where to Save Your Money

    With interest rates at their lowest for 300 years, Dispatches highlights the crisis facing many of Britain's 40 million savers, and asks: where should you put your money?

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    Trains: Are You Paying Too Much?

    Dispatches goes undercover in one of Britain's biggest rail operators, investigating ticket prices, overcrowding and compensation, and revealing what the rail companies don't tell their passengers

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • The Secrets of Sports Direct

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the hidden cost of the clothes, shoes and discount gear that have helped Sports Direct buck the high street trend, making billions for Mike Ashley

  • How to Buy a Meeting with a Minister

    A special undercover investigation into politics in the run-up to the General Election

  • Britain's Defence Squeeze

    Following cuts to the defence budget, can the UK defend itself against a range of new threats, from terror groups like IS to Russian bombers close to UK airspace?

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    Benefits Britain: Universal Credit

    The government say their flagship benefit, Universal Credit, is working well and is helping people into work. Critics say it is a shambles. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Britain's Benefits Crackdown

    Reporter Liz MacKean investigates Britain's new benefits regime and asks what life is really like for those hit with penalties

    Clips & Extras

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    Politicians for Hire

    Dispatches investigates the behaviour of politicians in Westminster

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Secrets of the Parking Wardens

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the private companies issuing more than 2.5 million parking tickets a year. It's a booming industry, thanks to new camera technology and changes in the law.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins

    Clips & Extras

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    The Great Car Con

    Motorists were promised diesel would be the cheap, green fuel of the future, but it turns out that's not the case. Why did politicians encourage the 'dash for diesel'?

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • How to Blow Your Pension

    From April 2015, people over 55 will be able to take as much as they want from their private pensions. Michael Buerk examines the consequences, and the firms that are courting pension holders.

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    The British Property Boom

    Dispatches investigates the consequences of rapid house price rises, for buyers and sellers, and asks how 2014's property boom will change the face of our towns and cities

    This episode is subtitled46 mins
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    How to Break into Britain

    Dispatches goes deep inside camps in Calais to investigate the gangs that are making big money by smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • How the Rich Get Richer

    Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson exposes a growing inequality in British society, exploring new gulfs in earnings, education, prospects and life expectancy

    Clips & Extras

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    Rice: How Safe Is Our Food?

    Some leading scientists are warning that some types of commonly consumed rice contain worrying levels of naturally occurring arsenic. Morland Sanders investigates.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins

    Clips & Extras

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    Benefits Britain

    Universal credit is meant to save money and make it easier for welfare claimants to return to work. But claimants and benefits staff tell Dispatches the system isn't working.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Nigeria's Hidden War

    Channel 4's Dispatches reveals the other side of Nigeria's war on Islamist terror: a campaign by Nigeria's security forces against civilians that's so violent it could constitute war crimes

    Distressing and disturbing film and descriptions of beatings, executions and atrocities, which include strong languageThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Are You Addicted to Your Doctor?

    How many times have you been to the doctor for something you could have sorted out yourself? With the NHS under real strain Dispatches investigates those who are over-using our health system.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

    Channel 4 Dispatches. Fed up with receiving repeated telephone calls asking for charity donations? Dispatches goes undercover to reveal the secrets of telephone fundraising call centres.

  • Supermarkets: The Real Price of Cheap Food

    Morland Sanders examines working conditions, hygiene and health and safety at key supermarket suppliers, asking who's paying the price for cheap food

  • Supermarket Wars

    Harry Wallop examines the secrets of Aldi and Lidl's success, and asks if we can trust the big four supermarkets' offers as they fight back in a price war

  • Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17

    Dispatches tells the full story of the Malaysian airliner that crashed in eastern Ukraine after appearing to be struck by a missile. Who shot it down and what will the consequences be?

  • Faith Schools Undercover: No Clapping in Class

    Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools. The programme hears from those at the heart of the 'Trojan Horse' controversy in Birmingham.

  • The Great British Break-up?

    Antony Barnett goes on the campaign trail with both sides of the Scottish independence debate to investigate claims of dubious tactics and misinformation

  • The Cost of Cheap Alcohol

    Multipack deals mean a pint of lager can cost less than 70p. Antony Barnett examines how our drinking habits have changed and the true cost of cheap alcohol.

  • How to Fix a Football Match

    Morland Sanders goes undercover to expose world football's problem with match-fixing, and asks: can you trust the game you're watching?

  • Secrets of the Police

    Dispatches investigates how the police handle one of the most sensitive areas of policing: complaints of police racism. Ade Adepitan meets people who've made complaints but feel they've been let down.

    Clips & Extras

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    Breadline Kids

    While politicians continue to argue about why so many kids are experiencing food poverty, Channel 4 Dispatches asked three children to reveal how it feels when the cupboards are sometimes bare

    This episode is subtitled48 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • Tricks of the Junk Food Business

    Dispatches goes undercover in the ad world, creating a high-sugar drink to see who's willing to promote it to young children, and revealing the tricks of the trade. Harry Wallop investigates.

  • Policemen Behaving Badly

    For the first time, insiders expose the power, the bullying and the financial unaccountability of the Police Federation

  • The Truth about Low Fat Food

    Reporter Antony Barnett reveals the huge amounts of sugar, calories and, in some cases, high amounts of fat, in some of Britain's best-known low and reduced-fat foods

  • Amanda Holden: Exposing Hospital Heartache

    Amanda Holden was helped through her miscarriage and stillbirth by caring professionals. In this Dispatches, she investigates the treatment of some couples who are not so lucky.

  • Food: What's Really in Your Trolley?

    Morland Sanders investigates the criminal gangs moving into the food business, the profits that can be made by substituting fake foods, and how the authorities are struggling to battle food fraud

  • Undercover: Hate on the Terraces

    Reporter Morland Sanders goes undercover to reveal the extent of racism and homophobia in top-flight English football, both in the stands and online

    Clips & Extras

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    Secrets of Your Credit Rating

    How accurate is the information used to compile your credit report and what happens if there is a mistake in it? Dispatches goes undercover in the UK's largest credit reference agency to find out.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • A&E's Missing Millions

    Dispatches investigates the cost and consequences of financial penalties imposed on hospitals when government targets to treat emergency cases are missed

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    Benefits Britain: The Bedroom Tax

    Reporter Seyi Rhodes travels the country to meet those affected by the controversial bedroom tax welfare change and those supposed to be implementing it

    This episode is subtitled27 mins

    Clips & Extras

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    This Dispatches documentary has unique access to vigilante gangs that target gay men and women in Russia. It depicts a country troubled by disturbing violence and distressing intimidation.

    Be warned, this contains scenes that some viewers may find upsetting and language which some viewers may find offensiveThis episode is subtitled49 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • Floods: Your Money Down the Drain

    The floods that recently hit Britain have caused misery for thousands, but what's actually in the flood water that has engulfed our towns and streets?

    Clips & Extras

  • Are You Addicted to Sugar?

    Is Britain addicted to sugar? Dispatches investigates how sugar affects the way our brains work and exposes how the food industry has rapidly increased the sugar in many of our favourite foods.

  • Secrets of the Discount Stores

    Can you really buy big brand names on the cheap? Dispatches lifts the lid on the shops promising luxury labels for less.

  • Britain's Big Fat Bill

    Obesity costs the NHS over £5 billion a year. Weight loss surgery could help save huge sums, but could NHS England's reforms lead to a reduction in these procedures?

  • What's Your Pension Really Worth?

    Michael Buerk investigates the threats to the income we can expect to receive in our golden years, and examines alternatives to pensions

  • North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State

    This programme follows Jiro Ishimaru, a journalist who risks his freedom to train undercover cameramen in North Korea and expose the truth of life there

  • play

    Can You Trust Your Surgeon?

    Surgeon Ian Paterson stands accused of performing inadequate operations on hundreds of NHS breast cancer victims. Reporter Tazeen Ahmad asks why it took 17 years to stop him.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Energy Bills Exposed

    Dispatches looks at the impact of the rising fuel costs and what you need to know about cutting your bill

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    The Property Market Undercover

    As house prices soar once again and the government's 'Help to Buy' scheme kicks in early, Channel 4 Dispatches goes undercover to investigate this property market boom

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Secrets of Your Pay Packet

    Morland Sanders meets employees of some large British businesses who say they're paying for the bosses' cost-cutting measures. While profits have gone up, their working conditions may never recover.

  • The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith Got Away with It

    Liberal MP Cyril Smith was knighted in life and celebrated in death. Dispatches reporter Liz MacKean investigates Smith's paedophilia and uncovers the inaction which allowed Smith to abuse for years.

  • Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit

    Reporter Seyi Rhodes hears from pilots of Europe's biggest airline about their concerns around passenger safety

  • Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans

    Dispatches exposes the new tricks used by marketeers to plug brands, from buying fake Facebook 'likes' and YouTube 'views' to influencing social media conversations

  • NHS Undercover

    Two undercover reporters reveal worrying failings in the new NHS 111 call system, with evidence of patients left waiting, concerns about training, and staff shortages

  • Taliban Child Fighters

    Dispatches meets some of the many children who have been convicted of fighting for the Taliban, to document their experiences and tell their diverse stories

  • South Africa's Dirty Cops

    Channel 4 Dispatches examines allegations that South Africa's police have beaten and tortured suspects and brutally suppressed anti-government protests

  • The Prince and His Secret Properties

    In 2012 Prince Charles earned more than £18 million from the Duchy of Cornwall, but how much do we know about this secretive estate? A Channel 4 Dispatches investigation reveals the scale.

  • The Police's Dirty Secret

    Dispatches exposes the shocking story of Britain's secret police and how undercover officers reportedly used sex and lies to spy on members of the public

    Clips & Extras

  • How Councils Waste Your Money

    Antony Barnett reveals details of spending local authorities wished you didn't know about, from expensive cars to foreign trips, five-star hotels and golf lessons

  • Diets, Drugs and Diabetes

    New diabetes drugs could treat obesity. But are they associated with an increased risk of cancer? Consult your doctor before stopping or changing your medication.

  • Woolwich, Boston and The New Terror

    Matt Frei investigates whether the terror incidents in Boston and Woolwich mark a new chapter in the battle against terrorism

  • The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs

    The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs follows - with unprecedented access - Telford police in Operation Chalice, which was to become one of the biggest child sex abuse cases in the UK

  • Murdered in Tenerife

    The full story of Jennifer Mills-Westley, the British grandmother who was attacked and beheaded in Tenerife, as her family speak out in detail for the first time

  • Secrets of Your Missing Mail

    With shoppers increasingly relying on private parcel companies to deliver online purchases, Dispatches goes undercover to find out why couriers sometimes fail to deliver.

  • Britain's Millionaire Criminals

    Dispatches examines how dozens of fraudsters, drug dealers and money launderers continue to enjoy the high life after being convicted of serious crimes

  • Syria: Across the Lines

    Olly Lambert has spent weeks living deep inside Syrian territory - with both government and opposition supporters - to explore how the two-year-old conflict is tearing communities apart

  • Immigration Undercover

    With reports that there remains a large backlog of immigration cases not dealt with, Morland Sanders investigates whether Britain's immigration system is fit for purpose

  • The Truth About Junior Doctors

    In this Dispatches, Dr Christian Jessen discovers that junior doctors across Britain say they are still regularly working up to 100 hours a week in spite of 2010 European regulations

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    Rich and on Benefits

    Michael Buerk investigates claims that Britain's pensioners are part of an untouchable group when it comes to government welfare cuts and that some should not be receiving any help at all

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Undercover Designer Dogs

    Designer dogs are all the rage, but Dispatches has discovered a darker side to this canine phenomenon: thousands of puppies are being imported illegally into Britain every year from Eastern Europe

  • Death on the Wards

    Dispatches investigates the truth behind allegations that tens of thousands of seriously ill people have been put on a pathway to death when they could have had months or even years to live

  • Britain on Benefits

    The Disability Living Allowance helps three million people with disabilities to work. Ade Adepitan examines government plans to reduce the number of claimants.

  • The Horse Meat Scandal

    How have Britain's meat supplies become so contaminated with horse meat, who is to blame, and what impact will this have on our health and eating habits?

  • How Safe Is Your Child's Nursery?

    As the government unveils plans to increase the number of children each nursery staff member is allowed to look after, Dispatches investigates whether parents can really trust their child's nursery

  • Plebs, Lies & Videotape

    Dispatches tells the full story of Plebgate. We have the first interview with Andrew Mitchell since the revelations and reveal fresh evidence of information known by key individuals at the time.

  • Britain's Hidden Child Abuse

    A victim of child sex abuse in a British religious community goes undercover to expose the way his community has for decades been dealing with paedophilia

  • Weight Watchers: How They Make Their Millions

    Journalist Jane Moore talks to food experts, dieters and scientists to assess just how effective the UK's largest diet brand Weight Watchers' diet plans and food products are

  • Secrets of Your Supermarket Shop

    Dispatches conducts a nationwide fruit and veg experiment to find out if you could save money by heading to the market, the shop next door, or even a different branch of the same supermarket

  • Sharing Mum and Dad

    Dispatches follows presenter Tim Lovejoy, a divorced father of two, as he investigates the current situation surrounding shared parenting following divorce or separation

  • Secrets of Your Car Insurance

    Harry Wallop investigates claims that major insurers cash in when you have a crash, through lucrative referral fees and rebate deals, sometimes at the expense of doing what's best for you and your car

  • The American School Massacre

    Channel 4 News's Washington Correspondent, Matt Frei, reports from the scene of one of America's worst mass shooting at a primary school in Newton, Connecticut, where 20 children and seven adults died

  • How Safe Is Your Cash?

    In early 2012, the number of fraudulent attacks on credit and debit cards almost doubled. Dispatches reveals that some banks are refusing to accept liability if the account's Pin has been compromised.

  • The Chinese Are Coming

    Dispatches tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Dalai Lama's visit to Britain, and reveals details of how British politicians are influenced by the Chinese government

  • Where Has Your Aid Money Gone?

    Jonathan Miller travels to Rwanda to investigate what British taxes have paid for, and to ask what our government has achieved with the influence our aid supposedly buys us

  • MPs: Are They Still at It?

    Two years after the MPs expenses scandal, Dispatches examined whether MPs were still abusing the system. The investigation discovers a system still with problems and a lack of transparency.

  • Chinese Murder Mystery

    In November 2011, Neil Percival Heywood died in a remote Chinese city. His death has gone on to shake China's Communist Party to the core. Dispatches exposes a tale of sexual intrigue and corruption.

  • Nuclear War Games

    With exclusive access to Israeli theoretical war exercises, Dispatches provides an unprecedented insight into Israel's internal tensions concerning an attack between Israel and Iran

  • Getting Rich on the NHS

    Under the new health reforms, private firms are being awarded NHS contracts. Morland Sanders examines whether the rapid handover is really good for the public purse, and good for patient care.

  • Do You Know Your Partner's Past?

    With exclusive access to the police, Tina Nash investigates 'Clare's Law', a controversial pilot scheme in which men and women are warned by the authorities about their partners' history of violence

  • play

    Secrets of Your Boss's Pay

    As the pay of Britain's top bosses grow, Dispatches follows the former Greggs chief executive Sir Michael Darrington as he launches a campaign to call a halt to corporate greed

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below Deck

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the reality of life below deck for the multi-national workforce who toil behind the scenes of ocean going holidays

    Clips & Extras

  • Undercover Retirement Home

    Reporter Morland Sanders and Dispatches' undercover pensioner go undercover in the multi-million-pound retirement property industry

  • Secrets of Poundland

    As other High Street retailers struggle for survival, discount leader Poundland is booming. In this Dispatches investigation, Harry Wallop asks how Poundland sells so cheaply, yet makes so much money.

  • The School Dinner Scandal

    After Jamie Oliver's high-profile campaign to improve school meals, reporter Tazeen Ahmad examines evidence that strategies to improve the food served in all our schools are fast coming undone

  • play

    Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leaseholds

    Morland Sanders investigates how people who own leasehold properties can become vulnerable to up to tens of thousands of pounds-worth of excessive and unfair charges

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Tricks of the Dole Cheats

    Morland Sanders investigates Jobcentre Plus, the organisation tasked with getting Britain back to work and cracking down on dole cheats, revealing the tricks that make it easy to cheat the system

  • Britain's High Street Gamble

    On average one new bookie opens every week. What's driving this gambling boom and what's the impact on our communities? Michael Crick investigates the rise of High Street gambling.

  • Britain on the Sick

    Using undercover filming, reporter Jackie Long investigates the controversial processes used to assess whether sickness and disability benefit claimants should be declared fit for work.

  • play

    Can You Trust Your Bank?

    The Barclays interest rate scandal, unimaginable bonuses and insurance mis-selling have put the banking sector in the spotlight. In this special report, Jon Snow asks whether we can trust our banks.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Myths about Your 5 a Day

    Reporter Jane Moore reveals how the five-a-day fruit and veg campaign has been hijacked as a marketing tactic, and how the food industry uses it to promote sugary, fatty and salty products

  • Secrets of the Taxman

    An undercover report partly filmed in the Channel Islands presents revelations about tax avoidance

  • Cashing in on the Games

    Reporter Morland Sanders goes in search of the people cashing in on London 2012, and asks whether the economic benefits of hosting the Olympics have been oversold

  • Undercover Undertaker

    Dispatches lifts the lid on the funeral industry. Using undercover filming, Jackie Long investigates what really happens to our loved ones when they die.

  • Let Our Dad Die

    Tony Nicklinson has locked-in syndrome. He wants to die but can't do it without help, which would constitute murder. On the eve of a historic legal ruling he tells his story.

  • The Real Mr & Mrs Assad

    Channel 4 Dispatches reveals intimate footage of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and his wife Asma that helps explain why the West bought the idea that they were true modernisers

    Clips & Extras

  • Beating the Recession - Cash vs Cards

    Harry Wallop investigates whether cutting up our credit cards and paying for everything in cash could leave us with more money in our pockets

  • Watching the Detectives

    A year-long investigation into the black market in personal information reveals how the 'secure' databases that hold our personal secrets are open to exploitation

  • The Great Ticket Scandal

    Dispatches investigates the multi-million-pound world of online ticket reselling, examining why so many tickets appear at over the face value so soon after the box office sells out

  • Olympic Tickets for Sale

    Almost two million British people applied for London 2012 Olympic tickets. The vast majority were disappointed. Who got the tickets? In an episode from February 2012, Antony Barnett investigates.

  • Landlords from Hell

    Jon Snow and a team of undercover reporters find out what really happens to those desperate to find a home, now that the housing minister wants councils to work with private landlords.

  • Britain's Sex Gangs

    Recent research suggests that thousands of children - some as young as 12 - are potentially being sexually exploited by street grooming gangs in Britain. Tazeen Ahmad investigates.

  • Britain's Rubbish

    Dispatches asks what the plan is to tackle the country's growing rubbish problem. Reporter Morland Sanders travels the UK in the wake of the government's Waste Policy Review to find out.

  • Can You Trust Your Doctor?

    Dispatches goes undercover in GP practices, uncovering evidence of misdiagnosis by doctors who have failed in the past, but who are still practising

  • The Wonderful World of Tony Blair

    Since resigning as Prime Minister, Tony Blair has financially enriched himself more than any other ex-PM. Reporter Peter Oborne reveals some of the sources of his wealth.

  • Gypsy Eviction: The Fight for Dale Farm

    In a film first broadcast on the day in 2011 when the mass eviction started on Dale Farm, Dispatches investigates the relations between Gypsies and Travellers, their neighbours and the law

  • The Truth About Drugs in Football

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2011, Dispatches investigates the use of recreational and performance-enhancing substances in our national game, and examines football's drug-testing regime

  • How to Buy a Football Club

    With growing calls for reform, Dispatches goes undercover to investigate how ex-players and foreign businessmen circumvent the rules, to cash in on a sport that's in financial freefall.

  • Murder on Honeymoon

    What happened to Anni Dewani while on honeymoon in South Africa in November 2010? With exclusive access to Anni's family and to the prosecution case, Dispatches investigates.

  • Landlords from Hell

    In this undercover Dispatches investigation, Jon Snow reports on the return of the slum landlord, revealing shocking conditions and the new phenomenon of people living in illegal sheds

  • The Real Price of Gold

    Dispatches challenges the British gold jewellery industry to come clean about where the gold in their jewellery comes from, and reveals working conditions in African gold mines

  • Conservation's Dirty Secrets

    Dispatches reporter Oliver Steeds investigates the conservation movement and its major organisations, examining how the movement has got some of its conservation priorities wrong.

  • The Thief Catchers

    Dispatches goes behind the scenes of an innovative Offender Management scheme in Bristol attempting to reduce re-offending rates in persistent criminals who say they want to change

  • America's Secret Killers

    The strike that killed Osama bin Laden provided a glimpse of the US campaign to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. Dispatches goes inside the US 'kill/capture' programme.

  • The Truth About Your Dentist

    As the government's cuts to the NHS start to bite, Dispatches goes undercover to reveal how some dentists are misleading patients about their rights to NHS treatment.

  • The Truth About Going Under the Knife

    Dispatches explores medical devices that can be implanted into our bodies, revealing how, in the drive for innovation, patient safety can come second

  • A Year Inside Number 10

    In an episode from 2011, nine Cabinet ministers, including David Cameron and Nick Clegg, talk about how the coalition works, how compromises are reached and how they get on personally and politically

  • Undercover Hospital

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2011, as the coalition government pledged to protect the NHS, Dispatches reporter Tazeen Ahmad investigates what's really happening to the Health Service

  • Cashing In on Degrees

    With students facing massive increases in their fees, Dispatches investigates the pay, perks and privileges enjoyed by universities' top earners

  • BP: In Deep Water

    A year on from the start of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Dispatches examines the role of BP in this spill as well as similar incidents in the past

  • Train Journeys from Hell

    Dispatches asked actor Richard Wilson to help investigate the railway. Taxpayers have spent billions on it but there are still complaints of high ticket prices, overcrowding and cancellations.

  • Britain's Secret Fat Cats

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2011, on the eve of a major report looking at public sector pay, Dispatches investigates whether private outsourcing companies are benefiting from government cuts

  • Selling Off Britain

    Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a studio debate about whether we should sell the family silver - from missiles to the government wine cellar - to cut our national debt

  • Secret NHS Diaries

    The NHS tries to make our final days as dignified and pain-free as possible. But a health service ombudsman's report shows the reality can be very different. Originally broacast in 2011.

  • The Truth about Hospital Food

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2011, Dispatches examines NHS catering, revealing how some patients' health is being put at risk by cost-cutting and sloppy production

  • Lessons in Hate and Violence

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate allegations that teachers regularly assault young children in some of the 2,000 Muslim schools in Britain run by Islamic organisations

  • Fish Unwrapped

    Dispatches investigates the fish sold on Britain's high street to find out where it is sourced, how it is processed and what is actually in it. From 2011.

  • The Battle for Haiti

    On the night of the Haiti earthquake 4,500 prisoners escaped from Port au Prince's terrifying National Penitentiary. Dispatches follows the forces struggling to recapture them.

  • The Kids Britain Doesn't Want

    Each year, thousands of children arrive in the UK seeking refuge from persecution, terrorism and war. Dispatches explores what happens after they arrive here.

  • Riding Europe's Gravy Train

    Dispatches reveals that it's still possible to get rich out of Europe, examining MEPs' salaries, pensions and expenses and how EU money is spent

  • Fashion's Dirty Secret

    An investigation into the working conditions in clothing manufacturing units in the UK reveals poor treatment of workers making clothes which end up being sold by large fashion retailers

  • Britain's Street Kids

    Dispatches follows four teenagers over six months who are struggling to fend for themselves on the streets across Britain

  • Iraq's Secret War Files

    Dispatches exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath

  • City of Fear

    For one year, Dispatches follows the police and people of Islamabad as Pakistan's capital battles to overcome an unprecedented wave of terrorist attacks

  • How the Rich Beat the Taxman

    Antony Barnett reveals the devices the rich use to avoid paying tax, and examines the financial affairs of ministers and others who have helped the coalition. From 2010.

  • Bravo's Deadly Mission

    Dispatches joins the US Marines for Operation Mushtaraq, gaining intimate, intense and personal access to their dangerous mission to liberate the strategically vital Afghan town of Marjah.

  • What's the Point of the Unions?

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2010, as Britain braced itself for severe cuts in public spending, Dispatches examines the response of the trade unions

  • How the MoD Wastes Our Billions

    Veteran war correspondent Sam Kiley examines the critical issue of whether Britain's taxpayers and soldiers are getting value for money from the Ministry of Defence

  • Britain's Secret Slaves

    Investigating the plight of overseas domestic workers in Britain who are kept locked up by their employers and subjected to sexual, physical and psychological abuse

  • When Cousins Marry

    Dispatches reveals the tragic health problems suffered by children born within first cousin marriages in Britain, and questions why there is no publicity campaign warning those at risk

  • Britain's Witch Children

    Dispatches goes behind the closed doors of some African churches in the UK, where evangelical pastors perpetuate a strong belief in witchcraft and denounce children as witches

  • Gun Nation

    How an undercover police operation, tracking a criminal gang trying to smuggle guns into Britain, exposed the shocking proliferation of firearms on the nation's streets

  • Africa's Last Taboo

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2010, Sorious Samura investigates what it's like to be gay in Africa, in a continent where two thirds of countries retained laws against homosexuals

  • How to Save £100 Billion - Live

    Filmed live on the eve of the emergency budget announcement in June 2010, Dispatches sets out controversial cuts that could save Britain £100 billion. With Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

  • How the Banks Won

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2010, Will Hutton investigates the banks and what they've done with our money

  • Undercover Social Worker

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2010, in the wake of the death of Baby P, Dispatches investigates allegations that child protection procedures and practices continue to be inadequate

  • The Lost Girls of South Africa

    According to reports, one child is raped in South Africa every three minutes. Dispatches follows four girls struggling to come to terms with the crimes they've suffered.

  • Election Uncovered

    An episode from May 2010 goes behind the scenes of the parties' election campaigns, examining how the leaders have been styled and their policies fine-tuned, and how their campaigns are financed

  • Tracing the Marathon's Millions

    In an episode originally broadcast on 9 April 2010, journalist Ben Laurance looks at what it costs to stage the London Marathon, how much money it generates and the extent of its charitable giving

  • Politicians for Hire

    In light of the MPs' expenses scandal, Dispatches delves into the murky world of political lobbying and uncovers further instances of how some MPs are prepared to exploit the system. From 2010.

  • Cameron Uncovered

    In an episode from March 2010, Andrew Rawnsley presents an inside portrait of David Cameron

  • Britain's Islamic Republic

    Dispatches investigates how a fundamentalist Muslim group has infiltrated the Labour Party in London, and the broader political system. From 2010.

  • Kids Don't Count (Part 2 of 2)

    In the second half of a two-part special, maths specialist Richard Dunne returns to Barton Hill Primary School, with Countdown's Rachel Riley, to help the pupils with mental arithmetic.

  • Kids Don't Count (Part 1 of 2)

    In 2009 more than one in five children left primary school having failed to grasp the basic maths skills required by the national curriculum. Dispatches asks why and how this is happening.

  • Post Office Undercover

    Two reporters go undercover as agency postmen to find out if the Royal Mail has delivered on claims that it is modernising and improving its service

  • Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines

    Award-winning reporter Najibullah Quraishi spends two weeks with an army of extreme Islamic combatants who are operating on a new frontline in the north of Afghanistan

  • The Slumdog Children of Mumbai

    Dispatches reveals the brutal reality of life on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai, following the daily struggles of four young children to survive

  • My Family and Alzheimer's

    In 2009, Fiona Phillips investigated the struggle of people with Alzheimer's and their families to get adequate care and support. In this update, she examines whether there has been any improvement.

  • Christmas on Credit

    As banks and building societies close their doors to 'risky' borrowers, Jane Moore investigates a lucrative financial industry providing loans to the people denied credit elsewhere. From 2009.

  • Lords, Billionaires and the Russian Connection

    Dispatches investigates the elusive Russian oligarchs who have been trying to buy up our football teams, newspapers and car companies

  • Return to Africa's Witch Children

    A follow-up to 2008's documentary that exposed how some children in Africa's Niger Delta were being branded witches by Christian pastors and then tortured or killed

  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby

    Dispatches investigates one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel

  • What's in Your Breakfast?

    Dispatches reveals how nutritious the nation's breakfasts really are, investigating the myriad marketing techniques employed by this lucrative industry

  • Who Took Your Pension?

    Dispatches lifts the lid on the pensions crisis, and names some of the blue-chip companies that have abandoned final salary pension schemes

  • MPs, Planes and Gravy Trains

    In 2009 parliament has enjoyed a record-breaking 82-day summer recess. Alex Thomson investigates what is expected of MPs during this time.

  • Cops on the Cheap?

    Dispatches joins Police Community Support Officers at work on the streets of Lancashire and investigates whether they have been a policing success story

  • Middle Class and Jobless

    Dispatches examines one of the biggest surprises of the recession - middle-class unemployment - revealing the extraordinary lengths to which some people are going to secure work

  • The War Against Street Weapons

    Cherie Booth QC joins police patrols on Britain's toughest streets, talks to young offenders behind bars, and visits a pioneering scheme combating Glasgow's gang culture

  • Bankrolling Mugabe

    Dispatches investigates how Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party are clinging on to power in Zimbabwe and focuses on the businessmen who support his campaign of political violence.

  • Undercover Debt Collector

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate one of Britain's least loved but booming industries - the debt collection business. Jane Moore reveals some of the tactics deployed.

  • The Children Britain Betrayed

    Peter Oborne presents the results of a six-month investigation into over 160 child killings between 2004 and 2009, revealing how the majority of them might have been prevented

  • Terror in Mumbai

    A 360 degree view of the unfolding terrorist attack in India last year when ten gunmen held Mumbai hostage, with exclusive new footage, evidence and interviews.

  • Rape in the City

    In the wake of two high-profile cases in which young women were brutally attacked and raped by groups of young men, Dispatches investigates gang rape in the UK. From 2009.

  • Afghanistan's Dirty War

    As America apologises to Afghanistan for the killing of civilians in airstrikes, Dispatches investigates a similar US assault on the village of Azizabad in 2008

  • Crash Gordon

    Andrew Rawnsley presents the inside political story of the credit crunch, including exclusive interviews with Cabinet Ministers, senior politicians and former Treasury insiders. From 2009.

  • Orphans of Burma's Cyclone

    This remarkable Dispatches film, shot undercover, follows the lives of eight Burmese orphans as they struggle to survive the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis which struck last year.

  • Britain's Bankers: Still Cashing In

    Britain's bankers helped bring the economy to ruin. Jane Moore investigates how much they have been rewarded for their failings and how much they are still raking in.

  • Lost in Care

    Reporter Rageh Omaar examines each stage of state provision for the 25,000 children who enter the UK care system every year, from adoption and fostering to residential care homes

  • Crash - How Long Will It Last?

    How did the economy get from boom to bust? In this concluding special, economist and author Will Hutton gives the definitive insider's account.

  • Crash - How the Banks Went Bust

    In this two-part special, economist and author Will Hutton gives the definitive insider's account of how the economy went from boom to bust

  • The Westminster Gravy Train

    This episode from 2009 uses publicly available information on politicians' expense claims to piece together a forensic insight into how our money is being spent

  • Afghanistan - Mission Impossible?

    In an episode first broadcast in 2009, Dispatches asks the senior military commanders in charge of the campaign in Afghanistan whether they are engaged in mission impossible

  • The Trouble with Boris

    A year after Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London, Dispatches examined his first 11 months in power to see where he was taking the nation's capital

  • Confessions of a Nurse

    As patient numbers and the pressures on nurses increase, Dispatches investigates the reality of their work and examines whether patient care is being compromised in NHS hospitals

  • Pakistan's Taliban Generation

    Award-winning Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy investigates how the war on terror is creating a generation of child terrorists who are prepared to kill both inside and outside Pakistan

  • How They Squander Our Billions

    Jane Moore highlights the findings of a report about how the government wastes billions of pounds of taxpayers' money each year

  • The Problem Princes

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2009, Alex Thomson investigates the roles adopted by princes William and Harry and how their activities are shaping the modern monarchy

  • The Big Job Hunt

    Four months after leaving his post as Minister of Trade, Lord Digby Jones examines how the government is tackling the unemployment crisis. From 2009.

  • Too Old to Work

    An episode from 2009 revealing that ageism is rife among employers and recruitment agencies, and that being even just over 45 years old is a risk in the workplace

  • Congo's Forgotten Children

    Dispatches examines how the children of Congo are being affected by the fighting that is tearing their country apart

  • Unseen Gaza

    Jon Snow examines the difficulties that news organisations around the world have faced in reporting the conflict in Gaza. Who is getting the true picture of events as they happen?

  • Mum, Dad, Alzheimer's and Me

    As Fiona Phillips faces dilemmas about the care of her father, who has Alzheimer's, she talks to other families about the difficulties they face in obtaining help

  • Britain's Challenging Children

    With primary schools stretched by a disruptive minority, Dispatches reveals the results of a survey of teachers to identify the impact on their ability to teach

  • Iraq: The Legacy

    Political commentator Peter Oborne returns to Iraq in a follow-up to his Dispatches film to find out whether as President-elect Obama hopes, it is now 'safe' for Western forces to leave.

  • Saving Africa's Witch Children

    This Dispatches special reveals the plight of the thousands of innocent children who suffer intolerable cruelty at the hands of so-called Christian pastors in Nigeria's poorest areas

  • Mum Loves Drugs, Not Me

    It's estimated that around 350,000 children in the UK have parents with a serious drug problem. This film hears from some of those whose lives are blighted by the impact.

  • The Human Cost of the Credit Crunch

    Dispatches talks to the voters Tony Blair won over, the aspiring middle classes and solid working class voters who are now disillusioned with the Labour government. First shown in 2008.

  • Cameron's Money Men

    Antony Barnett investigates the funding of the Tories under Cameron and examines how the party is using its newfound resources to ensure its leader becomes the next Prime Minister.

  • What's in Your Wine?

    Jane Moore examines scandals in the wine industry, looking at 40 different substances that can be used in wine production but rarely appear on bottle labels

  • Undercover Mosque: The Return

    ...The Return. Eighteen months after Undercover Mosque was shown, Dispatches returns to see whether extremist beliefs continue to be promoted in certain key British Muslim institutions.

  • Gordon Brown: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

    Andrew Rawnsley assesses Gordon Brown's first year as prime minister. Includes interviews with cabinet ministers, politicians, his intimates and his opponents.

  • Undercover in Tibet

    As Tibetan protesters take to the streets in the most bloody challenge to Chinese rule in nearly 20 years, Dispatches reports on the hidden reality of life under Chinese occupation.

  • Jon Snow's Hidden Iraq

    Jon Snow examines the brutal reality of life inside post-invasion Iraq, meeting its citizens, from bomb blast victims and war widows to human rights activists and politicians.

  • Dispatches: Iraq's Lost Generation

    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy travels to Syria and Jordan to investigate the plight of Iraqi refugees who have been driven from their homes by war and sectarian violence

  • Britain Under Water

    Experts predict a future where much of the country is at increasing risk of flooding. Dispatches investigates what the authorities are doing to protect the public from such disasters.

  • Abortion: What We Need to Know

    Dispatches reporter Deborah Davies lifts the lid on the abortion debate and looks at the latest scientific research into foetal pain and pre-term infant viability

  • China's Stolen Children

    It is estimated that 70,000 Chinese children are kidnapped or traded each year. This film shows how the One Child Policy has created a booming trade in stolen children.

  • Iraq's Death Squads

    This Dispatches film asks whether an Iraqi government so infiltrated by Shia militia can bring about an end to the bloodletting in Iraq.

  • Undercover Mosque

    In this extensive investigation Dispatches reveals how a message of hatred and segregation is being spread throughout the UK.

  • Burma's Secret War

    Journalist Evan Williams goes undercover to investigate the mass ethnic cleansing, forced labour and vicious clamping down of political opposition taking place in Burma.

  • play

    Gordon Brown's Missing Billions

    First broadcast November 2005. Economist Andrew Dilnot looks at the other side of Gordon Brown's economics and examines the misjudgements with consequences for all of us.

    This episode is subtitled49 mins
  • Re-Opening The Post

    Fourteen months after the original Royal Mail undercover investigation, Dispatches returns to secretly film and establish whether the service, as they claim, has dramatically improved.

  • MMR: What They Didn't Tell You

    Brian Deer investigates the facts that parents weren't told about the MMR scare

  • Third Class Post

    A six-month investigation exposing the laziness, ineptitude and theft within the Royal Mail that has huge implications for the safety of all our post. Dispatches reporter Simon Barnes goes undercover.

  • Young, Nazi and Proud

    In an episode originally broadcast in 2002, David Modell spends eight months with Mark Collett, the leader of the Young BNP, to explore the future of the far right in Britain

  • Sex on the Street

    This eye-opening Dispatches from 2002 exposes the scandal that makes Britain's street workers the most physically brutalised, and least protected, group in society

  • play

    Beneath the Veil

    In 2001, Dispatches reporter Saira Shah risked her life as she went undercover in Afghanistan to film the medieval barbarity the Taliban wanted to keep hidden

    Contains footage of executions and attrocities which some viewers may find disturbing49 mins
  • The Torture Trail

    In an episode originally broadcast in 1995, Dispatches infiltrates the most secretive arms fair in the world and reveals how weapons that can be used for torture were sold by British companies