• Episode 1

    Henry and Lance are contented, but when they embark on a disastrous date night, life will never be the same again. At work, Henry is drawn to the enigmatic Freddie, while Lance greets Daniel.


  • Episode 2

    Henry begins his new life, but Freddie marks out the battle lines. Lance tries to work out where Henry's gone, and enlists Cleo's help, but only Cliff is devious enough to work out the truth.


  • Episode 3

    Henry stumbles into a dangerous trap when Freddie meets his old school teacher, Gregory, and sets out for revenge. Lance takes action and cuts Henry off completely.


  • Episode 4

    Henry goes on a date with a complete stranger, while Lance's long, dark night leads him to an unexpected bed


  • Episode 5

    Henry's secrets and lies catch up with him, while Lance's wildest dreams are in danger of coming true, as Daniel makes an extraordinary move


  • Screwdriver

    A tense spin-off from Episode 5 of Cucumber, written by Russell T Davies. Cleo confronts her teenage son, and has to ask him a crucial question: has he seen The Screwdriver?

  • Episode 6

    Lance tries to work out the truth about Daniel, so Henry takes a final, desperate chance to win his old boyfriend back. But is it too late for any of them to change paths?


  • Episode 7

    Henry, Freddie and Dean are trapped together when a manhunt goes wrong, and some long-buried truths are revealed. Marie arrives to take charge.


  • Episode 8

    Everyone gets caught up in Henry's grand scheme and life appears to be perfect. But only Freddie realises the truth. As events of the past catch up with them all, Henry reaches out.