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Supermarket Price Wars

What the discount stores are doing to encourage us to buy their products


Breadline Kids - Becky's Manga Art

Budding artist Becky, whose family feature in Breadline Kids, used drawing to express her emotions and drew her own comic strip about her experience of living in poverty, using foodbanks and her aspirations for the future

View gallery: 'Breadline Kids - Becky's Manga Art' >


Police investigations of Racism

Just 1% of allegations of racism by members of the public against the police in England and Wales were upheld over an eight year period

Recent Dispatches

  1. Supermarket Wars
    Supermarket Wars

    What went wrong with the big four supermarkets and how do the new discount stores persuade us to shop there?

  2. Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17
    Murder in the Sky - Flight MH17

    Matt Frei visits the crash scene in Ukraine to tell the full story of the murder of those on board Flight MH17

  3. Faith Schools Undercover
    Faith Schools Undercover

    Dispatches goes undercover to question the role of faith communities in our schools

  4. How to Fix a Football Match
    How to Fix a Football Match

    Morland Sanders goes undercover to expose world football's problem with match-fixing


  • @cadmanstweets 30 Jul

    #lidl Dispatches show nudged me to try Lidl. Never going back to #tesco. C4 news doing piece on aldi and lidl. Shop cost me half this week.

  • @AngusFraser5 28 Jul

    OMG after my last tweet @TescoShopping have been in touch with a promo which will cost me 1p #SupermarketWars #dispatches #c4 #c4dispatches

  • @SocialistNutter 28 Jul

    Hey @Tesco, remember Woolworths? #dispatches

  • @Ichi_Bear 28 Jul

    The big Supermarkets are a rip off! I'm done with them! #SupermarketWars #Channel4 #Dispatches 😒

  • @IheartNYC12 28 Jul

    bubble bursting re #bigfour @NeilStuke Channel4 #dispatches programme on now well done to all promoting local businesses and produce x

  • @Lisa_M_Bennett 28 Jul

    Watching #dispatches and am tempted to go do a shop in aldi or lidl instead of #Tesco

  • @urb_marmalade 28 Jul

    Personally I'm glad the major supermarkets are getting kicked where it hurts at last! They've killed our towns gradually #dispatches

  • @ZiriDafranchi 28 Jul

    Aldi/Lidl exposes the level of abnormal profits the big supermarkets make #dispatches. Suddenly they r all rushing to 'offer' us 'deals'

  • @WappingLee 28 Jul

    Tesco post more than £3bn trading profit so I won't b shedding any tears 4 them! They hammer suppliers so will never b poor! #dispatches

  • @tribalskater 28 Jul

    Oh #c4dispatches you beautiful programme! #discountersaretheway

  • @BellaJanella 28 Jul

    #channel4 #dispatches I wish the big stores would just do the vouchers on the loyalty card automatically to save queue blocking.

  • @PaulBennison 28 Jul

    The cost of an online supermarket shop to the retailer is £15-20. They're buying our business! #Dispatches #c4 #SupermarketWars

  • @ChrisSamson18 28 Jul

    The #middleagedChris in me enjoyed C4 Dispatches programme about the supermarkets! Us online shopping costs them £15 every time! #lossmaking

  • @ZiriDafranchi 28 Jul

    How long will the reign of Aldi/Lidl last? If they continue to grow they'll soon be pricing like the rest #dispatches

  • @Latisha_Ma 28 Jul

    I think the moral of this #dispatches #SupermarketWars story, is: say no to the man. #lemons

  • @BraddersP71 28 Jul

    #dispatches and thats why i only shop in The Big 4 Not Aldi or Lidl You've just given the exact reason why more CHOICE. #simple #thanks

  • @alexbcann 28 Jul

    Interesting that #Harrogate was named as a Tesco store that is "on hold". Wonder if it will ever be built? #dispatches #c4

  • @Ivan_Interest 28 Jul

    #dispatches At last the sound of the very large penny dropping! Online shopping is not labour free or competing directly. Bubble bursted!

  • @dresserman 28 Jul

    Bit behind on #dispatches but Asda locked Milk at £1 over 2 years ago. It wasn't that they weren't playing, they have led for an age.

  • @Clonrf 28 Jul

    @graapples @conor_pope Are you watching #supermarketwars on C4 Dispatches now? Some interesting hood winking by big names.

  • @playdeadtweet 28 Jul

    #Dispatches #SupermarketWars on tonight. @playdeadtweet created a number of graphics sequences for the programme.

  • @smoulson 28 Jul

    I am watching Supermarket Wars: Channel 4 Dispatches on Channel 4 28/07/2014 20:00 #YO.TV #SWC4D

  • @marklucas2008 26 Jul

    Dispatches Monday on channel 4 looks like one to watch@B_Corrie @pw_wes

  • @MarkVChayne 25 Jul

    Dispatches, tonight 8pm Channel 4, looks at claims of #indyref? Get the facts on what separation would mean for your finances

  • @chubbyowl 23 Jul

    Absolutely horrible to hear the families and friend's accounts of flight MH17 #dispatches

  • @little_goode 22 Jul

    The #Dispatches documentary about #MH17 seriously brings everything home to you

  • @JournoHawley 21 Jul

    Watching @C4Dispatches about the Malaysian flight MH17 - absolutely heartbreaking stuff 💔 #MH17 #Channel4News #Dispatches

  • @Frecka36 21 Jul

    Media saturated mh17 but #dispatches portrayed the acute human tragedy in the face indifferent savagery RIP I hope justice is served. #mh17

  • @Jayroc1222 21 Jul

    Disturbing scenes on #Dispatches on #MH17. Someone needs to pay for this monstrous crime. Boycott Russia, no World Cup, nothing!!

  • @AdinaTarry 21 Jul

    #dispatches. Shockig & detailed report on shot Malaysian flight. No respect from perpetrators for outcome, victims, dignity or forensics.


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