• The Human Bird

    A series of films looking at people who push themselves to the physical and mental extremes, including Jeb Corliss who aims to fly down the Matterhorn in a winged teflon suit.

  • The Ice Man

    200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in sub zero temperatures, Dutch daredevil Wim Hof tries running a marathon clad in only sandals and shorts. Experts fear for his health.

  • The Sky Walker

    This nail-biting film follows skywalker Dean Potter's bid to complete the world's longest high-line crossing ever, without using a pole for balance or a safety harness.

  • The Human Spider Returns

    This Daredevils documentary catches up with Alain Robert, arguably the most daring climber the world has ever seen, as he attempts to scale Malaysia's Petronas Towers

  • The Flying Car

    From London to Timbuktu, inventor Gilo Cardozo and former SAS soldier Neil Laughton risk their necks testing Gilo's latest invention, the world's first ever practical flying car.