• Episode 1 - Custody

      This episode meets Gillingham's busy custody suite staff. From burglary to shop-lifting and assault to drugs possession, they've seen generations progress through their criminal careers.

    • Episode 2 - Traffic

      Coppers joins the Cambridgeshire traffic cops who like nothing more than racing to the rescue, and nothing less than informing next of kin that their loved ones have died in a crash.

    • Episode 3 - Emergency Response

      The series follows the police responding to emergency calls and reveals some of the trivial reasons people call 999: from mobile phones running out of credit to whose turn it is on the Wii.

    • Episode 4 - Saturday Night

      The series joins police officers on the Saturday night beat, where drunks, abuse and violence - as well as marriage proposals and requests to urinate in your helmet - are all part of the job

    • Episode 5 - Public Order

      In this programme, cameras follow Greater Manchester Police's Tactical Aid Unit as they police violent clashes between thousands of opposing demonstrators in Bolton.