Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10PM Thu 15 August 2013

Directioners are a rare breed of fan. Connected to their idols through social media, they have a love and dedication like no other. These are the girls that heart One Direction.

This documentary reveals what it truly means to be a Directioner, the lengths they will go to meet 1D, and how these teenage girls are united in their love of the most popular boy band in the world.

From Milton Keynes to Glasgow, Directioners dedicate their lives and their money to following Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They camp out before and after concerts, book into hotels and watch Twitter constantly to get an idea of where the boys might be.

But the obsession doesn't stop there; from death threats to band members' girlfriends, to being willing to chop off limbs and kill kittens to just be in the same room, these superfans will stop at nothing to be noticed by the boys.

Then there are the fantasies, known as 'shipping': secret affairs between the band members, hidden love or bromances, where fans support the relationship and create their own artwork of the romance as it unravels.

Is this a new phase of idolatry, a cult now powered by the online community, or just another form of Beatlemania?

With their love of 1D being compared to drug addiction, the belief that Twitter is like a form of prayer communication with the boys, and girls getting braces and tattoos just to have something in common with their heart-throbs, is this the future of the fan?

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Meet the fans dedicated to One Direction. With extreme communication on Twitter, and fantasies of secret relationships between band members, is this a new phase of idolatry?