• Episode 1

    Presented by Kevin McCloud, the series starts with the naming of a 'dirty dozen' of the country's most hated buildings, as well as investigating why derelict buildings can remain so for years after their useful lives have finished.

  • Episode 2

    Kevin McCloud continues his investigation of how Britain came to be littered with architectural eyesores and asks what we can do about them?

  • Episode 3

    Bad housing is at the core of this edition - from boxy brand new homes via council blocks to rows of empty and derelict Victorian terraces. Most of the housing entries were, however, built within the last 40 years.

  • Episode 4

    Not just an individual building but an entire town centre ¿ the new town of Cumbernauld, in Scotland ¿ is Britain's most hated 'building'. The Demolition team has gathered a group of architects and urban planners to devise a new plan for Cumbernauld. Will it be accepted by the local authority?

  • Episode 5

    In 2005, the public were invited to nominate buildings they wanted demolished. Kevin McCloud, Janet Street-Porter and architect George Ferguson revisit the campaign for an update.