• Undercover Inside the Priory

    With a shortage of mental health beds, the NHS is placing patients in private hospitals. Dispatches goes undercover in one of the American-owned Priory Group's hospitals to investigate.

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    Football's Wall of Silence

    Reporter Deborah Davies reveals how former youth football coach Barry Bennell spent his days coaching children and his nights abusing them, in an Al Jazeera investigation

    Discussions of child abuse and self harm that viewers may find distressingThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Undercover in Premier Inn

    When a Dispatches reporter goes undercover as a housekeeper working for contract cleaners at a London Premier Inn, she finds some uncomfortable truths about what it can be like for those working there

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Politicians for Hire: Cashing in on Brexit

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate how former cabinet ministers might be looking to make money from Brexit. Reporter: Antony Barnett.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Al-Fayed: Behind Closed Doors

    Dispatches investigates allegations of sexual harassment against billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed

  • How to Avoid the Dementia Tax

    Tazeen Ahmad investigates the so-called 'dementia tax'. Why do some dementia sufferers have to sell their homes to pay for care, while others gain access to NHS funds?

  • The Great Housing Scandal

    Following the Grenfell fire, the Prime Minister dedicated her premiership to fixing Britain's broken housing market. But do the government's actions contradict her pledge?

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    The Fight for Mosul

    The Fight for Mosul follows the experiences of five young Iraqi Special Forces soldiers tasked with fighting Isis in Mosul and who are haunted by what they've seen and done

    Strong language, violence and images of dead bodies that some may find distressingThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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    Trouble on the Trains

    Dispatches gains exclusive access to go undercover with the British Transport Police's crime unit to expose racism, homophobia and anti-semitism by football fans on Britain's trains

    Contains racist and offensive languageThis episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Is Britain Full?

    Michael Buerk investigates just how full Britain really is and looks at the impact of internal migration across the country

  • Who Deserves a Pay Rise?

    Dispatches investigates what life's like for front-line public sector workers following seven years of pay freezes and pay caps, and reveals how far salaries have fallen in real terms

  • Trump and Russia: Sex, Spies and Scandal

    Did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians? Matt Frei investigates this epic tale of mystery and intrigue, which reads like a thriller featuring spies, models and notorious political players.

  • How to Get a Pay Rise

    Dispatches investigates low wage growth and also provides a masterclass on how to get a pay rise

  • Secrets of Your New Car

    As concern grows around household debt, Dispatches investigates car finance, with undercover filming exposing questionable sales tactics and confusing advice

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    Wasting Away: The Truth About Anorexia

    Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy explore the devastating effects of eating disorders and the availability of suitable care. They discuss the subject with patients, their families and Prince William.

    This episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Secrets of Britain's New Homes

    A Dispatches investigation asks why so few affordable homes are being built, and examines links between the government and the property industry

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Secrets of Your Cruise

    Tazeen Ahmad goes undercover to investigate the impact that some cruise ships could be having on the environment and public health, including pollution that some passengers could be exposed to

  • Brexit - How to Get a British Passport

    With Brexit on the way, which of the hundreds of thousands of Europeans who live in Britain will get a UK passport?

  • Bupa Care Homes Undercover

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect at specialist dementia care homes run by Bupa

  • Trump, the Doctor & the Vaccine Scandal

    With Donald Trump worried about 'big' vaccine shots like MMR causing autism, Cathy Newman investigates disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield's resurgence in the US

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    Isis and the Battle for Iraq

    As Sunni refugees flee from Isis in Iraq, they face a new threat from Shia militia fighters. Dispatches investigates allegations of torture, execution and sectarian cleansing.

    Contains scenes some viewers may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled47 mins
  • President Trump: How Scared Should We Be?

    Abi Austen investigates what Donald Trump's Presidency means for global security

  • Secrets of Coca-Cola

    Dispatches investigates Coca-Cola, one of the world's most iconic brands

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    Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad

    The hidden story of the tens of thousands of men, women and children who've been disappeared in Syria by the Assad regime, into a network of clandestine detention centres

    Distressing images of death/ torture/atrocitiesThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Britain's Benefits Families

    Seyi Rhodes investigates the impact of the government's latest benefit cap and learns that its unintended consequences may push the benefits bill up in other ways

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Brexit: Crisis on the Wards

    Morland Sanders investigates the impact that Brexit is having on the NHS, as it faces the largest nursing shortage of recent times

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Under Lock and Key

    Thousands of young people with severe learning disabilities and autism are still locked up in hospitals, despite government promises. How best can appropriate care be provided for people who need it?

  • Inside Britain's Airports

    Each year Britain's airports make roughly £2 billion from shops in their terminals. Harry Wallop investigates how the airports make their money and reveals the tricks we should all be prepared for.

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    Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop

    From shrinking Toblerones to a price row between Tesco and Marmite, Dispatches investigates Brexit's impact on the prices - and sizes - of some of our favourite brands

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Undercover: Britain's Homeless Scandal

    With councils struggling to meet the demand for emergency housing, Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the impact on homeless women who are attempting to get off the streets

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    Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate working conditions inside the some of the clothing warehouses in Britain that service our online orders

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes

    Dispatches goes undercover to examine wages and working conditions in British textile factories where clothes are made for some big brands

  • President Trump's Dirty Secrets

    Dispatches investigates the controversial figures surrounding Donald Trump and their links to powerful corporations that could have far-reaching consequences beyond America

  • Britain's Homebuilding Scandal

    Many are struggling to find a home; a reason why is too few houses are being built. Liam Halligan probes developers deliberately holding back land to maximise profits.

  • The Secret Plan to Save Fat Britain

    Britain's men are the fattest in Europe, our women are the second fattest, and our children are getting fatter younger. So why has Downing Street diluted its obesity strategy? Dispatches investigates.

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    Addicted to Spending

    With personal debt at an all-time high, Morland Sanders asks if more could be done to help families kick the spending addiction

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Living with Nightmare Neighbours

    The government promised to fix so-called neighbours from hell with its Troubled Families Programme, but Dispatches meets families who say it has had no real impact

  • Britain's Wealth Gap

    The wealth gap between young and old has become a defining feature of our times. Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson reveals new figures showing the extent of the gap and investigates its causes.

  • Undercover: Britain's Abortion Extremists

    Dispatches investigates the anti-abortion movement in the UK

  • The Battle for the Labour Party

    Antony Barnett investigates Momentum and those seeking to influence the Labour Party, just days before the declaration of whether Jeremy Corbyn has retained his leadership

  • President Trump: Can He Really Win?

    Matt Frei explores how the US presidential contest is shaping up to be one of the most brutal in living memory, and asks if Donald Trump can make it all the way to the White House

  • The Great Housing Scandal

    Harry Wallop investigates why not enough homes have been built, despite promises to increase housing in the UK. Just how committed are the government to easing the housing crisis?

  • Brexit: Who'll Do Your Job Now?

    Reporter Morland Sanders finds a shadowy workforce of North Koreans in mainland Europe who could end up working in UK fields and factories post-Brexit

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    How Safe Is Your Car?

    With new evidence indicating that some cars might not perform as well in crashes as their safety rating suggests, Dispatches investigates whether we can trust manufacturers and testers with car safety

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • How School Bosses Spend Your Millions

    Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money go into the academy school system. Dispatches investigates the finances of academies, and discovers big salaries and generous expenses.

  • Is Your Pension Safe?

    Post-Brexit, falling long-term interest rates are increasing pressure on pension schemes. Will there be more companies like BHS who struggle to meet their pension commitments?

  • Racist Britain

    Seyi Rhodes investigates the rising tide of racism in post-Brexit Britain, revealing the scale of the abuse and uncovering dramatic recordings of physical and verbal attacks

  • Are You Owed a Pay Rise?

    The National Living Wage was supposed to mean a pay increase for some of Britain's poorest workers, but is everyone really getting richer?

  • Undercover: Inside Britain's Children's Services

    An experienced social worker goes undercover in Birmingham City Council's children's services department, revealing the problems faced by the people responsible for the safety of vulnerable children

  • The Truth About Cheap Flights

    Harry Wallop goes undercover to learn the secrets of a major player in the travel business. Are low fares all that they seem? Are you getting the best deal?

  • Isis and the Missing Treasures

    As the war against Isis intensifies and Syrian troops retake Palmyra, a battle to stop the terrorist group cashing in on looted antiquities is being waged in the UK. Dispatches investigates.

  • The Great Benefits Row

    Hundreds of thousands of disabled people are having to apply for the new Personal Independence Payment benefit and many claim it is deeply unfair. Ade Adepitan investigates the new benefit.

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    Britain's Pensioner Care Scandal

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the home care services that some of Britain's most vulnerable pensioners receive, as the industry is squeezed by rising costs and slashed budgets

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Secrets of Cadbury

    From Creme Egg controversies to foreign manufacturing, Dispatches lifts the lid on what's been happening to Cadbury since its controversial takeover by American giant Kraft

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    Housing Benefit Millionaires

    Private landlords have become a major provider of accommodation to tenants on housing benefit. While many provide good homes, Dispatches confronts some rogue landlords, who are playing the system.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Council House Millionaires

    As the government looks to extend the right-to-buy to housing association tenants, Dispatches reveals how council homes have become a goldmine for a few, amid fears of the death of social housing

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Dirty Secrets: What's Really in Our Air?

    Morland Sanders investigates hidden pollution hotspots, learns that we can breathe in far more pollution than official figures suggest, and uncovers research indicating how dangerous pollution can be

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    999: Where's My Ambulance?

    With demand for ambulance services at an all-time high, many ambulance trusts are failing to meet their response time targets. What effect is this having on patients?

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How the Rich Avoid Tax

    Actor Greg Wise uses undercover filming to investigate tax avoidance, inviting financial advisors into his home to find out how they advise wealthy clients to minimise their tax bills

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Where's My Missing Mail?

    As how we shop changes, we increasingly rely on parcel firms to deliver our shopping. But as the number of items delivered has risen, so have complaints. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How the Rich Live Longer

    Some people in the wealthiest areas of Britain are outliving those in the poorest by 18 years. Dr Christian Jessen investigates the high-end health industry that seeks to help the rich live longer.

    This episode is subtitled47 mins
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    The Children Who Beat Ebola

    The remarkable and uplifting story of five extraordinary children in Sierra Leone who beat the Ebola virus and overcame loss and stigma to rebuild their lives

    Scenes that some may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled48 mins
  • How the Monarchy Can Make You Millions

    Roughly 800 companies hold royal warrants, and are said to make £4 billion extra a year because of it. With so much at stake, Dispatches examines the system that grants this regal seal of approval.

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    Low Pay Britain

    Who's really benefiting from the 3,000,000 apprenticeships the Government has promised? Dispatches investigates whether high-profile companies are paying ultra-low wages in return for poor training.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Britain's Nightmare New Homes

    The Government has committed to building a million new houses by 2020. Dispatches investigates what impact the rush to put up new housing will have on the quality of these homes.

  • Aldi's Supermarket Secrets

    While Tesco and other big supermarkets falter, Aldi gets stronger and was named Supermarket of the Year. Do they always deliver great value on quality and service without compromise?

  • Britain's Benefits Experiment

    Tazeen Ahmad examines a pilot scheme that aims to encourage working people who receive benefits to boost their income and reduce their dependency on the state

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    How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

    Millions of us are plagued by nuisance callers flogging things we don't want. Dispatches goes undercover to find out how the cold calling trade works, and reveals how people are fighting back.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Hunted: Gay and Afraid

    Dispatches investigates well-funded global networks that are supporting a wave of anti-gay laws around the world, including the World Congress of Families in the USA

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    Escape from Isis

    This Dispatches special exposes the brutal regime suffered by millions of women living under Isis, and the extraordinary story of a secret underground network trying to save them

    Upsetting accounts and images of violenceThis episode is subtitled49 mins

    Clips & Extras

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    Pensions and the Price of Growing Old

    As Britain's pensioner population soars, Michael Buerk investigates whether the public can continue to rely on the state to support us in our old age

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    How Councils Blow Your Millions

    Reporter Antony Barnett uncovers unknown deals between cash-strapped councils and banks that are costing taxpayers millions of pounds a year

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
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    Kids in Crisis

    Kids in Crisis meets families from across the UK whose children are being separated from them to receive treatment for mental health issues, sometimes hundreds of miles from home

    Moving stories which some may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled48 mins

    Clips & Extras

  • Salt: Are You Eating Too Much?

    Tazeen Ahmad uncovers worrying inaccuracies in salt content food labelling, and examines how food companies have influenced government plans to reduce our salt consumption

  • The Great British Property Divide

    From million-pound flats to 'poor doors', Dispatches explores how rising house prices can transform our communities, and what impact the right to buy law will have on the growing property divide

  • Exams: Cheating the System?

    From primary schools to universities, reporter Seyi Rhodes investigates how some teachers, pupils and students are bending exam rules and sometimes cheating the system

  • Where to Save Your Money

    With interest rates at their lowest for 300 years, Dispatches highlights the crisis facing many of Britain's 40 million savers, and asks: where should you put your money?

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    Trains: Are You Paying Too Much?

    Dispatches goes undercover in one of Britain's biggest rail operators, investigating ticket prices, overcrowding and compensation, and revealing what the rail companies don't tell their passengers

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • The Secrets of Sports Direct

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the hidden cost of the clothes, shoes and discount gear that have helped Sports Direct buck the high street trend, making billions for Mike Ashley

  • How to Buy a Meeting with a Minister

    A special undercover investigation into politics in the run-up to the General Election

  • Britain's Defence Squeeze

    Following cuts to the defence budget, can the UK defend itself against a range of new threats, from terror groups like IS to Russian bombers close to UK airspace?

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    Benefits Britain: Universal Credit

    The government say their flagship benefit, Universal Credit, is working well and is helping people into work. Critics say it is a shambles. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Britain's Benefits Crackdown

    Reporter Liz MacKean investigates Britain's new benefits regime and asks what life is really like for those hit with penalties

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    Politicians for Hire

    Dispatches investigates the behaviour of politicians in Westminster

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • Secrets of the Parking Wardens

    Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the private companies issuing more than 2.5 million parking tickets a year. It's a booming industry, thanks to new camera technology and changes in the law.

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    The Great Car Con

    Motorists were promised diesel would be the cheap, green fuel of the future, but it turns out that's not the case. Why did politicians encourage the 'dash for diesel'?

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • How to Blow Your Pension

    From April 2015, people over 55 will be able to take as much as they want from their private pensions. Michael Buerk examines the consequences, and the firms that are courting pension holders.

  • The British Property Boom

    Dispatches investigates the consequences of rapid house price rises, for buyers and sellers, and asks how 2014's property boom will change the face of our towns and cities

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    How to Break into Britain

    Dispatches goes deep inside camps in Calais to investigate the gangs that are making big money by smuggling illegal immigrants into Britain

    This episode is subtitled27 mins
  • How the Rich Get Richer

    Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson exposes a growing inequality in British society, exploring new gulfs in earnings, education, prospects and life expectancy

    Clips & Extras

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    Rice: How Safe Is Our Food?

    Some leading scientists are warning that some types of commonly consumed rice contain worrying levels of naturally occurring arsenic. Morland Sanders investigates.

    This episode is subtitled27 mins