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The Great Car Con. 26 Jan.

Motorists were promised diesel would be the cheap, green fuel of the future, but it turns out that's not the case. Why did politicians encourage the 'dash for diesel'?




  • @alexgrantuk 27 Jan

    Just watched #Dispatches - interesting, but were we really "conned" into diesels as "green" cars? In most cases, I don't think we were.

  • @daveyboy79 26 Jan

    Petrol heads have referred to diesel cars as "disease-als" for years, now the rest of the world catches up on this thought #dispatches

  • @The_ChrisShaw 26 Jan

    Watching @C4Dispatches #Dispatches "The Great Car Con" re Diesel engines. Who actually thought they were "environmentally friendly" anyway?

  • @cptdiem 26 Jan

    Most weekdays Oxford St in London is jammed with buses in both directions, sandwiching taxis. All pumping diesel at pedestrians #dispatches

  • @Jon_events 26 Jan

    Watching #dispatches on c4+1 thank you for bringing #airpollution to a wider audience

  • @kyliemsmith 26 Jan

    #dispatches maybe the government should introduce a diesel car scrappage scheme

  • @RichardsTweet_ 26 Jan

    There's some quality programmes on @Channel4 these days 👍 #TheHotel #FoodUnwrapped #TheUndateables #Dispatches

  • @sambulmer 26 Jan

    #Dispatches telling people not to buy diesel cars... I just bought one and it's CO2 emissions are less than the petrol equivalent @bmw 🚗

  • @SimonDonohue 26 Jan

    Great diesel car probe on #dispatches but electric cars also produce nasties if you trace fuel back to power station. #TimeToWalk

  • @chrisfollowsart 26 Jan

    What about the pollution levels for those people who live on or near busy roads, how do you test for this ? #Dispatches

  • @kyliemsmith 26 Jan

    #dispatches bought my first and last diesel last year won't do that again

  • @unkn0wnvariable 26 Jan

    So buying a petrol engine helps save the world? I might trade in the eco diesel for a nice petrol V8. #Dispatches

  • @Badmanme 26 Jan

    The only way to improve air quality is a democratically planned economy. The automotive industry is only concerned with profit. #dispatches

  • @cptdiem 26 Jan

    Lets face it. Public transport is a public health hazard. Buses/Taxis/Trains all use diesel and needed cleaning up years ago. #dispatches

  • @MdDobbo 26 Jan

    Bit of an "eye opener" #dispatches C4.. diesel cars, not surprised last Labour gov and EU behind scandal, I'll stick with my petrol mercedes

  • @Smullena 26 Jan

    I'm wondering whether its acceptable to make my dinner guests watch 'the great car con' on #Dispatches tonight? I think so. #No2diesel

  • @chesterwriter 21 Jan

    Thought last Monday's #C4Dispatches was illuminating, showing the truth of #coalition's economic miracle, low pay, tax scams & usual stuff!

  • @_DeeDixon_ 21 Jan

    Watching a #dispatches about #bedroomtax! I can feel my rage bubbling inside me!

  • @stkildasunrise 19 Jan

    thought #dispatches low pay Britain was chilling and revealing, but WHY no trade unions interviewed ? Unions are airbrushed from media

  • @cllrtrisosborne 19 Jan

    That is real pensions scandal. Millions of p/t workers won't be entitled to full state pension. Timebomb on future taxpayers. #dispatches

  • @jane__bradley 19 Jan

    That was some bloody fantastic undercover footage on #Dispatches. #lowpaidbritain

  • @ChriswMP 19 Jan

    Umbrella companies exposed on #dispatches 4 subverting minimum wage. We must make capitalism work for us & stop this exploitation of workers

  • @cedawnow 19 Jan

    #LowPayBritain #dispatches this prog is long overdue, it's what so many us have been saying for a long time #notrealjobs #ConDemNation

  • @ChriswMP 19 Jan

    Disgraceful exploitative practices of employment agencies exposed by #dispatches. These agencies are a scourge & inconsistent with decency

  • @CllrTerryJ 19 Jan

    Part time workers and those on #zerohours contracts risk not getting a full pension thanks to #corporategreed #LowPayBritain #dispatches

  • @harrisimo 19 Jan

    Watching #dispatches it's almost as if.... no... surely not... but it's like.... the government are LYING to us?

  • @ukbloc 19 Jan

    £3.5 billion of benefits go to full time workers, essentially propping up corrupt companies underpaying workers #dispatches

  • @CllrMTomlinson 19 Jan

    If you ever doubted Britain is a low pay rip off economy, check out #channel4 s #dispatches which aired tonight. #timetogetangry

  • @dunne_ie 19 Jan

    #dispatches on @channel4 is very worrying, no doubt its happening here in Ireland too

  • @robwarren81 19 Jan

    #dispatches interesting tonight exposing sickening treatment of workers earning less than minimum wage


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