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  1. Faith Schools: No Clapping in Class

    Faith Schools: No Clapping in Class

    OFSTED reports into some of the schools featured in the film.

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  2. The Cost of Cheap Alcohol

    A list of Help and Support organisations for alcohol issues

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  3. Police investigations of Racism

    Police investigations of Racism

    Just 1% of allegations of racism by members of the public against the police in England and Wales were upheld over an eight year period, an investigation by Dispatches reveals

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  4. Breadline Kids - Related Links

    Breadline Kids - Related Links

    Websites related to the Dispatches programme Breadline Kids offering more information about the organisations helping people like those in the film

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  5. Breadline Kids

    Breadline Kids

    Jezza Neumann investigates the growing number of children given food aid in the UK

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  6. The Truth about Low Fat Food

    The Truth about Low Fat Food

    Antony Barnett investigates the low fat products on our supermarket shelves

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  7. Hospital Heartache Exposed: Help and Support

    Hospital Heartache Exposed: Help and Support

    A list of organisations offering support and counselling to adults and parents

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  8. Inside the Accident and Emergency wards

    Inside the Accident and Emergency wards

    Morland Sanders reports on how our Accident and Emergency wards are coping

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  9. Water companies and Floods

    Water companies and Floods

    Antony Barnett reports on where your money is going when you pay your water bill

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  10. Are you addicted to sugar?

    Are you addicted to sugar?

    Gary Rimmer reports on the facts behind our sugar addiction

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