Alpha male Joe is a lothario. Fact. He spends two hours a day in the gym honing his physique and the rest of the time will be the centre of attention on any big night out. With a veritable string of girls on the go at any one time, he’s definitely not ready to settle down. No matter how hard they all try to make him, godammit!

What he says:

"I'm a 'nice player', one you could take home to your Mum."

"I've lived in the city for 10 years; I've qualified for a green card! Scousers, they're boss people. From the moment I moved here I didn't want to leave. And the women are the best in the UK!

"I'm 6ft 5, I'm laid back and just rocking the 'ledge' look.

"I have had relationships or flings with a few of the girls; I know how to push their buttons."

The views expressed in Joe's Twitter are Joe's - not E4's.