Dirty Weekenders in France: Richard E. Grant

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Self-confessed curio hunter Richard E. Grant takes a trip to the continent to experience the world of the people who spend their time rifling through the barns, cowsheds and French farm attics, looking for pre-war treasures to bring back home.

The show explores the world of professional antique hunters and dealers who seek out hidden treasures at flea markets and antique shops all over France; hoping to find curios like absinthe glasses, horse linen and vintage traffic lights that will sell like wildfire in the UK.

Richard and two dealers storm the continent to plunder its treasures and discover the stories behind their amazing vintage finds, as well as the history and culture of the areas they visit.

But can they recover their outlay in a weekend?

And as Richard revels in the land of dusty cafes, beautiful B&Bs and the perfect citron pressé, can these dealers actually make a living from treasure hunting?

Dirty Weekenders in France: Richard E. Grant synopsis

Richard E. Grant joins professional antique dealers as they search France for treasures to sell back home in the UK

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