Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 11PM Wed 29 May 2013

Male stripping is booming in the UK. Every weekend in most major cities, women are paying to see men get naked.

The Dreamboys is the biggest male stripping agency of them all and ex-stripper David Richards is in charge. He claims to know what women want, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to give it to them.

David is on the search for some 'fresh meat' to join his London troupe and meets the men that come forward to auditions. Who are they, why are they doing it and what impact is it having on their life?

Like never before, this First Cut film lifts the lid on this exotic world of sex, fantasy and temptation and shines a light on the private lives of the men whose job it is to bare all.

First Cut is the critically acclaimed, eclectic documentary strand that showcases distinctive new films by up and coming directors.

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This First Cut film goes behind the scenes at Britain's biggest male stripper agency as they audition new recruits