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It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting new twist for the popular competitive dining show

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It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting new twist for the popular competitive dining show

Series 1 Summary

Three couples compete daily for the chance to win £1000. Each couple must prepare and host a dinner party together; then score together the efforts of rival hosts.

Not only are culinary skills being judged, but relationships also find themselves under the spotlight.

Will the heat of the kitchen prove too much for some?

  • Episode 1 - North London and Hertfordshire

    Three couples from North London and Hertfordshire go fork to fork. Dawn and Simon, who've been married for 27 years, and hipsters Darren and Sian find themselves to be kindred spirits. But bonding with multilingual lawyer Ayesha, and astrophysicist and spinet-playing Stephen, proves more difficult for some.

  • Episode 2 - Manchester

    Battling it out for the £1000 prize are the 'absolutely fabulous' Martyn and Russell, who've been together for 18 months and think their menu sparkles. Then there're caravan enthusiasts Jane and Colin and 24-hour party people Rachel and Dave.

    With desserts arriving by zip wire, an impromptu sing-off, and perhaps a little bit too much honesty, this contest is wide open.

  • Episode 3 - Birmingham

    Middle-aged couple Helen and husband Lorne put their 24 years of experience together into a safe, solid menu. But tactile lovebirds Ciaran and Anita perceive a lack of passion in the food and, without being asked, try to reignite their spark for them.

    Finally, Rob still can't believe his luck in meeting his Lithuanian wife Egle and feels the need to regularly pinch himself whenever he looks at her. But which couple will win the cash prize?

  • Episode 4 - Essex

    With some of the highest divorce rates in the country, three Essex couples hope to last the distance - or at least till the end of this competition -

    Asset manager Amie and hubby Mark got married last year, and Amie reckons she's in charge - not only of the relationship but in the kitchen too.

    Veterinary nurse Gemma and teacher Nathan have been together for six years, and Nathan unleashes some home truths about his other half, while the other contestants uncover something about his own quirky past.

    Completing the line-up are Simon and Suzanne, who've been married for 19 years. Suzanne's determined to win, but will Simon prove a hindrance when things hot up in the kitchen?

  • Episode 5 - Lancashire

    German-born Rosie and husband David have been married for 25 years, and are as loved-up now as the day they met. But professional footballer Gary seems to prefer bickering with Linda, his wife of nine years, to being lovey-dovey.

    The third couple are young newlyweds Melisa and Kyle - who has the appetite of a growing lad and, after he scoffs his own food, starts scoffing his wife's.

  • Episode 6 - Nottinghamshire

    Taking up the culinary gauntlet in the East Midlands are partners Kev and Chelsey, Jayne and Ricky, and straight-talking Louise and Mark.

    Kicking off the competition with some posh nosh are Kev and Chelsey, who reckon their expensive ingredients will help them bag the prize, but Kev is less than impressed when everyone wants their steak well done.

    Up next is the turn of 1940s enthusiasts Jayne and Ricky who want to throw a dinner party themed on the Second World War. But their 'rations' style menu goes down badly with Kev and Chelsey.

    Last to host are Louise and Mark, who want to push the boat out with their menu, but some culinary mishaps let them down. Revelations about their unconventional living arrangements prompt a few home-truths and confrontations.

  • Episode 7 - Birmingham

    Amanda and her husband Anthony kick off proceedings with an ambitious menu. First to the door are bank manager Steve and his civil partner Sean. Completing the line-up are festival lover Oli and his girlfriend LC.

    Day 2 is the turn of happy campers Oli and LC, who cook a fully vegetarian menu, and welcome their guests for drinks in a specially erected festival tent.

    Last to host are Sean and Steve. Anthony shocks everyone again with a revelation from his own wedding day before Steve reveals his personal 'Suarez' moment.

  • Episode 8 - Brighton

    Sam and Nick produce a simple menu which reflects their busy lives. With two businesses, and four children, they have very little time for anything else, and spend little time together.

    Second couple, Maria and her husband Terry, have been married an impressive 28 years. They create a night of Asian cuisine inspired by Terry's travels to Thailand.

    Last to host are computer salesman Dave and his girlfriend Sarah, who plan to focus their attention on a fun evening with good quality food. However, Sarah's exacting standards and attention to detail have the potential to derail their day.

    The evening ends on a high, as Dave and Sarah turn their galley kitchen into the 'world's smallest rock club', complete with decks, smoke machine, and flashing lights.

  • Episode 9 - Edinburgh

    Michelle and Cameron hope that their 23 years together, Michelle's attention to detail and their competitive spirit will help them take the crown.

    Fiancées Lindsay and Tara, who have been together seven years, are second to host, and some of Lindsay's jokes don't go down too well with all of the guests.

    The thid couple are Lehandra and Joe, who have only been dating for five months, and have never thrown a dinner party together before.

  • Episode 10 - Kent

    In Kent three rival couples battle it out. Married West End performers Millie and Andy are the first to host. The kitchen is Millie's domain and she channels her family roots for the Greek Cypriot menu. Their first guests are newlyweds Sam and Emma, followed by dinner party enthusiasts Alex and Richard.

    Day 2 it's the turn of fashion conscious duo Sam and Emma, who hope to wow their guests with a glamorous themed evening, including spray-painting a beef Wellington gold.

    On the last day, Alex and Richard are calm, collected and on the ball. Sam and Millie find out that the couple keep a dinner party diary dating back to 1992, having hosted over 500. But who is 'Bear'?

  • Episode 11 - Berkshire

    Toots and Jamie have been married for more than 20 years. Their eccentric menu reflects their unconventional approach to life.

    Day 2 is the turn of German-born Kat, and her partner Scott, an RAF air cadet trainer. Their well-presented food is turned out with military precision, a theme reinforced by Scott taking his guests outside for a bit of parade ground drill practice!

    Last to host is self-confessed perfectionist Kevin, with partner Clare. Kevin sees himself as a bit of a 'masterchef' and goes into the final night brimming with confidence that his 'foodie' menu will blow away the competition.

  • Episode 12 - Blackburn

    Married couple Howard and Lisa kick off the competition as Lisa takes control in the kitchen. According to Lisa, Howard is so laid back he's almost dead!

    Day 2 sees Michael and Jenni host. Eyebrows are raised at Mike's collection of model buses. Awkward moments continue when Luke discovers a hair in his starter.

    Finally it's the turn of Luke and Louise to host and they manage to put in a polished performance, apart from their main course, where the over-cooked prawns lead Michael to open up about the time he got food hepatitis from a prawn salad....

  • Episode 13 - Plymouth

    Young newlyweds Nicole and Nathan kick-start the competition with an ambitious 'fine dining' menu, but their tattoos do not go unnoticed.

    On Day 2 Tracey and Daryl are extremely confident their menu will win over their guests. But there are a few mistakes, which Nicole and Nathan are keen to point out.

    Finally, it's Richard and Sonya's turn to shine with their Irish-themed menu. Their grand abode impresses, but will the food stand up?

  • Episode 14 - South Wales

    Three couples cook up a feast in a bid to win the prize. Taking on the culinary baton are Esther and her show-off husband Darryl, quirky Louise and her partner David, and flamboyant, theatre-loving Carl and his more reserved husband, Brian. The competition reveals a love of a bargain, some strange fascinations, and a few discoveries in the closet.

  • Episode 15 - Manchester

    Fiona and Ian kick off the competition with a Spanish menu. Young newly-weds Lauren and Pete cook a grown-up refined menu, surprising their guests, who had expected beans on toast.

    Karl and Mukta serve an Indian menu, while Karl reveals a love for birds and one of the party's past as a strippergram comes to light.

  • Episode 16 - South of London

    Am dram enthusiasts Hilary and Rowan get the competition underway with Hilary taking control in the kitchen. The food fails to hit the spot, and the evening is over-shadowed by Nancy, who can't stop talking.

    Day two sees Nancy, who is half Portugese, and Dean, who is Jamaican, put on a dinner party that reflects their heritage

    Finally, it's the turn of Ian and Hannah, and Hannah reveals a very unique technique Ian uses to 'water' the veg they've just been eating - which causes a few raised eyebrows, as does a chat amongst the couples telling their partners what they'd most like to change about them.

  • Episode 17 - Southend

    Kicking off the competition with a night of fine-dining are partners Dan and Jacqui, who between them reckon they've got it cracked with their combination of cooking and presentation skills.

    Day two is the turn of Hannah and Lucy, who hope to seal the prize with a menu that packs a punch, but it's Jacqui's provocative questioning of Simon and Edyta's relationship that steals the show.

    Last to host are Simon and Edyta, who treat their rival couples to a night of international cuisine.

  • Episode 18 - Nottingham

    Ollie and his girlfriend Deb think their holiday inspired menu has what it takes to win.

    Day two is the turn of competitive footballer Luke and his fiancée Nikki who, despite having never been to the country, feel sure their Thai menu will win them the cash prize.

    Jemima and Mark's Spanish-themed meni is inspired by their many holidays to Spain. The evening sees a sweaty confession from Mark, an underwhelming paella, and an arm wrestling match aimed at settling the alpha male competition once and for all.

  • Episode 19 - Staffordshire

    Jodie and Ben are hoping to impress their guests with a varied menu, which includes a risky starter of raw lamb tartare. But straight- talking Michelle isn't convinced about the food, and even tells Ben he has alien ears.

    Day two sees joker Dave and sous chef Siân cooking up some traditional favourites, including bread and butter pudding. They perform a show-tune for their guests, but, once again, Michelle steals the limelight, as she shows she really can't stomach the dessert.

    Finally it's Michelle and Matt's turn to host and Michelle continues in the same vein as she has all week.

  • Episode 20 - Edinburgh

    Super competitive husband and wife Kenny and Lisa kick things off with a meal that they think is restaurant quality - no less. Their guests have mixed opinions on this.

    Night two and it's the turn of the tribal elders Julie and Keith. They end up serving two very similar courses (by accident) and despite thinking they'll get away with it, they don't.

    Kate and Mike serve a Tex-Mex menu inspired by Kate's homeland of Texas.

  • Episode 21 - Berkshire

    Cultured types Eveleen and her ex-thespian husband Michael compete against couple Leanne and Ricci, with a 22 year age gap between them, and unromantric Paul and Natasha.

  • Episode 22 - Plymouth

    Married couple Caroline and Steve, newly engaged Jade and Seb and married co-workers Bev and Nick vie for the crown and the cash in Plymouth.

    The competition this time includes a complex Middle Eastern menu, accusations of 'schoolboy errors' and tales of hard times which don't elicit universal sympathy...

  • Episode 23 - Maidstone

    Kicking off the competition are drama school owners Lisa and Iain, who celebrate Iain's Highland roots by cooking an entirely Scottish menu - they even bring out the bagpipes.

    Second hosts are marketing manager Hannah and her fiancé Paul, who cause a stir with their cutting comments to one another.

    Finally, Ling and Mark serve a meal that represents her Chinese heritage and his English roots - a food type they like to call Chinglish.

  • Episode 24 - Merseyside

    The first dining duo are foster carer Sandra and her hubby Graham who met in the army over 17 years ago. The second couple are 38 year-old travel agent Joanne and her 32 year-old partner Simon, and completing the line-up are housewife Helen and banking manager Adam.

  • Episode 25 - Blackburn

    First night hosts are 30-year-old beauty salon owner Carla and her fiancé Marcus, whose wedding is just weeks away. It's Marcus who takes charge in the kitchen, but when the guests aren't keen on the halibut starter in tin foil, it's down to novice-cook Carla to make amends with a risky dessert of chocolate soufflé.

    Day two is the turn of competitive cooks Michael and Joanna, and the final night is hosted by laid-back couple Trudy and Anselm, who hope their casual style will win over their guests.

  • Episode 26 - Derby

    Nicky and Lee 's night features scallops with a white chocolate foam and Lee dressing as a hotdog.

    Ghost hunter Richard and his wife Julia aim to impress with their traditional menu, which includes a homemade pate.

    Finally, it's Dave and Gemma's turn to host. While Dave takes charge in the kitchen, Lee changes into a belly dancer.

  • Episode 27 - North London

    Joy and husband Jerry kick off the competition with a show-stopping menu which includes a twice baked soufflé and a mystery side of some interesting meat.

    Dinner party novices Ricky and Becca struggle in the kitchen with a Thai-themed banquet.

    Finally it's Sian and Tim's chance to show what they can do with the second Thai-themed menu in two days. But will a dramatic food dislike from Joy affect their chances of walking away with the grand?

  • Episode 28 - Greater Manchester

    Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off the competition with a chaotic performance in the kitchen.

    Day two sees Paula and Andy cooking up a selection of family favourites.

    Finally, it's Sharon and Simon's chance to show the others how it should be done. But can Simon turn on the charm enough to impress his guests and bag the cash prize?

  • Episode 29 - South West London

    Butchers Roland and Anne, who have been married for 41 years, start the ball rolling on a night of many jokes.

    Day Two sees an organised Penny taking charge in the kitchen, while it's left to Thom to lower the tone by announcing that Penny takes pictures of her poo.

    Finally, it's the turn of fancy dress enthusiasts Tony and Rebecca to host, with a dessert based on Tower Bridge and a starter resembling a rugby pitch.

  • Episode 30 - Cardiff and Newport

    Rachel and Mark launch the competition with an Asian themed menu, inspired by their passion for travelling. But outspoken sisters Sue and Joyce are not loving the sushi.

    On day two eyebrows are raised when baked beans are served with chives by Sue and Joyce.

    On day three it's Philippe's chance to show the Brits how it should be done as he bosses wife Trish around the kitchen.

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It's double the fun, as couples come together to host dinner parties in an exciting new twist for the popular competitive dining show

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