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Children on the Frontline    

  • One World Media Awards, Television Award (ITN Productions)



  • RTS Journalism 2013/4 The Independent Award
  • Plebs, Lies and Videotape

    Blakeway Productions

  • Breaking News Award: British Journalism Awards with Press Gazette for Channel 4 News and Dispatches

Syria: Across the Lines

  • BAFTA Current Affairs Award
  • RTS Journalism Awards 2013/4 Current Affairs - International,Quicksilver
  • Broadcast Awards, News and Current Affairs
  • Director Olly Lambert won the Rory Peck Award for Features
  • Grierson Award for Best Documentary on Current Affairs
  • RTS Craft and Design Award for Factual Editing
  • Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB) Middle East documentary award
  • British Press Guild, Best Single Documentary 2013

Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline

  • Foreign Press Association Awards - TV Documentary/Feature Story
  • Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB) Award : International Current Affairs Documentary

The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs

  • RTS Journalism Awards 2013-14 Current Affairs Home, True Vision
  • Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIB): Investigative documentary
  • Women in Film and TV Awards: Director Anna Hall picked up Factual & News Award
  • Asian Media Awards for Best Investigation
  • Anti Slavery Media Awards: Best TV or radio drama/documentary dealing with human trafficking

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished  

  • Broadcast Awards
  • Peabody Awards


Saving Africa's Witch Children

  • Screen Nation 2011 Diversity in Factual Television Award

Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines 

  • DuPont Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism 
  • DuPont Silver Baton Award 2011 
  • History Makers 2011: Best Current Affairs Production 

The Battle for Haiti

  • BAFTA Television Craft Award for Director, Factual (Dan Reed) 

Children of Gaza

  • Children's Rights Award 


Pakistan's Taliban Generation

  • International Emmy 
  • DuPont award for journalism 2010
  • AIB awards 2010: Best Current Affairs Film 

Terror in Mumbai

  • BAFTA 2010 Best Current Affairs

Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines

  • One World Awards 2010: TV Documentary

Afghanistan's Dirty War

  • Amnesty Awards 2010: Best Television Documentary

Orphans of Burma's Cyclone

  • One World Awards: Children's Rights Award 2010


Crash: How Long Will It Last?

  • Wincott Awards 2010: Best Television Coverage of a Topical Business Issue

Saving Africa's Witch Children

  • BAFTA for best Current Affairs programme
  • International Emmy for 'Outstanding Current Affairs' programme
  • One World Media Award
  • Amnesty International Media Award' (TV documentary and docudrama category)
  • Religious Programme 'Merit' Award for the 'Sandford St Martin Trust
  • Joost Van der Walk winner of Sony Professional impact award at the Rory Peck Trust (cameraman for Saving Africa's Witch Children) 
  • Warlords Next Door

  • Banff 2009 Best Political Documentary


China's Stolen Children 

  • Broadcast Awards: Best Documentary
  • Meeting the Taliban

  • Banff: Best Investigative and Current Affairs Programme


China's Stolen Children 

  • BAFTA TV Awards: Current Affairs
  • BAFTA Craft Awards: Breakthrough Talent, Jezza Neumann
  • BAFTA Craft Awards: Director Factual
  • RTS Journalism Awards: Current Affairs, International
  • MySpace Audience Award: Britdoc 2007
  • One World Media Awards: Children's Rights Awards 

Undercover in Tibet

  • Royal Television Society Journalism Awards 2008: International Current Affairs
  • Tibet Film Festival, Zurich: Best Film 
  • Fighting the Taliban

  • Rory Peck 2007 best feature

Iraq: The Death Squads

  • RTS Journalism awards Current Affairs; International
  • Dispatches

  • Voice of the Listener and Viewer
  • 2007 award for Excellence in Broadcasting
  • Best television programme: Dispatches 
  • Lost For Words 

  • RTS/NIACE Award: Season-Campaigns and Seasons
  • RTS Educational Television Awards 
  • War Torn: Stories of Separation

  • RTS Journalism awards: Best innovation and multimedia


Living With Aids

  • Best News and Current Affairs Documentary
  • Montecarlo Golden Nymph
  • Public Service, Private Profit

  • The Work Foundation Business Journalism Awards 2006: TV Programme Of The Year
  • Wincott Foundation Business Awards: News and Current Affairs Programme Of The Year 
  • Sorious Samura

  • Broadcast Journalist of the Year; One World Media Awards 2006


Being Pamela

  • Channel 4 Creative Cities Award 2005
  • Belsan

  • BAFTA Television Awards 2006: Current Affairs
  • Death in Gaza

  • EMMY Award: Exceptional Merit in Non-Fiction Filmmaking, 2005
  • EMMY Award: Non-Fiction Directing, 2005
  • EMMY Award: Cinematography, 2005
  • BAFTA Award: Current Affairs 2005 
  • Undercover Angels

  • RTS North-West current affairs award 2005


Death in Gaza

  • Audience Award, Hot Docs Toronto 2004
  • Innovation in Direction, Chicago Documentary Film Festival 2004
  • Sterling Award for a Feature Film, AFI Silverdocs 2004
  • Rory Peck Award for Features 2004
  • One World Media Awards: Children's Rights Award 
  • Judges in the Dock

  • Bar Council Legal Reporting Awards 2004: Winner Broadcast category
  • Living with Hunger

  • Insight News
  • Harry Chapin Media Awards, Oct 2004
  • UNICEF Award
  • Japan Prize, 2004 


Iran Undercover: Inside the Hidden Revolution

  • Foreign Press Association Media Awards Journalist of The Year: Jane Kokan
  • The Killing Zone

  • Rory Peck Award: Best Feature

Young Nazi and Proud

  • Indie Awards 2003
  • News and Current Affairs Award
  • RTS Programme Awards 2003
  • Best Newcomer; Behind the Screen (David Modell)
  • BAFTA Television Awards 2003
  • Current Affairs Award 


Beneath the Veil

  • George Foster Peabody Awards
  • BAFTA: Current Affairs
  • Emmy: Outstanding Investigative Journalism
  • One World Media Awards: Television Documentary of the YearPeabody Award, USA
  • RTS Journalism Awards: Programme of the Year
  • RTS Journalism Awards: International Current Affairs
  • Saira Shah for Beneath the Veil Hardcash Prods): Television Journalist of the Year 
  • Exodus 

  • Emmy Award, US, Sep 2002: Best Director
  • The Overseas Press Club Award, US, April 2002: Madeline Dane Ross Award
  • The John Hopkins’s SAIS-Novartis, US, April 2002: Excellence in International Journalism 
  • Unholy War

  • Emmy: Outstanding coverage of a continuing news story
  • Peabody Award, USA.

  • Christian Broadcasting Council Awards Silver Award Best Broadcast Documentary 


Beneath the Veil

  • BANFF Television Festival awards 2001 Information Programme Category Winner
  • Cry Freetown 

  • Emmy Award, US, 2001: Best Investigative Programme
  • BAFTA Award, London, May 2001: Best Current Affairs Journalism
  • Peabody Award, US, April 2001: Best Documentary
  • Mohammed Amin Award: Best Documentary
  • The Overseas Press Club Award, US, April 2001: The Eric and Amy Burger Award
  • Columbia DuPont Award, US, Jan 2001: Silver Baton 
  • Exodus 

  • The Chicago Intl TV Competition, US, April 2001: News Documentary (Gold)
  • One World Media Awards, UK, Jun 2001: Best TV Documentary
  • Prix Europa, Germany, Oct 2001: Iris Award, Best Multicultural Programme 


Cry Freetown

  • Royal TV Society (RTS) Award, UK, Nov 2000: Lighting, Photography and Camera
  • Figra International Festival, France, Oct 2000: Olivier Quemener Prize (Silver)
  • Montecatini Film Festival, Italy, July 2000: Festival Award
  • Amnesty International Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: Best TV Documentary
  • One World Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: Best TV Documentary
  • One World Media Award, UK, Jun 2000: ICRC Dignity in Conflict Award 

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