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Channel 4 Comments Policy

Terms and Conditions

When submitting content to any of the Channel 4 sites you are bound by our Terms and Conditions.

Have a read, and let us know if there's anything you're not sure of.

Please note that these terms give us permission to repeat your comments across other parts of the site or in our programmes.

About the Guidelines

We've created these guidelines to help you enjoy our community areas. If you want to avoid being troubled by trolls or learn a bit more about the legal implications of having your say, then read on.

Anything posted on any of the sites under the Channel 4 umbrella must comply with these guidelines. If you're unclear about any of the guidelines, ask us a question at Viewer Enquiries. If you disagree with the guidelines, we're always open to feedback as to why, but please note that your feedback comment must comply with our current guidelines nevertheless.

Some communities on the sites have additional, temporary guidelines specific to that community. If community-specific guidelines conflict with any of the general guidelines for the whole site, the site guidelines will prevail. You will find details of any additional guidance at the relevant community area itself.

The Guidelines

Please be aware that Channel 4 has the right to remove any comment that it feels necessary to maintain a pleasant and constructive community tone. If you think you've been banned, contact Viewer Enquiries. Do not register a new name, because this will lengthen any ban.

The following rules are applicable across all Channel 4 Communities.

Things to do:

RELEVANCY: Make sure your comment is relevant to the content. Off-topic comments will be removed, unless it's a designated off-topic area.

REPORT: Use the 'Report' button if you think a moderator needs to check the comment. Please do not retaliate yourself. Launching an inappropriate attack on someone, even if they are misusing the community, could lead to your account being suspended. Don't retort, hit report!

ENJOY: Try to have fun. If you find yourself getting wound up or stressed, take a break. Come back refreshed and eager to throw your wit at us once more.

EMPATHISE: Be patient with other users. Even if someone posts in a way that annoys you (in txt spk for example), stay polite and light-hearted in any response. (In 10 years this person could be your GP, or MP, or brother-in-law... )

Contact Viewer Enquiries if you have any questions or problems concerning Channel 4 Communities. Replies may take up to a week when things are busy.

Things not to do:

(Breaking these rules may result in suspension)

BAD LANGUAGE: No swearing of any kind is allowed in Channel 4 Communities (even with s***s!).

OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOUR: Do not post in a manner likely to offend other users, disrupt the community or just be plain old mean.

THEFT: Do not copy and paste large chunks from other sites or include copyrighted material in your post.

VIRUS RISK: Do not link to any kind of media or executable file directly. If you suspect someone has attempted to post one, DO NOT open it. Please note that Channel 4 is not responsible for third party sites.

BICKERING: Do not get into personal arguments with other users. We do not allow the abuse of other commenters. If another user is attempting to get into an argument with you, please do not take the bait. Use the 'Report' button (present on the bottom of every comment) rather than posting personal attacks.

SAFETY: Do not give out any personal information about yourself or other people - especially contact information. You may think you know the people you are chatting to, but you certainly do not know the many thousands of passing users who can all read what you've posted.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Be aware that copying an email that has been sent to you by either an individual or a company may break the terms of confidentiality between you and the sender. Posts that clearly contain direct quotes from emails will be removed.

ILLEGAL: Do not include anything that is obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or offensive; or that promotes cruelty, violence, vandalism, fraudulent or criminal acts; or that could encourage others to commit illegal acts or acts that could cause physical harm if replicated.

LIES & COURT CASES: Do not say untrue things about people or companies as this may be defamatory, and do not mention court cases or arrests as this could constitute a contempt of court.

SPAM: Do not try to promote your website, business, DIY money-making scheme, hamster-breeding farm or, even, your lonesome-and-available-for-dating self.

DELETED COMMENTS: Do not repeatedly re-post deleted topics or comments.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Messages may be removed if posted in languages other than English (we are not an overly educated bunch here).

LINKS: You can link to any website to illustrate your comment as long as this posting is not:

  • Commercially motivated
  • A link to content that breaches copyright
  • A direct link to a media or executable file (for example: wmv, mp4, mov, mp3, pdf)
  • A link to obscene or unlawful content
  • Considered spam or off-topic
  • If you're a blogger, you may add a link to your blog in the URL field where available.

    Please note that Channel 4 is not responsible for the content of third-party sites.

What is Moderation?

All community areas on Channel4.com are set to be pre- or post-moderated. One of the moderation team will review your comment before or after it is published, depending on which community area you posted it to. A community area that covers sensitive subject matter is more likely to be moderated before the comments are allowed to go live. Any comment containing something that goes against the Community Guidelines wil be removed.

Channel4.com moderators will never contribute to a community area without disclosing their role as a moderator, or as part of C4 Communities, even if they are diligently checking the site while off duty (stranger things have happened... ).

In addition to moderators you may see an 'Editor' or 'Official Contributor'. This could be a Channel 4 member of staff, a freelance programme-maker or someone else connected to Channel 4. Their username will announce their position.


Not all areas require you to register. If it is required, you'll be prompted to sign-up when you attempt to comment or upload an image/video. Please follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration.

If you have any problems with registration please contact Channel 4 Help. Make sure you have copied the url of the page you are on and that you tell us what you are trying to register for.

Parental Advice

For more information on ensuring that your children are safe online, go to:




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