Funny-man Danny is a right charmer - and he's got the looks to back it up. A DJ, songwriter and promoter, he works hard and parties harder across Liverpool's hottest night spots. What's he meant to do? He can't help the ladies throwing themselves at him, eh?!

What he says:

"My most distinguishing feature is my immaturity and my hair. My style's pretty laid back, smart casual and lots of hats. Smart being the clothes, casual being the hair.

"Everyone should watch me if you like watching someone make a prat of themselves every two seconds, but in a really intelligent way."

"Best thing about being a Scouser is definitely the accent, and the cheeky persona - it basically give us a licence to get away with a lot. The best thing about the city is the atmosphere and the nightlife. Oh and the girls!"

"I love Pinky and the Brain because of their ambition!"