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It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting twist for the popular competitive dining show

About the Show

It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting twist for the popular competitive dining show

Series 1 Summary

Couples compete for the chance to win £1000. They must each prepare and host a dinner party together; and score together the efforts of rival hosts.

  • Episode 1 - North London and Hertfordshire

    Three couples from North London and Hertfordshire go fork to fork. Dawn and Simon, who've been married for 27 years, and hipsters Darren and Sian find themselves to be kindred spirits.

  • Episode 2 - Manchester

    Battling it out are the 'absolutely fabulous' Martyn and Russell, who think their menu sparkles. Then there're caravan enthusiasts Jane and Colin and 24-hour party people Rachel and Dave.

  • Episode 3 - Birmingham

    In Birmingham, Helen and Lorne put together a safe, solid menu. But lovebirds Ciaran and Anita perceive a lack of passion in the food, and Rob still can't believe his luck in meeting his wife Egle.

  • Episode 4 - Essex

    Essex has some of the highest divorce rates in the country, but can three Essex couples last the distance... at least to the end of this competition?

  • Episode 5 - Lancashire

    German-born Rosie and husband David have been married for 25 years, and are as loved-up as ever. But professional footballer Gary seems to prefer bickering with his wife Linda.

  • Episode 6 - Nottinghamshire

    Taking up the culinary gauntlet in the East Midlands are partners Kev and Chelsey, Jayne and Ricky, and straight-talking Louise and Mark

  • Episode 7 - Birmingham

    Amanda and Anthony kick off with an ambitious menu. First to the door are bank manager Steve and his civil partner Sean. Completing the line-up are festival lover Oli and his girlfriend LC.

  • Episode 8 - Brighton

    Sam and Nick produce a simple menu which reflects their busy lives. With two businesses, and four children, they have very little time for anything else, and spend little time together.

  • Episode 9 - Edinburgh

    This episode is in and around Edinburgh, where Michelle and Cameron, Lindsay and Tara, and Lehandra and Joe battle it out to host the best dinner party and win the cash prize.

  • Episode 10 - Kent

    Couples Come Dine with Me heads to Kent where three rival couples battle it out. West End performers Millie and Andy meet Sam and Emma and Alex and Richard.

  • Episode 11 - Berkshire

    Couples Come Dine with Me visits Berkshire, where three couples battle it out to host the best dinner party and win a £1000 cash prize. Will Kevin's foodie menu blow away the competition?

  • Episode 12 - Blackburn

    Three rival couples compete in Blackburn. But Mike's collection of model buses and his transport chat at the table fails to excite his guests.

  • Episode 13 - Plymouth

    Three rival couples compete to host the best dinner party in Plymouth. But it's not just Nicole and Nathan's tattoos that fail to impress.

  • Episode 14 - South Wales

    Taking on the culinary baton are Esther and her show-off husband Darryl, quirky Louise and her partner David, and flamboyant theatre loving Carl, and his more reserved husband Brian

  • Episode 15 - Manchester

    Fiona and Ian kick off the competition with a Spanish menu. Young newly-weds Lauren and Pete cook a grown-up refined menu, surprising their guests, who had expected beans on toast..

  • Episode 16 - South of London

    Amateur dramatics enthusiasts Hilary and Rowan get the competition underway with Hilary taking control in the kitchen. The food fails to hit the spot, and the evening is over-shadowed by Nancy.

  • Episode 17 - Southend

    Three couples compete in Southend, in a competition featuring fine dining, provocative questioning and international cuisine

  • Episode 18 - Nottingham

    Ollie and his girlfriend Deb think their holiday inspired menu has what it takes to win

  • Episode 19 - Staffordshire

    Jodie and Ben are hoping to impress their guests with a varied menu, which includes a starter of raw lamb tartare. But Michelle isn't convinced, and even tells Ben he has alien ears.

  • Episode 20 - Edinburgh

    Super-competitive husband and wife Kenny and Lisa kick things off with a meal that they think is restaurant quality - no less. Their guests have mixed opinions on this.

  • Episode 21 - Berkshire

    Cultured types Eveleen and her ex-thespian husband Michael compete against couple Leanne and Ricci, with a 22 year age gap between them, and unromantric Paul and Natasha.

  • Episode 22 - Plymouth

    Married couple Caroline and Steve, newly engaged Jade and Seb and married co-workers Bev and Nick vie for the crown and the cash in Plymouth

  • Episode 23 - Maidstone

    Couples Come Dine with Me heads to Maidstone in Kent. Kicking off are drama school owners Lisa and Iain, who celebrate Iain's Highland roots by cooking an entirely Scottish menu

  • Episode 24 - Merseyside

    This time on Couples Come Dine with Me we're on Merseyside, where three couples will be battling it out for the cash prize. The first dining duo is foster carer Sandra and her hubby Graham.

  • Episode 25 - Blackburn

    Couples Come Dine with Me returns to Blackburn. The first hosts are 30-year-old beauty salon owner Carla and her fiancé, Marcus, whose wedding is just weeks away.

  • Episode 26 - Derby

    The competition is in Derby, where the first hosts are engaged couple Nicky and Lee, who hope to impress with their posh menu including scallops with a white chocolate foam

  • Episode 27 - North London

    Joy and husband Jerry kick off the competition in north London with a show-stopping menu which includes a twice baked soufflé and a mystery side of some interesting meat

  • Episode 28 - Greater Manchester

    Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off with a varied menu which they manage to produce despite a chaotic start in the kitchen

  • Episode 29 - South West London

    The couples' cooking contest is in south west London, where fancy dress enthusiasts Tony and Rebecca impress with a dessert based on Tower Bridge

  • Episode 30 - Cardiff and Newport

    Rachel and Mark begin with an Asian themed menu, inspired by their passion for travelling. But outspoken sisters Sue and Joyce are not loving the sushi. Phillipe and Trish go third.