• Episode 1 - David and Mia

    David is a lorry driver from Yorkshire making his first foray into online dating. When he meets Mia, a beautiful unknowable siren, he realises that he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

  • Episode 2 - Jenny and Nick

    Jenny is a lonely primary school teacher. Nick is a city boy richly endowed with cash and secrets. On their first date they find out everything there is to know about each other, but is it too much?

  • Episode 3 - Mia and Stephen

    Stephen's a disenchanted but self-regarding surgeon who doesn't know what he's looking for. But Mia gets under his skin, revealing that there may be more to him than good looks and a high-flying job.

  • Episode 4 - Erica and Kate

    Erica, a beautiful young lesbian, can't pluck up the courage to tell her traditional Chinese family who she really is. Then she meets confrontational, enigmatic Kate...

  • Episode 5 - David and Ellie

    Lorry driver David is trying to put the hypnotic spell of Mia behind him. But meeting Ellie who has comprehensively lied about her age is not the solution he is looking for.

  • Episode 6 - Erica and Callum

    Coming out to her brother hasn't gone well for Erica. He has reacted by setting her up on an internet date with unmarriable Scotsman Callum. The date starts badly, but somehow a weird kinship emerges.

  • Episode 7 - Stephen and Mia

    Stephen is expecting to meet Mia for a naughty afternoon in a hotel. But when she doesn't turn up, he ends up on an unexpected journey towards self-discovery, aided by a straight-talking stranger.

  • Episode 8 - Jenny and Christian

    Jenny is giving online dating one last try. And it seems, when she meets Christian, that her prayers have been answered. But there's a part of Christian he won't reveal until he's reeled in his catch.

  • Episode 9 - Mia and David

    Mia is finding herself in the awkward position of actually being in a relationship with David. On the day she is supposed to go and meet his children, events take an awkward turn.