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Dark comedy drama exploring the complicated reality behind the apparent domestic bliss of a group of housewives in a fictitious American suburb

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Dark comedy drama exploring the complicated reality behind the apparent domestic bliss of a group of housewives in a fictitious American suburb

Series 8 Summary

The stakes are at an all-time high in the final season of this landmark show, as the beautiful, glamorous housewives wave goodbye to the drama and hysteria of Wisteria Lane to see if they really can live 'happily ever after'.

The series picks up from last season's gripping finale when Gaby's abusive past came back to haunt her. Feelings of guilt begin to overcome everyone in different ways. Susan starts to withdraw from her friends and family, and Gaby works to reach out to Carlos. Lynette struggles to deal with her disintegrating marriage and impending separation; and Bree must be especially careful around her new love. Meanwhile, a sexy, new neighbour moves to town...

  • Desperate Housewives: Lynne and Susan

    Episode 1 - Secrets That I Never Want To Know

    Susan, Gaby, Bree, Lynette and Carlos try to dispose of Gaby's evil stepfather whom Carlos killed in order to protect his wife.

    Susan starts to withdraw from her friends and family. Gaby tries to reach out to Carlos who is feeling guilty. Lynette and Tom's marriage is in trouble.

  • Desperate Housewives: Bree

    Episode 2 - Making the Connection

    Susan discovers a dangerously thrilling way to ease her guilt over being an accessory to the murder of Gaby's evil stepfather.

    Gaby plans a sexy surprise for Carlos. Renee tries to win over hunky new neighbour Ben.

  • Desperate Housewives: Lynette

    Episode 3 - Watch While I Revise the World

    Mike suspects that Susan and Carlos are having an affair when they bond over their shared guilt.

    Bree worries that her detective boyfriend, Chuck, may secretly be investigating her.

  • desperate_housewives_ep4

    Episode 4 - School of Hard Knocks

    After disobeying the rules for student drop-offs at the front of Juanita's school, Gaby makes it her mission to get even with a parent volunteer who banishes her to a distant parking spot.

    Bree discovers that her daughter Danielle's new business may not be as wholesome as she first thought, and Susan takes an art class to help ease her guilt about the murder.

  • desperate_housewives_ep5

    Episode 5 - The Art of Making Art

    Susan is mortified when her art teacher asks his students to show up to class in the nude in order to help them create art from a point of honesty.

    Bree serves up some delicious, homemade soup at the local homeless shelter and Carlos finds himself hitting rock bottom when the guilt over murdering Gaby's stepfather begins to engulf him.

  • desperate housewives ep6

    Episode 6 - Witch's Lament

    As Halloween approaches, Gaby, Bree and Lynette attempt to exhume and move the body of Gaby's murdered stepfather. Susan discovers that being art teacher Andre's intern involves matters that are nothing to do with art.

    Not to be outdone by Tom's new girlfriend, Lynette tries to construct a homemade Halloween costume for Penny. Renee attempts to spice up her first night of romance with Ben.

  • Gaby and Juanita

    Episode 7 - Always in Control

    Bree is stunned when she learns who dug up the body of Gaby's stepfather. A jealous Lynette goes too far when she tells lies about Tom's new girlfriend to her daughter Penny.

    Gaby and Carlos want to name Lee and Bob as guardians of the children in their will, but first they must convince them that Juanita and Celia aren't the badly behaved offspring that they used to be.

  • Lynette

    Episode 8 - Suspicion Song

    Bree is harassed by Detective Chuck Vance, who has growing suspicions about her involvement in Alejandro's disappearance.

    Lynette remembers that she and Tom have been married for 22 years, and comes up with an anniversary plan to salvage their marriage.

    Andre invites Susan to display and sell her paintings at a gallery showing, but as she's been using the murder of Gaby's stepfather as inspiration for her work, she must make sure the paintings stay out of the public eye.

  • Gaby

    Episode 9 - Putting It Together

    Gaby, Susan and Lynette begin to panic when Detective Chuck Vance calls them to the police station individually for questioning about the disappearance - and possible murder - of Alejandro.

    Bree's life begins to spiral into loneliness and despair when her friends abandon her. Lynette tracks down Tom and asks him for a favour that could ruin his relationship with Jane. Susan gets a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

  • Lynette and Tom

    Episode 10 - What's to Discuss, Old Friend

    Bree prepares to end it all now that her friends have abandoned her, but a knock at the door changes her fate. Gaby begins to suspect that Carlos may have had something to do with Detective Chuck Vance's murder.

    Susan decides that she must make an important journey. An angry Tom puts aside his plans to go to Paris with his girlfriend Jane when Lynette confesses that she's an accomplice to murder and may soon be arrested.

  • Gaby

    Episode 11 - Who Can Say What's True?

    Carlos is still in rehab, so Gaby asks for Lynette's help in wooing a high-stakes company she wants to sign up with her husband's firm.

    Renee tells Bree to get out of the house and have some fun at a pick-up bar. Mike discovers some inconsistencies with Ben's real estate project.

    In an attempt to ease her guilt, Susan pays a covert visit to Alejandro's family to see how they've been holding up since he went missing.

  • Gaby

    Episode 12 - What's the Good of Being Good?

    Bree's alcohol consumption rises, as does her lust for men, undermining her status as a respectable pillar of the community.

    Lynette goes on her first date since separating from Tom, but dinner with Renee's hairdresser Frank doesn't go well when Lynette attempts to reorganise his career.

    Alejandro's suspicious wife Claudia turns up on Wisteria Lane and has a confrontation with Susan, while Gaby discovers that Alejandro's step-daughter Marisa was also abused by him.

    Meanwhile, Ben has some special plans in store for Renee.

  • Julie

    Episode 13 - Is This What You Call Love?

    Susan gets a shock when her daughter pays a visit to Wisteria Lane: Julie is six months pregnant, the father is not around, and she is intending to give her baby up for adoption.

    Distressed by Bree's alcohol consumption and promiscuous behaviour, Susan, Lynette and Gaby try to stage an intervention, but Bree won't listen.

    Lynette and Frank take their relationship to the next level, but their encounter doesn't end in fireworks.

    Juanita is upset when she doesn't get a Valentine's Day card from a boy she has a crush on, but Gaby's attempt to make her feel better backfires.

  • Bree and Orson

    Episode 14 - Get Out of My Life

    Susan spies on Julie to discover the identity of her baby's father. Orson (guest star Kyle MacLachlan) makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health and is soon in a position of influence with her.

    Gaby takes Roy in when Mrs McCluskey throws him out of the house, but when he proves to be excellent at disciplining her children, she sabotages his attempts to return home.

    After getting used to having the place to herself, Lynette is dismayed when Porter and Preston are evicted from their flat and have to move back home.

  • Desperate Housewives: Susan

    Episode 15 - She Needs Me

    Susan tells Porter that she'll set up a nursery and watch over his and Julie's baby while he is at work, but Lynette seems much less inclined to help raise her future granddaughter.

    Orson convinces Bree to go away with him to the Maine countryside, perhaps never to return to Wisteria Lane.

    Karen pleads with Gaby not to tell Roy about her medical condition, as she wants to spare him the pain of seeing her suffer in the future.

    The vicious loan shark who supplied Ben with money has been paid off but still wants more cash and returns to intimidate Renee.

  • Mike and Susan

    Episode 16 - You Take for Granted

    Susan convinces Mike that he should go to the police when she discovers that Ben's loan shark is out to get him.

    Gaby is concerned when Carlos exhibits some strange behaviour on his first day back at work, revealing that he is considering a change of career.

    Tom's girlfriend Jane drops a bombshell on Lynette during Penny's birthday party. Terrified that her cancer will lead to a painful death, Karen asks Bree to help her end her life.

  • Desperate Housewives: cast

    Episode 17 - Women and Death

    As the funeral of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident takes place, each of the women thinks back on how the deceased affected their lives for the better with kind words and deeds.

    Meanwhile, wrongly believing that the police investigation died with Chuck Vance, Bree is stunned when she is called in for questioning about the murder of Gaby's stepfather, Alejandro.

  • Desperate Housewives: Bree

    Episode 18 - Any Moment

    Bree is suspicious of Andrew's motives when he announces that he's getting married. Julie becomes concerned about Susan's parenting skills when she allows MJ to do whatever he likes.

    Now Carlos has resigned from his lucrative job, Gaby tries to get her own high-powered position in order to keep her extravagant lifestyle going.

    Lynette puts a devious plan into action in the hope of winning Tom back. Meanwhile, Ben finally proposes to Renee.

  • Desperate Housewives: Carlos

    Episode 19 - With So Little to Be Sure Of

    Susan finds out Mike had been hiding a family secret from her for years.

    Bree attempts to hire a high-powered attorney (guest star Scott Bakula) when she becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Gaby's stepfather.

    Gaby discovers that a little flirtatious behaviour leads to a lot of commission in her new job as a personal shopper, but this causes tension with Carlos.

    Lynette continues with her efforts to win Tom back, but his girlfriend Jane is doing all that she can to ensure there are no hold-ups with the divorce.

  • Desperate Housewives

    Episode 20 - Lost My Power

    Susan tries to build a car for MJ's school soapbox derby and some of the neighbours rally round to lend a hand.

    Bree's lawyer Trip (guest star Scott Bakula) demands that she should be honest with him about the drunken sexual sprees she formerly indulged in.

    Lynette flirts with Tom's boss Gregg and asks him to help cause friction between Tom and his girlfriend Jane.

    Carlos lures one of Gaby's rich clients away from her, hoping to get some donations for his newly formed charity.

  • Desperate Housewives: Gaby

    Episode 21 - The People Will Hear

    As her trial nears, Bree begins to fall for her charming lawyer, Trip (guest star Scott Bakula).

    Susan grows concerned when Julie doubts Porter's commitment to being a hands-on father to their unborn baby.

    Tom's relocation to India for his job is getting ever closer and Lynette is beginning to have second thoughts. She tries to convince his boss to rescind the move, but Gregg is not happy about it.

    The ladies of Wisteria Lane are shocked by Gaby's nonchalant attitude to the trial and to the sacrifice that Bree is making.

  • Desperate Housewives: Susan, Lynette and Gaby

    Episode 22 - Give Me the Blame

    The friends agree to support Karen when they discover that she wants to die at home instead of going into a hospice.

    Ben is held in contempt of court after testifying at Bree's trial and Renee is horrified to see her fiance behind bars.

    As things begin to go badly wrong in court and it looks as though Bree is about to be convicted, Trip begs her to tell him what really happened on the night of Alejandro's murder.

    Meanwhile, a desperate Gaby comes up with a solution that will take the pressure off Bree.

  • Desperate Housewives: Bree

    Episode 23 - Finishing the Hat

    In the last ever episode of the US drama, Gaby, Bree and Lynette are shocked to hear Susan's news.

    Katherine Mayfair (guest star Dana Delany) returns to Wisteria Lane and offers Lynette a tempting job opportunity - one that could ruin her chances of reconciling with Tom.

    Carlos finds a clever way to make his point with Gaby that she is behaving just as he used to do.

    Meanwhile, Susan is at her wits' end when Julie goes into labour at the most inopportune moment.

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Dark comedy drama exploring the complicated reality behind the apparent domestic bliss of a group of housewives in a fictitious American suburb

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In the last ever episode of the US drama, Gaby, Bree and Lynette are shocked to hear Susan's news.

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