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In these special shows, psychological illusionist Derren Brown demonstrates his unique and almost uncanny ability to misdirect, manipulate and mesmerise...

About the Show

In these special shows, psychological illusionist Derren Brown demonstrates his unique and almost uncanny ability to misdirect, manipulate and mesmerise...

  • Derren Brown: Infamous

    Bafta and RTS-winning Derren Brown returns with his extraordinary sell-out stage show Infamous, featuring his singularly inventive, intelligent mix of thought-provoking, compelling entertainment

  • Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery

    Master illusionist and showman Derren Brown plans to pull off the perfect crime. He's made a bet with renowned art collector Ivan Massow that he can steal a painting from right under his nose.

  • Derren Brown: Fear and Faith

    Derren Brown: Fear and Faith

    In the finale of two-part event Fear and Faith, Derren looks at the psychology of religious belief, performs a satanic rite and attempts to give an atheist a religious conversion

  • Derren Brown: Fear and Faith

    Derren Brown: Fear and Faith

    The first part of a two-part event, Fear and Faith, is an extraordinary film looking at what happens when people have the experience of fear removed through the use of a powerful new drug

  • Derren Brown: Apocalypse Part Two

    Derren Brown: Apocalypse Part Two

    In this concluding episode, the unwitting participant continues his adventure in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the infected, as he hurtles towards the thrilling climax of his own horror story

  • Derren Brown: Apocalypse Part One

    Derren Brown: Apocalypse Part One

    Derren unleashes his most audacious plan yet: to convince one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike and that zombies roam the land

  • Derren Brown: Svengali

    Derren Brown: Svengali

    Master Showman Derren Brown presents his 2012 Olivier award-winning theatre show, filmed live in front of a sell-out audience at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

  • Miracles for Sale

    Miracles for Sale

    Innovative entertainer Derren Brown returns to Channel 4 in a unique TV experiment that lifts the lid on faith healing as he goes undercover in America.

  • Derren Brown: Behind the Mischief

    Derren Brown allows TV cameras unprecedented access into his private life to meet his family, friends, closest collaborators and celebrity fans, from Stephen Fry to Matt Lucas

  • Derren Brown: Enigma

    Derren Brown selects random members of his audience to participate in a wide range of experiments and demonstrations, including the Victorian phenomena of somnambulism and the spooky Spirit Cabinet

  • Derren Brown: Hero at 30,000 Feet

    Acclaimed showman Derren Brown helps a member of public face their fears to go on an amazing journey. Will they rise to Derren's life-changing challenge?

  • Derren Brown: Evening of Wonders

    The internationally acclaimed psychological illusionist takes the theatre audience and viewers on a jaw-dropping, laugh-out-loud journey to a climax of the most astonishing mind-reading

  • Derren Brown: The System

    Derren Brown invents a system to beat the bookmakers and predict the outcome of 6 horse races, ultimately convincing a participant to place their life savings on one final race

  • Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Filmed in front of a packed audience at The Old Vic, London, Derren's show features plenty of audience participation, shocking stunts and subliminal mind-games

  • Derren Brown: The Heist

    Could Derren persuade any of his group of responsible, middle-management businessmen and women to steal £100,000 in an armed robbery?

  • Derren Brown: The Gathering

    Derren Brown: The Gathering

    Be prepared for plenty of Derren Brown's brand of magic and mind-games in a specially made recording of a live show shot in a mystery location with an invited audience.

  • Derren Brown: Messiah

    Derren Brown takes his debunking mission to America. In a country where he's unknown, he demonstrates how easy it is to dupe people into believing five impossible things (almost) before breakfast.

  • Derren Brown: Seance

    Psychological illusionist Derren Brown brings together 12 members of the public to re-create a seance, and uses his skills and showmanship to challenge some of the most prevalent myths of spiritualism

  • Derren Brown: Plays Russian Roulette Live

    This stunt is dangerous and was performed by professionals. It should never be copied. Psychological illusionist Derren Brown performs a highly dangerous feat - Russian Roulette, live.