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Award-Winning Films

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Nigeria's Hidden War (Evan Williams Productions for Channel 4).

Broadcast Awards, Best News and Current Affairs Programme.

Nigeria's Hidden War
Nigeria's Hidden War


Children on the Frontline    

One World Media Awards, Television Award (ITN Productions) 2014

RTS Award 2015



RTS Journalism 2013/4 The Independent Award

Plebs, Lies and Videotape

Blakeway Productions

Breaking News Award: British Journalism Awards with Press Gazette for Channel 4 News and Dispatches

Syria: Across the Lines

BAFTA Current Affairs Award

RTS Journalism Awards 2013/4 Current Affairs - International,Quicksilver

Broadcast Awards, News and Current Affairs

Director Olly Lambert won the Rory Peck Award for Features

Grierson Award for Best Documentary on Current Affairs

RTS Craft and Design Award for Factual Editing

Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB) Middle East documentary award

British Press Guild, Best Single Documentary 2013

Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline

Foreign Press Association Awards - TV Documentary/Feature Story

Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB) Award : International Current Affairs Documentary.

The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs

RTS Journalism Awards 2013-14 Current Affairs Home, True Vision

Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB): Investigative documentary

Women in Film and TV Awards: Director Anna Hall picked up Factual & News Award

Asian Media Awards for Best Investigation

Anti Slavery Media Awards: Best TV or radio drama/documentary dealing with human trafficking.

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished  

Broadcast Awards

Peabody Awards


Saving Africa's Witch Children

Screen Nation 2011 Diversity in Factual Television Award

Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines 

DuPont Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism 

DuPont Silver Baton Award 2011 

History Makers 2011: Best Current Affairs Production 

The Battle for Haiti

BAFTA Television Craft Award for Director, Factual (Dan Reed) 

Children of Gaza

Children's Rights Award 


Pakistan's Taliban Generation

International Emmy 

DuPont award for journalism 2010

AIB awards 2010: Best Current Affairs Film


Terror in Mumbai

BAFTA 2010 Best Current Affairs

Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines

One World Awards 2010: TV Documentary

Afghanistan's Dirty War

Amnesty Awards 2010: Best Television Documentary

Orphans of Burma's Cyclone

One World Awards: Children's Rights Award 2010


Crash: How Long Will It Last?

Wincott Awards 2010: Best Television Coverage of a Topical Business Issue

Saving Africa's Witch Children

BAFTA for best Current Affairs programme

International Emmy for 'Outstanding Current Affairs' programme

One World Media Award

Amnesty International Media Award' (TV documentary and docudrama category)

Religious Programme 'Merit' Award for the 'Sandford St Martin Trust

Joost Van der Walk winner of Sony Professional impact award at the Rory Peck Trust (cameraman for Saving Africa's Witch Children) 

Warlords Next Door

Banff 2009 Best Political Documentary


China's Stolen Children 

Broadcast Awards: Best Documentary

Meeting the Taliban

Banff: Best Investigative and Current Affairs Programme


China's Stolen Children 

BAFTA TV Awards: Current Affairs

BAFTA Craft Awards: Breakthrough Talent, Jezza Neumann

BAFTA Craft Awards: Director Factual

RTS Journalism Awards: Current Affairs, International

MySpace Audience Award: Britdoc 2007

One World Media Awards: Children's Rights Awards 

Undercover in Tibet

Royal Television Society Journalism Awards 2008: International Current Affairs

Tibet Film Festival, Zurich: Best Film 

Fighting the Taliban

Rory Peck 2007 best feature

Iraq: The Death Squads

RTS Journalism awards Current Affairs; International


Voice of the Listener and Viewer

2007 award for Excellence in Broadcasting

Best television programme: Dispatches 

Lost For Words 

RTS/NIACE Award: Season-Campaigns and Seasons

RTS Educational Television Awards 

War Torn: Stories of Separation

RTS Journalism awards: Best innovation and multimedia


Living With Aids

Best News and Current Affairs Documentary

Montecarlo Golden Nymph

Public Service, Private Profit

The Work Foundation Business Journalism Awards 2006: TV Programme Of The Year

Wincott Foundation Business Awards: News and Current Affairs Programme Of The Year 

Sorious Samura

Broadcast Journalist of the Year; One World Media Awards 2006


Being Pamela

Channel 4 Creative Cities Award 2005


BAFTA Television Awards 2006: Current Affairs

Death in Gaza

EMMY Award: Exceptional Merit in Non-Fiction Filmmaking, 2005

EMMY Award: Non-Fiction Directing, 2005

EMMY Award: Cinematography, 2005

BAFTA Award: Current Affairs 2005 

Undercover Angels

RTS North-West current affairs award 2005


Death in Gaza

Audience Award, Hot Docs Toronto 2004

Innovation in Direction, Chicago Documentary Film Festival 2004

Sterling Award for a Feature Film, AFI Silverdocs 2004

Rory Peck Award for Features 2004

One World Media Awards: Children's Rights Award 

Judges in the Dock

Bar Council Legal Reporting Awards 2004: Winner Broadcast category

Living with Hunger

Insight News

Harry Chapin Media Awards, Oct 2004


Japan Prize, 2004 


Iran Undercover: Inside the Hidden Revolution

Foreign Press Association Media Awards Journalist of The Year: Jane Kokan

The Killing Zone

Rory Peck Award: Best Feature

Young Nazi and Proud

Indie Awards 2003

News and Current Affairs Award

RTS Programme Awards 2003

Best Newcomer; Behind the Screen (David Modell)

BAFTA Television Awards 2003

Current Affairs Award 


Beneath the Veil

George Foster Peabody Awards

BAFTA: Current Affairs

Emmy: Outstanding Investigative Journalism

One World Media Awards: Television Documentary of the YearPeabody Award, USA

RTS Journalism Awards: Programme of the Year

RTS Journalism Awards: International Current Affairs

Saira Shah for Beneath the Veil Hardcash Prods): Television Journalist of the Year 


Emmy Award, US, Sep 2002: Best Director

The Overseas Press Club Award, US, April 2002: Madeline Dane Ross Award

The John Hopkins’s SAIS-Novartis, US, April 2002: Excellence in International Journalism 

Unholy War

Emmy: Outstanding coverage of a continuing news story

Peabody Award, USA.

Christian Broadcasting Council Awards Silver Award Best Broadcast Documentary 


Beneath the Veil

BANFF Television Festival awards 2001 Information Programme Category Winner

Cry Freetown 

Emmy Award, US, 2001: Best Investigative Programme

BAFTA Award, London, May 2001: Best Current Affairs Journalism

Peabody Award, US, April 2001: Best Documentary

Mohammed Amin Award: Best Documentary

The Overseas Press Club Award, US, April 2001: The Eric and Amy Burger Award

Columbia DuPont Award, US, Jan 2001: Silver Baton 


The Chicago Intl TV Competition, US, April 2001: News Documentary (Gold)

One World Media Awards, UK, Jun 2001: Best TV Documentary

Prix Europa, Germany, Oct 2001: Iris Award, Best Multicultural Programme 

Cry Freetown

Royal TV Society (RTS) Award, UK, Nov 2000: Lighting, Photography and Camera

Figra International Festival, France, Oct 2000: Olivier Quemener Prize (Silver)

Montecatini Film Festival, Italy, July 2000: Festival Award

Amnesty International Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: Best TV Documentary

One World Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: Best TV Documentary

One World Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: ICRC Dignity in Conflict Award