Part-time model and psychology student Layla has lived in Liverpool for eight years, and has succumbed to the charms of the city's very own 'nice player' Joe McMahon. Their on-off fling drives her crazy but she CAN'T stop sleeping with him.

What she says:

"I want success, fame and money."

"I do like the over the top look! Obviously hair and makeup and eyelashes to finish any outfit."

"I'm not your average, predictable, black and white character. I have brains as well as beauty and I have many sides to my personality. Some days my life is a car crash, other days it's all rosy in the garden."

"I've got history with Joe McMahon, and that timeline goes on forever, we could have our own show for that alone."

The views expressed in Layla's Twitter are Layla's - not E4's.