Related Dispatches: Breadline Kids

There are many specialised charities in the UK working to tackle the issues causes by poverty, which can offer help and support to children in similar circumstances to those shown in the film. Links to a range of organisations can be found at the bottom of this page. In addition you can find Food Banks and Breakfast Clubs in your area through the same links and donate food, money or your labour.

However if you specifically wish to help the families in the film, you can find do so via True Vision’s charity - The Aletheia Foundation. For more information click on the website link.

Click here to see the article these links are related to. Or go to True Vision TV to know more about the kids featured in the film.

Key Foodbank providers

Trussell Trust

The Salvation Army


Food Cycle

Breakfast Clubs

Magic Breakfast

Other Support links

Make Lunch


Children's Food Trust

The School Food Plan

Youth for Christ

End Child Poverty

The Children's Society

Save the Children


Church Urban Fund

Christians Against Poverty

The Poverty Alliance - Scotland

Child Poverty Action Group

Joseph Rowntree Foundation