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Platform for new comedy talent that has helped launch the careers of top performers such as Ricky Gervais, Dom Joly and Jimmy Carr, as well as uncovering such gems as Modern Toss and Fonejacker

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Platform for new comedy talent that has helped launch the careers of top performers such as Ricky Gervais, Dom Joly and Jimmy Carr, as well as uncovering such gems as Modern Toss and Fonejacker

  • Meet The Magoons

    Glaswegian foursome Nitin, Sanj, Hardeep and Paul are given a simple task - to pick up Nitin's dad's best friend's daughter from Glasgow Central station. Easy to get right? Wrong.

  • Comedy Lab: Rick and Peter

    Rick and Peter

    Rick and Peter make an odd couple - thrown together after Rick makes a regrettable gag on T4, and is put on a crash course in how to be more politically correct.

  • Kabadasses

    When Bobby, a loveable dreamer, is thrown out by his irate girlfriend, he teams up with his best mate Vin, a thug with a heart, to set up the world's first all-white, English Kabaddi team.

  • Olivia Lee

    Olivia Lee's Naughty Bits

    Olivia Lee is a sexy solo girl about town looking for love, labels and men. She's taking her special brand of madness out onto the streets in an all-new hidden camera show.

  • Tom Davis

    The Warm Up Guy

    Tom Davis stars as Ian Bodkin, a struggling studio warm up comedian and delusional dreamer who is on the lowest step of the entertainment ladder but thinks he is a superstar in the making.

  • Mr & Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show

    An alternative comedy game show, based on a 1950s-style beauty pageant with award-winning comedy sketch group Pappys (Matthew Crosby, Tom Parry and Ben Clark).

  • Comedy Lab: Totally Tom

    Totally Tom

    Scripted comedy sketch show, written and performed by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton and set in a non-specific metropolis, featuring an array of characters, some bordering on the grotesque.

  • Anna & Katy

    Anna & Katy

    Acclaimed double act Anna Crilly and Katy Wix present a one-off comedy sketch show introducing Germany's biggest daytime soap Congratulations, along with a range of silly characters.

  • MovieMash


    A spoof movie magazine programme that twists interviews of film stars and re-edits film to comic effect, mixed with comedy sketches.

    Using the best TV special effects and taking inspiration from the E! Channel, MovieMash features interviews with A-list stars such as Steven Seagal, Nic Cage, Andie MacDowell and Keanu Reeves to create the finest comedy chaos. The cast includes Dan Renton Skinner, Rufus Jones, Elliot Tiney and Morgana Robinson.

  • Filth


    Two misfits struggle to survive in the lurid world of Filth, a weekly lads' mag.

    Rob (James Buckley, The Inbetweeners) has a knack for lads' mag writing, but the job threatens his chances of ever having a relationship. Mike (Danny Morgan, Off the Hook) couldn't be less suited to the job: he's naïve, sensitive and a virgin, but eager to learn. They are minnows in a testosterone pond, ruled over by Chad (Danny Dyer), an ex-military uber-lad, and Michelle (Tracy-Ann Oberman, EastEnders), their ball-busting editor, who embodies the magazine better than any man in the place.

  • Kyle, Thomas Stone and Penelope Princess of Pets with Ruby

    Penelope Princess of Pets

    Penelope (Kristen Schaal from Flight of the Conchords) can talk to animals. Her gift has taken her, along with her orphan friend Kyle (Kurt Braunohler) and bird Ruby, all the way to England, where they have just 3,762 hours to save the world from the evil MP Thomas Stone (Julian Barratt).

    Can their brains, brawn and animal friends (featuring the voices of Daniel Kitson and Peep Show's Isy Suttie) save the day?

  • Comedy Lab

    Secret Census

    Jack Whitehall (TNT Show) asks 'how honest is Britain?' Jack conducts an exclusive, secretly filmed poll centred on this topic and creates a number of outrageous stunts on unsuspecting members of the public.

    Would individuals lie in court if a celebrity asked them? Or would they pretend to be off their head on drugs for £20? Results are then discussed with co-presenter Jamelia and the studio audience

  • Happy Finish

    Happy Finish

    A brand new sketch show that showcases a generation of new comedic talent both on- and off-screen, featuring Nadia Kamil, Daniel Kaluuya, Nico Tatarowicz, Sara Pascoe and Mike Wozniak.

    Sketches include the Department of Internet Hate, who are tasked with the job of coming up with the hate on YouTube comment boards; an illegal downloading that goes horribly wrong; and the archaeologists who uncover one of Jesus' practical jokes.

  • School of Comedy

    Kids School of Comedy

    Features a range of characters including a filthy, profane receptionist, a cross-dressing Eastern European plumber, and a sexually repressed couple from the 1930s.


    Karl Pilkington, Satisfied Fool

    After years of ridicule, Karl Pilkington has decided to find out just how intelligent he is and if having more knowledge would make him any happier

  • Transmission Impossible

    Transmission Impossible

    Spoof clip show featuring selections of programmes which, given an ill wind of broadcasting desperation, might actually exist in a parallel world.

  • The Chancers

    Two 'chancers', Chris and Milo, set themselves the task of making a TV programme. Unfortunately, they don't have any ideas. Furthermore they are complete unknowns, who can't seem to agree on anything!

  • 12:21

    A minute in the life of US comedian and Perrier Award Winner 2003 Demetri Martin.

  • Best of British

    Take five unlikely sporting personalities, a selection of bizarre sporting activities and 'Doggy' the rabid mascot and you have Best of British - a Superstars for the insane

  • The Pooters

    Delving into the abstract world of The Pooters book club. The Pooters discuss 1970s biker fiction with special guest Sir Patrick Moore.

  • Daydream Believers

    A sci-fi comedy with a dose of satire and gross-out humour. Ray (David Mitchell) is the creative one making money, while hapless Colin (Robert Webb) fights capitalist power in Ray's borrowed BMW.

  • Turn the World Down

    A cast of schemers live in two neighbouring flats on the shabby but well-loved Crossfields estate where a young boy blackmails his mum's friend's new boyfriend, who happens to be his teacher

  • Renegades of Magina

    Two young women living in a run-down seaside town attempt to compensate for their empty lives by creating an elaborate and complicated fantasy experience

  • Rolf's Animal Hairdressers

    Aussie salon owner Rolf runs his hairdressing salon assisted by the surly teeth-kissing Emma and the highly camp Styling Moose. Featuring the voice of John Thomson (Fast Show, Cold Feet) as Rolf.

  • Anderson

    The middle-class Andersons are a bit dysfunctional. Mr Anderson is obsessed with being a good parent; his wife, Roxanne is experiencing her sexual awakening, and son Duncan is a budding David Lynch.

  • House of Rock Awards

    Our loveable dead rock stars have returned to host their very own music awards ceremony. This epsiode's animated cartoon special guests are Madonna, Robbie Williams and Travis.

  • The Earl

    Lord Newmarket's production company specialising in documentaries on the royal family. Lord Newmarket goes to Hollywood to pitch his ludicrous film ideas to the studio bosses that count.

  • Roy Dance Is Dead

    Comedy trio Electric Eel - Dan Clark, Adam Goodwin and Cliff Kelly - play three unsavoury, down-market estate agents

  • Heart And Sole

    Lynn Ferguson tells the simple and heart-warming story of a Scottish primary school teacher who falls in love with a bottom-dwelling coastal fish called David

  • The Entertainer

    A documentary that tells the story of would-be comic Trevor Evans who is in desperate search of stardom

  • Golden Years

    Ricky Gervais plays a crisis-ridden middle-aged man who strives to make it big in showbusiness

  • Lenny Beige - Showbiz Legend

    Steve Furst stars as Lenny Beige, the bejewelled, 60s throwback and all-round entertainer who leads his audience through a celebration of spangly showbiz high camp.

  • Rick and Peter

    Alan Tyler's Big Night In

    Scot FM breakfast DJ Alan Tyler transmits his show from a viewer's home. From 1998.

  • Tommy Tiernan

    Tommy Tiernan Is Alive!

    Perrier Award Winning comedian and actor Tommy Tiernan live on-stage in his home town of Galway.

  • Aint it funny being coloured

    Ain't It Funny Being Coloured

    A multi-cultural sketch show that looks at race, prejudice, stereotypes, and how everything isn't quite as it seems on the surface.

  • Bad Crowd

    Bad Crowd

    Like any comedy prison, HMP Brickway's population is a mixed bag! Aiden McCabe is struggling to adjust to prison life and his newly-discovered sexual orientation.

  • headwreckers


    Five comics from Dublin - David McSavage, James Goldsbury, John Colleary, Eleanor Tiernan and Declan Rooney - write and perform their show set in their writing room.

  • Hung Out

    Hung Out

    Comedy about a real group of friends in their twenties written by a real group of friends.

    Dave and James, who live on one side of the street, decide to make a spreadsheet detailing everything they owe each other. Meanwhile, Lucy and Alex, who live opposite, fall out over what to do on Saturday night.

    When new girl Maya moves in, she questions what it is exactly that she's walked into...

  • Mr and Mrs Fandango

    Mr & Mrs Fandango

    A character sketch show featuring comic duo Barunka O'Shaughnessy and Tom Meeten. In their world, Dodi and Di host their own daytime TV show while Coleen and Wayne are comic book heroes.

  • Pappy's Fun Club

    Pappy's Fun Club

    Part sketch show, part sitcom, Pappy's Fun Club follows the exploits of four heroes as they struggle to keep the 'fun club' show going in the face of a variety of hardships.

  • Slaterwood


    The Hollywood hills are alive with the sound of Bolton in this hilariously warped vision of comic talent Peter Slater as he unleashes a world of crazy cops, heroes and villains.

  • The Services

    The Services

    Peter Kay plays the entire cast of characters caught on camera during a life in the day of a motorway services station near Bolton.

  • Rick and Peter

    Turning Tricks / Danny Does Tricks

    A double bill of comedy from Paul Zenon in Turning Tricks and Danny Buckler in Danny Does Tricks as the pair conjure up their unique brand of magic.

    Paul takes his tricks on to the Soho streets and shows how the hand is quicker than the eye. And Danny introduces locals in Brighton to the genie who lives in his matchbox.

  • Whatever


    Comedy Lab's unique experiment sees a group of urban teenagers coming up with ideas for what they want to see on the box - and the results are as outrageous as they are funny.

  • iCandy's Stringfellow


    iCandy is written by and stars Irish actor Liam Hourican as a variety of characters, including a mountaineer who has a taste for human flesh, a driving instructor with anger management issues and a life coach with a murky past.

    Then there's 'Louis Theroux', who goes on a really 'weird' weekend, and adult entertainment guru 'Peter Stringfellow' reaches out to the community. Plus the newly elected Irish Prime Minister reveals some of his policies to change the world.

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Platform for new comedy talent that has helped launch the careers of top performers such as Ricky Gervais, Dom Joly and Jimmy Carr, as well as uncovering such gems as Modern Toss and Fonejacker

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