Deta is also part of our television coverage during the nine days

She's yet to win a world championship title, so can she come out on top this time? We had a chat with Deta in the build-up.

Thanks for speaking to us at such a busy time Deta. First of all, how did you originally get into darts as a youngster?

I arrived in England in 1973 and my parents had been here and they sent for us to come over. I was the last to be sent. My brothers all played darts and I used to practice with them after school, eventually they let me go to the pub with them on a Sunday.

I used to say 'we can't go home until I won a leg'. My Brother Al was a very good darts player in 1995, he won the British Open.

My next step? I managed to get into a pub team and found I was quite good, then I progressed to super league and county.

What do you do away from darts?

Apart from working for Royal Mail for 17 years, I love most sports. I had a good friend at work, Carol Dicks, who's the mother of Julian Dicks, the footballer. We used to go off at the weekend watching football. When I got with my present partner Paul who's a mad Fulham fan, this continued for a while until darts took over.

You've been involved in the game a while, have you got any funny anecdotes?

There's been a few as I love a bit of banter - once after a fun Swiss Open I was with my great friend, ex-number one Mandy Solomans and a guy called Paul Lukka.

In those days many years ago short skirts and heels were the fashion and we decided to go for a Chinese meal, walking down the road we became aware that we were getting some evil looks off certain ladies there... it finally dawned on us that Paul had taken us into the Red Light District and the local ladies of the night weren't too happy.

How special is playing at Lakeside?

Lakeside has an aura about it, some say it's stuck in the 70s but even empty it makes the hairs stand up on my neck. It's not been kind to me and I've suffered heartache here, losing three finals but I wouldn't want it played anywhere else.

The women's game is continuing to grow and seen as an integral part of the BDO programme, how satisfying is it to see that?

It's been a very long road in the late 80s early 90s, many of the top ladies of the game campaigned for our own world championship. Back in 1995 a few of the top ladies were allowed to enter the men's qualifiers.

I personally think the ladies game at moment is a massive asset to the BDO and hopefully good for C4.