Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 8PM Wed 29 February 2012

Old-fashioned new father PJ (42), gay wannabe-parent Richard (42), and nervous first-time dad to triplets Kadmiel (21) spend the week working at Tadpoles Nursery in Chelsea.

PJ's partner Michelle hopes nursery life will make him appreciate how tough looking after children can be. As a management consultant he's used to taking charge - but when PJ takes a football lesson for three-year olds, it ends in chaos.

IT consultant Richard wants to start a family with fiance Ian. But Ian refuses until Richard understands the hard work involved - and watchful nursery staff are left concerned when Richard loses two children in an art gallery.

Young dad Kadmiel found looking after his new triplets so tough that he moved back in with his mum. He gets off to a shaky start when Tadpoles boss Claire puts him in charge of snack time and reading to the four-year-olds.

And the men are further challenged when Claire asks them to put on a play for the parents. Will the experience of looking after other people's children give the dads the confidence and passion to care for their own children and support their partners more?

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Nearly half of all British mums feel their partners don't do their share of childcare. In this series nine dads are sent on a crash-course in parenting at busy nurseries.