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Die Hard 2

Bruce Willis returns as Lt John McClane in Renny Harlin's all-action thriller, this time walking into trouble at Washington's Dulles Airport, where he's meeting his wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia).

At the same time, a military jet is bringing in a South American drug baron to face justice.

But a group of terrorists led by ex-CIA renegade Colonel Stewart (William Sadler) has been hired to free him, even if that means crashing fuel-hungry planes, including the one Holly is aboard, to achieve his ends.

McClane, whose cop instincts meant he saw the plot unfold from the beginning, is on the case, but it would help if airport security, led by Carmine Lorenzo (Dennis Franz) got up to his speed...

Die Hard 2 synopsis

Our vest-wearing hero, cop John McClane, once again finds himself at the centre of a terrorist nightmare in this action thriller

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