Coming Up

    • Episode 1 - New Cross

      A story of forbidden love unfolds when 27-year-old Carl meets Bailey, the girl of his dreams. Their relationship explores thwarted ambition, restlessness, and the desire to follow one's own path.

    • Episode 2 - Ben and Lump

      Ben returns home for Christmas after his first term at university. Meanwhile, his best friend Lump can't find a job and his dad's insisting he should join the army.

    • Episode 3 - Camouflage

      Annette teaches patients how to conceal their scars with make-up, but when Riza walks into her consulting room, she starts covering up more than just the scars from his past in Sierra Leone

    • Episode 4 - Spoof or Die

      Nicky has just moved to Belfast from England. He meets Craig, who's obsessed by the city's bloody past. They play truant from school, but their friendship develops into something more worrying.

    • Episode 5 - Postcode Lottery

      When Jed learns that he can't get the treatment he needs for his terminal cancer, he takes matters into his own hands, with surprising results

    • Episode 6 - If We Dead Awaken

      An ex-KGB spy arrives in London seeking a second chance with a lost love, a ballerina who defected many years ago

    • Episode 7 - Colour

      Eleven-year-old Holly's friendship with Congolese boy Andre gives her a reprieve from a difficult home life. But their happiness hangs in the balance when Holly's mum's mental health deteriorates...