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Supermarket Wars

Supermarket profits are slumping, and online shopping is transforming the market. While the big four struggle, discounters such as Aldi and Lidl are booming. Why?

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Supermarket Price Wars

What the discount stores are doing to encourage us to buy their products


Breadline Kids - Becky's Manga Art

Budding artist Becky, whose family feature in Breadline Kids, used drawing to express her emotions and drew her own comic strip about her experience of living in poverty, using foodbanks and her aspirations for the future

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Police investigations of Racism

Just 1% of allegations of racism by members of the public against the police in England and Wales were upheld over an eight year period

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  1. Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17
    Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17

    Matt Frei visits the crash scene in Ukraine to tell the full story of the murder of those on board Flight MH17

  2. Faith Schools Undercover
    Faith Schools Undercover

    Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools

  3. How to Fix a Football Match
    How to Fix a Football Match

    Morland Sanders goes undercover to expose world football's problem with match-fixing

  4. Secrets of the Police
    Secrets of the Police

    How the police handle one of the most sensitive areas of policing: complaints of police racism.


  • @chubbyowl 23 Jul

    Absolutely horrible to hear the families and friend's accounts of flight MH17 #dispatches

  • @little_goode 22 Jul

    The #Dispatches documentary about #MH17 seriously brings everything home to you

  • @JournoHawley 21 Jul

    Watching @C4Dispatches about the Malaysian flight MH17 - absolutely heartbreaking stuff 💔 #MH17 #Channel4News #Dispatches

  • @Frecka36 21 Jul

    Media saturated mh17 but #dispatches portrayed the acute human tragedy in the face indifferent savagery RIP I hope justice is served. #mh17

  • @tishtash899 21 Jul

    Imagine forever being remembered in connection with a flight number. This world is surreal. #Dispatches

  • @Jayroc1222 21 Jul

    Disturbing scenes on #Dispatches on #MH17. Someone needs to pay for this monstrous crime. Boycott Russia, no World Cup, nothing!!

  • @AdinaTarry 21 Jul

    #dispatches. Shockig & detailed report on shot Malaysian flight. No respect from perpetrators for outcome, victims, dignity or forensics.

  • @Frankie_Ferrari 21 Jul

    So sad after watching #Dispatches about #MH17. Those poor families. How would u ever come to terms with losing a loved one this way! 😔

  • @JBONeill39 21 Jul

    That's it; Putin MUST be stopped. We can't go on turning a blind eye to what's happening in #Ukraine #Dispatches #channel4 #murderinthesky

  • @waynesmith1971 21 Jul

    Its bad enough a loved one dies in horrible circumstances, but the pain is compounded by the disrespect shown to victims #MH17 #dispatches

  • @Sarah_Saza 21 Jul

    #Dispatches oh, so THIS is going to damage Putins reputation? Because its been great up to now?

  • @bitgit 21 Jul

    think it's far too early to be making snap judgements about who did what, why, and how #dispatches all powers proliferate weapons dispersal

  • @al70 21 Jul

    #Dispatches bringing home the horror of #MH17 The behavior since the crash is almost as bad as the murders themselves

  • @DianaPitchers 21 Jul

    #Dispatches is this the new cold war? Ukraine divided and controlled by Russia?

  • @TheIanCruise 21 Jul

    Watching #dispatches on @Channel4 Disgusting how no leader from Countries of those who died are calling Putin's bluff....1/2

  • @glitterjuice 21 Jul

    This #dispatches is hard viewing...interesting that news teams had so much access to the crash site before investigators. #mh17

  • @bitgit 21 Jul

    crazy scene; Idyllic farmlands, rich in crops, peasant farmers, rich land owners, muppets with guns, & la creme de la journalism #dispatches

  • @_RoseGrace 21 Jul

    So devastated and appalled watching #Dispatches #MH17 those families will never get justice

  • @MathewBuxey 21 Jul

    Watching #Dispatches on #Ch4 about #MH17 heartbreaking and harrowing stuff. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones.

  • @NickfromNews 21 Jul

    Matt Frei's C4 dispatches on MH17 is gripping and a thoroughly brilliant example of foreign reporting. I hope the families get the answers

  • @JoshyWilkinson 21 Jul

    Amazing that this programme is even together when #MH17 only happened five days ago. Still shocking that it happened at all! #Dispatches.

  • @neilgothard1 21 Jul

    #Dispatches on #c4 shocking pictures. Awful incident. I just hope they bring the perpetrators to justice.

  • @xCarlyMcx 21 Jul

    Watching #Dispatches and it is so terribly sad what happened to flight #MH17 my heart goes out to their families.

  • @Rob__123 21 Jul

    Whoever is responsible for this must be brought to justice #dispatches #MH17

  • @DaveyGetsRavey 21 Jul

    This #Dispatches programme on #MH17 is hard to watch. Such a tragedy, feel for all the loved ones of pax & crew involved. 😢

  • @remittancegirl 21 Jul

    It effectively argues the case that we are fools to be so disconnected from conflict in far off places. #dispatches #dispatches

  • @gazpunch 21 Jul

    #dispatches Seems wrong that they can be standing on the crash site touching plane parts when experts haven't been close.

  • @jnafr 17 Jul

    Watching #noclappinginclass #faithschoolsuncovered #dispatches #channel4

  • @katybooth 16 Jul

    Just watched this week's Channel 4 Dispatches. Good story but it would've leant itself better to radio; nothing to shoot = no good pictures.

  • @poisonousdarce 16 Jul

    #Dispatches this week was shocking. How on earth can some schools be allowed to teach that evolution is a lie!?


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Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17

On Thursday 16 July 2014 a flight full of tourists, travellers and families took off from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport en route to Malaysia. There were 283…

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