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Dispatches: Nigeria’s Hidden War

The hunt for Boko Haram


Breadline Kids - Becky's Manga Art

Budding artist Becky, whose family feature in Breadline Kids, used drawing to express her emotions and drew her own comic strip about her experience of living in poverty, using foodbanks and her aspirations for the future

View gallery: 'Breadline Kids - Becky's Manga Art' >


Police investigations of Racism

Just 1% of allegations of racism by members of the public against the police in England and Wales were upheld over an eight year period

Recent Dispatches

  1. How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls
    How to Stop Your Nuisance Calls

    Fed up with receiving repeated telephone calls asking for charity donations? Find out who is making those calls.

  2. Supermarkets: The Real Price of Cheap Food
    Supermarkets: The Real Price of Cheap Food

    Dispatches investigates the supermarket supply chain and looks at some of the working lives of those at the very bottom:

  3. Supermarket Wars
    Supermarket Wars

    What went wrong with the big four supermarkets and how do the new discount stores persuade us to shop there?

  4. Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17
    Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17

    Matt Frei visits the crash scene in Ukraine to tell the full story of the murder of those on board Flight MH17


  • @Catythered 18 Aug

    jons back #c4news and #dispatches sounds fab tonight - real reporting

  • @Araba_SR 18 Aug

    Nigeria's Hidden War: Channel 4 Dispatches - Channel 4 - Info - Press

  • @erin_amy 18 Aug

    Looks like an interesting #dispatches at 8pm tonight! @Channel4

  • @baykeens 18 Aug

    Nigeria's Hidden War:Dispatches is on Channel 4 tonight. HD viewing. Sky Channel 230. #WesternPropaganda

  • @hitosetakano 16 Aug

    If you were thinking of using #OfficialUkMail as your courier,, Change right now,,Total disgrace,, #ukmail #dispatches

  • @CarolineMikuta 16 Aug

    Last picture was taken in 1990's after me and my precious family had just fled hol apartment in Spain where a girl died later. #dispatches

  • @rjamesjones 17 Aug

    From what I hear Dispatches: Nigeria's Hidden War is really shocking. Tomorrow night at 11pm on C4.

  • @toxictracey 16 Aug

    Channel 4 Dispatches last Monday, How to stop your nuisance calls didn't, in fact, give you any good advice on how to do that.

  • @xmatt_ 12 Aug

    F2F fundraising the day after the #Dispatches episode regarding telephone fundraising. Had the show used as an excuse already. Brilliant.

  • @captaindisco 12 Aug

    Got dinner and now catching up with last night's #dispatches. I've heard it's very good!

  • @captaindisco 12 Aug

    It looks like the Institute of fundraising are being treated as mugs by private fundraisers and the charities don't have a clue. #dispatches

  • @MrsWebster147 12 Aug

    Just caught up on last nights #dispatches about chuggers, there really are people out there with no souls #shameonyou

  • @RochelleBoughen 12 Aug

    14million nuisance calls are made a year, I must get at least 1million of them 😡 #dispatches

  • @baggerz1 12 Aug

    I really am sad. I actually love programs on supermarkets 'price of cheap food' 'supermarket wars' #dispatches #supermarkets


    Had four PPI calls yesterday and, so far, one call today from an obscure utility company. Not had a fundraising call since Feb #dispatches

  • @AbbieLev01 12 Aug

    Interesting documentary about telephone fundraising on channel 4's dispatches, really highlights why I hated working for that job

  • @Markyphillips 12 Aug

    I watched #dispatches with a non-fundraising commercial marketer. They asked why donor satisfaction was not as important as amount raised.

  • @tonyelischer 12 Aug

    Fundraising is about telling the truth and working ethically; the media will always want sensationalism, headlines & scandal. #dispatches

  • @adriansalmon 12 Aug

    @adriansalmon if there is problem it is that agencies are not paid enough by and large to focus on service vs 'throughput' #dispatches

  • @SteveAllman 12 Aug

    Feeling left out :( Seems like everyone's getting 50 nuisance calls a week from charities but I've not had one #Dispatches

  • @VeritySpott 12 Aug

    @pellandbales #dispatches should definitely have focused more on zero hour contracts and working conditions.

  • @d4ngerousdave 12 Aug

    ☎️ #dispatches won't have an impact on a nation of charitable people who will still be happy to donate money to really important causes.

  • @DavidJeffsMedia 11 Aug

    @dennisricemedia great work tonight Dennis on #C4Dispatches investigating #nuisancecalls

  • @the_a_stevenson 11 Aug

    Bit of a misleading title for C4 #Dispatches today: #NuisanceCalls. About chugging calls, not the constant far worse PPI & other scam calls

  • @charleytots 11 Aug

    #dispatches If being a nuisance means cruelty stops, illnesses is cured, war ends and people have basic human rights like water, call on!

  • @SewaUK 11 Aug

    Watch #Dispatches tonight at 8pm on channel 4. Revealing #secrets of telephone #fundraising call centres. #Charity

  • @Belen_Toher 11 Aug

    Dispatches. Tonight. 8pm. Channel 4. Do it.

  • @TotalFR 11 Aug

    Will be interesting to see #Dispatches but thousands of callers making millions of calls. Surely there will be mistakes & incidents over yrs

  • @jonnyb_84 10 Aug

    Channel 4 #Dispatches tomorrow night is gonna tell us how to stop nuisance phonecalls - I don't think there is a solution to be honest

  • @pablito100001 11 Aug

    Bated breath for tonights #dispatches 'expose' on telephone fundraising. Should make interesting viewing #balancedreportingplease


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Nigeria's Hidden War

The kidnap of almost 300 schoolgirls by Nigeria's hardline Islamist fighters Boko Haram in April 2014 caused international outrage.

Channel 4 2.05am Fri 22 Aug