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You saw them here first... Rising stars from the UK comedy scene showcase their talents in 30-minute specials, which can also act as pilot episodes for complete new series.

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You saw them here first... Rising stars from the UK comedy scene showcase their talents in 30-minute specials, which can also act as pilot episodes for complete new series.

  • Comedy Showcase: Fun Police: Leslie

    Fun Police

    Neil returns to work after falling two storeys onto the head of Brightsea's H&S Department, leaving her in a coma.

    With the boss currently hospitalised, a new boss, Leslie, steps up with great enthusiasm, but he has some questionable management techniques.

    While Leslie prepares to make a press statement about the accident with the help of town planner and self-professed media guru Richard 'Dickie' Traves, Neil endures less-than-helpful post-traumatic counselling sessions, and Health and Safety make a raid on a beauty salon...

  • Comedy Showcase: Coma Girl

    Coma Girl

    This upbeat, single-camera comedy follows a group of female friends united by a shared history but divided by almost everything else.

    Most friends meet for dinner, or at the pub, but for these four old school friends their monthly get together is in the unsettling surroundings of an intensive care unit.

    Siobhan (Sarah Solemani) is a failing TV presenter, Sarah (Katy Wix) is a rather reluctant mother of three, Pip (Katherine Parkinson) is a pseudo bohemian and Lucy (Anna Crilly) - well, Lucy is in a coma.

    After the initial shock, the group soon realise that Lucy is in dire need of help, if only they could provide it. As she becomes more aware of what is going on around her, unexpected and funny moments from her subconscious are revealed.

  • Chickens


    Quirky period British comedy, set during the First World War, written by and starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Jonny Sweet.

    They're the only men in the village, and all the women hate them. Our nation's heroes are fighting the good fight on foreign soil, but in one sleepy English village three young men remain. George (Thomas) is a conscientious objector, Cecil (Bird) has flat feet (apparently), and Bert (Sweet) really is a coward, unfortunately. In the eyes of their neighbours they're all the same - chickens.

    So in a world of (quite sexy) women, children and the infirm, these twenty-something chaps have only each other for company and nothing else in common.

  • Other People

    Other People

    At 14, Greg Wilson was a child star: precocious, smug and very punchable. But in the blink of an eye, his career is finished.

    During a phone-in on a Saturday morning kids TV show, a child rings in and swears at Greg on live TV. It seems that the caller has brilliantly articulated what everyone was thinking...

    Twenty years later, Greg works in a leather sofa shop, the early promise of his life unfulfilled. When Greg is recognised by a customer who asks for his autograph, one disastrous event leads to another and he finds himself in court facing a year-long prison sentence.

    With only his worryingly unconventional duty solicitor, the over-confident Rick Parish, on hand to help, Greg is forced to relearn a harsh lesson: hell truly is other people.

  • Girl Friday

    Girl Friday

    An all-star female ensemble with Josie Long, Kerry Howard, Sara Pascoe, Nat Lurtsema, Kathryn Drysdale and Lu Corfield write and star in their own comedy sketch show. They contact dead teenagers through a predictive texting Ouija board, two-time stalkers, play spiteful teachers and recall unusual memories of The Blitz. They also share the world of their own daytime show - Looser Women.

  • Guantanamo Phil

    Guantanamo Phil

    Thirty-year-old Woolworth's Assistant Manager Phil Mill from Stoke was enjoying a bird-watching holiday near the Afghan border until his arrest by US Marines on suspicion of being a terrorist.

    After a six year campaign for freedom, led by his devoted girlfriend Carly, he finally returns home. Life in Britain is not quite as he remembers it - the credit crunch has claimed both his job and home. And he has several thousand answer phone messages to deal with!

  • Jessica, Mickey, Dermot and Neil

    The Amazing Dermot

    Master illusionist and stage hypnotist Dermot Flint, played by Rhys Darby, attempts to get his career back on track after an unfortunate incident involving two brothers, some French kissing under hypnosis and a highly publicised court case.

    In the space of a week his wife leaves him, his TV show is cancelled and he moves into rehab. A number of desperate attempts to remedy the situation are ruined by his enormous ego, a body double and a deaf nurse.

  • Todd Margaret

    The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

    US comedian David Cross plays Todd Margaret, a hapless office drone who flukes his way into a top management job heading up the British division of a US multinational. All he has to do is sell a dozen container loads of dodgy Korean energy drinks before his psychotic boss, played by Will Arnett, visits in a week's time. It doesn't help that he knows nothing about the UK or selling things.

    What's more, he only has one very unhelpful employee, played by Russell Tovey, to assist him. Needless to say, it doesn't go well and Todd's spectacular failure to impress beautiful café owner Alice, played by Sharon Horgan, only makes things worse.

  • PhoneShop

    On High Street UK the priority is to shift units, make money, smash targets - and nobody knows that better than the staff of PhoneShop. New recruit Christopher is on the notorious one-day trial, but will he make his first sale by 6pm and secure the job, or will he be yet another victim on the vicious 'retail battlefield'?

  • Andy Nyman


    It's the beginning of the new academic year and Jonty de Wolfe, Vice Chancellor of Kirke University, played by Andy Nyman, tries to talk a suicidal student into ending it all.

    Meanwhile, underachieving English professor Matthew Beer, played by Joseph Millson, is forced to collaborate with introverted lecturer Imogen Moffat, played by Lisa Jackson, who has just written a popular maths bestseller. But first he has to deal with the fact that she is female, and therefore technically on his 'to do' list.

  • The Eejits

    Not-very-ably assisted by their roadie, Tom (who believes he is blessed by visits from the Virgin Mary), Maurice and Gerard are two musicians on the fast track to fame and fortune.

    At least, that's the plan...

    But the fast track is proving a bit sticky. Their band E-Z Feelin' isn't doing too well on its tour of Ireland's more dubious venues. Perhaps a smoke machine and strobe light purloined from U2 will help?

    The only trouble is - U2 want their gear back...

    Meanwhile, Maurice and Gerard agree to smuggle some 'goods' into Northern Ireland to repay an old debt. Thus the scene is set for one of E-Z Feelin's most dangerous gigs so far...

  • Ladies and Gentlemen

    It's London in 1865. Horatio is the youngest son of a baron, a man incapable of earning a living who gets by because of his superior social position.

    His friend and flatmate Jack is a doctor and a serial romantic - there isn't a woman in London who he hasn't tried to become engaged to.

    When Horatio's uncle dies and the entire estate is left to him, Horatio suddenly finds himself the number-one suspect for murder.

    Did Horatio purposely kill his uncle to get his hands on the estate? Or is the killer his cousin, the daughter of his dead uncle, the beautiful Elizabeth, who (among others) was recently betrothed to Jack?

  • Free Agents

    Free Agents

    Meet Alex. He's penniless, homeless - and last week he burst into tears in Sainsbury's because for a second he imagined he saw his kids by the meat counter.

    Stuck in the middle of a painful divorce, Alex is barely clinging on to his job at successful talent agency TMA, run by his sex-obsessed, cocksure and roguish boss, Stephen.

    Meet Helen. She, too, is coping with the after-effects of personal trauma. It's a year since her boyfriend dropped dead, just months before their wedding. But time has passed, she has a nice flat and, unlike Alex, she's successful at her job.

    She's getting her act together. She's just wishing she hadn't celebrated the anniversary of her fiancé's death by sleeping with Alex...

  • Linsey with Duncan from Blue

    Plus One

    Rob Black is struggling with self-esteem issues. His girlfriend Linsey has left him for Duncan from Blue, and a freak sewage pipe explosion has wrecked his flat.

    Even his family and friends think Duncan is better than him. But when he receives an invitation to Duncan and Linsey's wedding, Rob sees an opportunity to get his own back - by turning up with a hot date in tow.

    Rob strikes gold when his colleague Laura suggests he invites her gorgeous flatmate, Nicky.

    At first, he takes a purely platonic approach to his big day date, but then Nicky's interest in him makes Rob deviate from the original plan...

  • Last of the Summer Wine characters from Comedy Showcase

    The Kevin Bishop Show

    No celebrity escapes unscathed in Kevin Bishop's lightning strikes at popular culture.

    Characters include the overly clinical R 'n' B singer Dr Usher, whose raunchy yet medically accurate songs are hardly conducive to romance.

    Elsewhere, Bruce Parry takes on more than he can chew when he meets some over-friendly tribesmen on his latest trip to the jungle and the middle-class Hulk remains far too polite to express his internal rage.

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You saw them here first... Rising stars from the UK comedy scene showcase their talents in 30-minute specials, which can also act as pilot episodes for complete new series.

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