Adams has been quite the character on the BDO circuit and he's not done yet...

Thanks for speaking to us Wolfie - how much are you looking forward to getting back to Lakeside?

Considering this is my 24th consecutive year at Lakeside it’s a home from home for me so I always look forward to it without a doubt.

I’ve won it three times so it’s the complete package, it’s the atmosphere of it, it’s everything about it, It’s one of the great places to play darts, it’s where every darts player wants to play.

You revealed you had prostate cancer this year, how are you health wise?

Back in the middle of November I was given as good as I can get to an all clear. I’m still suffering joint pain, every day is a different day – aches and pains come in different forms, there’s nothing normal about it but you just get on with it!

You’ve won it three times before, do you think you can again?

I shall try to, yes! If my darts hit what they should hit and go where I want them to go, I can. You hope that everything comes together on the day, on the stage. It doesn’t matter how good your practice has been, you have to perform on the stage. I’ve seen players hit everything on the practice and the game starts, and they can’t hit anything.

I played a guy that travelled from Australia, coming 3,000 miles and had too many beers and I beat him in nine straight legs – he went off stage and he disappeared again!

Can you think of any brilliant anecdotes from the years gone by on the circuit?

I'll mention the clean ones!

There was a fantastic one in Denmark with Martin Fitzmaurice - he made a rapid turn and a seat collapsed, and he ended up rolling on the floor.

We went off to the gate and there were guys there on a cricket tour out in Denmark, and they were saying you’re the darts players, and then they look at Mike Gregory and said ‘you’re that Keith Deller’. It was brilliant!

What’s your most memorable Lakeside moments?

Winning the title in 2007, being 6-0 up versus Phill Nixon and pulling it back to 6-6 and I manage to win the next three sets.

Winning in 2010 and 2011 was good. I beat Dean Winstanley and Dave Chisnall in the other one!

Those are two great moments, without a doubt.

Any rituals before the tournament starts, or before matches?

No I don’t do rituals, just practice, practice and practice. I don’t do any of that or lucky mascots, just get on the board - if they (the darts) go, they go, if they don’t they don’t. I’m not superstitious, some people are.

Which players are your biggest rivals?

Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell and Scott Waites. Tony O’Shea although he’s not been in the greatest of form, it can just happen. These guys know how to play darts and they’re dangerous players – the usual faces.

Wesley Harms has been up and down but he’ll be up for it, and he’s a great young player.