Mark has been married to Chris for two years. They reckon they're the male Desperate Scousewives and run a salon doing hair, makeup and beauty for all the ladies of Liverpool. Mark used to be a professional dancer and spends his time shopping, singing and perfecting 'Scouse Eyebrows'.

What he says:

"I have worked in the industry before as a professional dancer and I know what it takes to be a success. I love to dance, sing, shop and drool all over my husband Chris."

"I am talented at my job and I'm the master at eyebrows! No slugs what so ever."

"I love that Scousers are always top of the fashion chain. You can actually tell a Scouser a mile off when you're on holiday because they're ULTRA glam, stylish and well fit."

"This show is the next generation of reality TV, and if I wasn't in it I'd kill anyone to get on it! And also you may get to see me with me top off..."