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Outrageous and hilarious films from the Comic Strip team, who helped make Channel 4's early reputation as champions of alternative comedy

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Outrageous and hilarious films from the Comic Strip team, who helped make Channel 4's early reputation as champions of alternative comedy

  • The Hunt for Tony Blair

    The Hunt for Tony Blair

    The Comic Strip team return for a special 50s-style 'fugitive' film noir spoof.

    The 60-minute film, penned by Peter Richardson and Pete Richens, follows Prime Minister Tony Blair (Stephen Mangan), wanted for murder and on the run. Escaping from Number 10 and leaving behind his adoring wife Cherie (Catherine Shepherd), Tony vows to clear his name no matter what the consequences.

    But on a foggy London night, Tony has few friends willing to harbour a wanted man. With front pages demanding his capture, Blair has no choice but to go on the run, with Inspector Hutton (Robbie Coltrane) and his sidekick (James Buckley) hot on his trail. The chase unfolds thanks to evidence gleaned from his 'allies' Mandelson (Nigel Planer) and Brown (Ford Kiernan), as well as an unlikely encounter with Margaret Thatcher (Jennifer Saunders, channelling Bette Davies in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?).

    Surely Tony's an innocent man, pursued for a crime he didn't commit?

    The cast also includes Harry Enfield as Alastair Campbell, Rik Mayall as Professor Predictor, Morgana Robinson as Carole Caplin, John Sessions as Thatcher's butler and Ross Noble as an 'old Labour' tramp.

  • Four Men in a Plane

    Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Peter Richardson and Nigel Planer are the four salesmen who share a flight from hell on their way to a conference. With so many egos and so much machismo on display, the first part of the journey is taken up with squabbles over airmiles and upgrades.

    But when our intrepid salesmen decide to hire a private plane things take a turn for the worse - and they crash land in the middle of the desert. It's each man for himself as the fight for survival (and the last bottle of water) takes over.

  • Four Men in a Car

    The four salesmen - Adrian Edmonson, Rik Mayall, Peter Richardson and Nigel Planer - share the car journey from hell, on their way to a sales conference where only one of them will be selected for promotion. With so many egos stuffed in one vehicle little surprise they find themselves on the hard shoulder in a battered car without an AA phone in sight.

    But there is a farmhouse nearby, home to alcoholic diabetic Jennifer Saunders, who has no phone. More isolated than ever, it is only the mysterious Stella, played by Dawn French, who can get them back on the road again

  • Five Go Mad on Mescalin

    While on their way to stay with Mrs French at Hot Turkey Farm the intrepid youngsters learn that their Uncle Quentin, a well-known scientist and homosexual, has escaped from prison.

  • Funseekers

    It's high season in Ibiza, and the18-30s holidaymakers have arrived for another annual binge. But the pace is so frantic no-one notices the pregnant maid ostracised by her nearest and dearest. What's more, there's an over-age man in the midst of all this frenetic pleasure-seeking - Tony (who is in fact 34, and therefore shouldn't be there at all).

  • Didn't You Kill My Brother?

    An everyday story of gangland folk, starring Alexei Sayle and Beryl Reid. Old rivalries are renewed when Carl Moss is prematurely released from prison. His new occupation leads him into conflict with his gangland brother and the head of the 'family firm', the notorious Mrs Moss.

  • The Yob

    An illegal psychic teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong, and pretentious promo director Patrick gets his genes mixed with those of a football hooligan. Slowly, he begins to change - taking on some undeniably yobbish tendencies.

  • Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

    The inappropriately named hit man Mr Jolly, played by Peter Cook, rents office space next door to the alcoholic incompetents Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, proprietors of Dreamy Time Escorts, London's seediest escort agency. Through a catalogue of mistakes and misunderstandings the deranged Mr Lovebucket, played by Peter Richardson, purveyor of wines and spirits to most London off-licences, finds he has paid Rik and Ade £3,000 to 'take out Nicholas Parsons'.

  • More Bad News

    A rock journalist reunites the Bad News band, who parted company after a disastrous maiden tour, for a one-off gig. But all does not go according to plan...

  • The Strike

    A young and innocent man from the Welsh Valleys pens a script about the miners' strike. When success comes calling, he and the script get the Hollywood treatment.

  • Private Enterprise

    A toilet paper delivery man steals a band's demo tape and gets the money when the 'mystery' band is a success.

  • Consuela

    A man brings his pretty new wife back to his ancestral home but she soon runs into trouble with the housekeeper, who seems to resent her.

  • The Bullshitters

    An affectionate tribute to TV tough guys, starring Keith Allen, Peter Richardson and Robbie Coltrane. Our two heroes, Bonehead and Foyle, have retired from active service and are running a training school for TV tough guys. But after the kidnapping of the daughter of DI5's Commander Jackson they are called out of retirement to save her - and the Western world.

  • Slags

    In the not-too distant future, the evil Slags confront the 'nice' Hawaiians, who control with goodwill and flower garlands, in a story of passion and shadowy violence.

  • Eddie Monsoon - A Life?

    A television biography of the most offensive TV star South Africa has ever produced, played by Adrian Edmondson.

  • Gino - Full Story and Pics

    The story of Gino the delinquent and Angie the party girl who, due to an excess of drink and drugs, passes out in the back of his taxi.

  • Fistful of Travellers Cheques

    Two students go to Spain to do the 'whole spaghetti western thing' and run into a series of disparate and desperate characters.

  • Susie

    In a quiet village, a teacher is about to leave her husband for her lover, but the triangle is disturbed by the arrival of an aging rock star.

  • Dirty Movie

    Cinema manager Terry Toadstool has a plan to watch a porno movie at 9am, but certain people are out to thwart him.

  • The Summer School

    Dawn French's improbable expose of a university course in Iron Age Living, with Robbie Coltrane and Peter Richardson.

  • Bad News Tour

    A day on the road with the most controversial heavy metal band in the history of the universe, man.

  • The Beat Generation

    A part-time hipster desperately wants to be part of the 'Beat' scene, but can he handle it? With Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

  • War

    What if there were armies from Russia and America occupying Britain? With Rik Mayall, Robbie Coltrane and Peter Richardson.

  • Five Go Mad in Dorset

    Keith Allen, Peter Richardson, Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders from the Comic Strip have a ripping time on their summer hols.

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Outrageous and hilarious films from the Comic Strip team, who helped make Channel 4's early reputation as champions of alternative comedy

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