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The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

About the Show

The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. And the £1000 on the table adds spice to the proceedings...

Series 9 Summary

The award-winning Come Dine with Me returns for another series of mouth-watering food and hilarious hosting

  • Episode 1 - London - Greg

    Episode 1 - London - Greg

    The first host in West London is landscape gardener Greg Basire, who modestly describes himself as "Mr Mediocre".

  • Episode 2 - London - Hugo

    Episode 2 - London - Hugo

    Recovering from a very late night, linguist Hugo Preece is finding it tough to get organised.

  • Episode 3 - London - Sabrina

    Episode 3 - London - Sabrina

    Iranian-born Sabrina Ghayour plans to wow her guests with a lavish Persian menu.

  • Episode 4 - London - Amii

    Episode 4 - London - Amii

    PR princess Amii van Amerongen is planning a charm offensive to stop everyone from arguing.

  • Episode 5 - London - Thoby

    Episode 5 - London - Thoby

    It's the final night in West London and food journalist Thoby Young thinks he has what it takes to scoop the £1,000 prize at the end of the evening.

  • Episode 6 - Bolton - Yvonne

    Episode 6 - Bolton - Yvonne

    The first host in Bolton is karaoke manager Yvonne, who plans to take her guests on a culinary world tour from Latin America, to Asia, and then back to Bolton in time for dessert.

  • Episode 7 - Bolton - Mark

    Episode 7 - Bolton - Mark

    In Bolton property developer Mark is relying on his time-saving gadgets to lay on an ambitious menu, while the group's self-appointed joker Paul tries to entertain the ladies.

  • Episode 8 - Bolton - Kate

    Episode 8 - Bolton - Kate

    In Bolton it's the turn of bubbly blonde Kate Mayers, who's got her hands full pleasing her guests. Meanwhile, serial flirt Paul makes some rather racy discoveries in Kate's bedroom.

  • Episode 9 - Bolton - Paul

    Episode 9 - Bolton - Paul

    In Bolton, smooth-talking Paul is serving risotto with black pudding and scallops, Beef Wellington, and bread and butter pudding. But there's a catch. One of the team has been taken ill.

  • Episode 10 - Bolton - Sarah

    Episode 10 - Bolton - Sarah

    It's the final night in Bolton and Sarah is feeling better and ready to seize the crown. But her hopes of winning rest on her hot fruit tower staying upright and not toppling over.

  • Episode 11 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Rodney Marsh

    Episode 11 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Rodney Marsh

    Rodney Marsh, Lesley Joseph, Paul Ross, Abi Titmuss and Linda Lusardi take it in turns to throw a dinner party. First up is Rodney Marsh, but there's one small problem - he can't cook.

  • Episode 12 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Lesley Joseph

    Episode 12 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Lesley Joseph

    Lesley Joseph loves entertaining, but admits her cooking isn't the best. So it's no surprise that her lamb isn't cooked, leaving her guests facing a meal of raw meat.

  • Episode 13 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Paul Ross

    Episode 13 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Paul Ross

    Paul Ross put his trademark bluntness to stinging use to criticise Rodney Marsh and Lesley Joseph's food, and now they're determined give as good as they got.

  • Episode 14 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Abi Titmuss

    Episode 14 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Abi Titmuss

    Abi Titmuss is better known for peeling off her clothes than peeling her onions but, unimpressed by the cooking so far, she's determined to prove that some celebrities can cook.

  • Episode 15 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Linda Lusardi

    Episode 15 - Celebrity Come Dine with Me - Linda Lusardi

    It's the last session of the celebrity culinary competition and time for one of the celebrities to walk off with the £1,000 charity prize. Linda Lusardi is determined to try and win.

  • Episode 16 - Glasgow - Sonia

    Episode 16 - Glasgow - Sonia

    First to cook in Glasgow is former model Sonia. Single girl Sonia is looking for romance; might boxing enthusiast Scott be the one?

  • Episode 17 - Glasgow - Ian

    Episode 17 - Glasgow - Ian

    Writer and whisky-lover Ian Black plans a distinctly Scottish menu with no-fuss cooking. And if this doesn't work, there's that bottle of expensive wine he's been saving for over two decades.

  • Episode 18 - Glasgow - Natalie

    Episode 18 - Glasgow - Natalie

    It's half way through in Glasgow, and this evening's host is primary school teacher Natalie, who has a rather a complex menu planned for her guests.

  • Episode 19 - Glasgow - Scott

    Episode 19 - Glasgow - Scott

    In Glasgow Scott Borthwick is on a mission to impress, especially stylish ex-model Sonia. And late on in the evening Scott and Sonia share a steamy conversation in the bathroom.

  • Episode 20 - Glasgow - Helen

    Episode 20 - Glasgow - Helen

    Last to cook in Glasgow is gregarious grandmother Helen Hancock who is taking her guests back in time with a retro menu featuring prawn cocktail and arctic roll.

  • Episode 21 - Northampton - Kirsty

    Episode 21 - Northampton - Kirsty

    The culinary competition comes from Northampton, where skiing fan Kirsty Frior serves a menu of winter warming food from the French Alps to her dinner party guests.

  • Episode 22 - Northampton - William

    Episode 22 - Northampton - William

    Marketing consultant William Henry, who has a tendency to dominate the conversation, is serving an authentic Italian menu along with rare wines from his own cellar.

  • Episode 23 - Northampton - Jenna

    Episode 23 - Northampton - Jenna

    Cocktail lover Jenna Smith hopes to wow her guests with an unusual menu that features pigeon. But she's committed a classic dinner party error: attempting a dish she’'s never made before.

  • Episode 24 - Northampton - Angela

    Episode 24 - Northampton - Angela

    Scottish arts and crafts lover Angela Parker hopes her extra hand-made touches will win her the £1,000, which is just as well, as Jenna and Kirsty aren't looking forward to her haggis dish.

  • Episode 25 - Northampton - Alex

    Episode 25 - Northampton - Alex

    The final host in Northampton is artist Alex Soulsby, who spent years living in Thailand and is cooking an ambitious five-dish Thai menu while hoping to sweep guest Kirsty off her feet.

  • Episode 26 - Swansea - Sharon

    Episode 26 - Swansea - Sharon

    In Swansea, pub landlady Sharon Craig is keen to introduce guests to her adventurous South African menu.

  • Episode 27 - Swansea - Annie

    Episode 27 - Swansea - Annie

    Welsh patriot Annie Haden thinks her traditional Welsh menu and hosting the party in Dylan Thomas' birth place will win the day, but not all the guests are impressed.

  • Episode 28 - Swansea - Nick

    Episode 28 - Swansea - Nick

    It's the third day of the competition from Swansea and club DJ Nick Madge is feeling nervous about satisfying his demanding guests.

  • Episode 29 - Swansea - Samira

    Episode 29 - Swansea - Samira

    The guests are still rowing, so beauty queen Samira has her work cut out for her trying to keep the peace and impress her guests with her Arabic menu.

  • Episode 30 - Swansea - Colin

    Episode 30 - Swansea - Colin

    It's the end of an explosive week in Swansea, and it's the job of Colin Consterdine to come up with a plan to keep the arguments at bay and impress the guests.

  • Episode 31 - Halifax - Leilani

    Episode 31 - Halifax - Leilani

    The first to cook in Halifax is glamorous sales manager Leilani, who is hoping to woo her guests with her sophisticated menu. But her diners are bamboozled by a rather bizarre discovery in her flat.

  • Episode 32 - Halifax - Caroline

    Episode 32 - Halifax - Caroline

    In Halifax, single mum Caroline is hoping to make up for her chaotic style in the kitchen by laying on a night that's all about fun. Until the lemon part of her lemon meringue escapes!

  • Episode 33 - Halifax - Ed

    Episode 33 - Halifax - Ed

    It's Ed's turn to cook in Halifax. As he lives with his Mum, his first challenge is to find the things he needs to cook up a storm. And then there's some bad feeling round the table to soothe.

  • Episode 34 - Halifax - Diana

    Episode 34 - Halifax - Diana

    The cook-off continues in Halifax, and it's the turn of Diana. The fun loving staff nurse has a taste for the hot and spicy. But plain speaking Steve hates curry, and all things spicy for that matter.

  • Episode 35 - Halifax - Steve

    Episode 35 - Halifax - Steve

    The final contestant in Halifax is Steve, who's serving seafood, boeuf en croute, and Eton Yoghurt Mess. And the food better be good, because Steve has made a few enemies over the week.

  • Episode 36 - Torbay - Gavin

    Episode 36 - Torbay - Gavin

    The culinary competition visits Torbay on the not-so-sunny English Riviera. First to cook is street warden Gavin Dyer.

  • Episode 37 - Torbay - Alison

    Episode 37 - Torbay - Alison

    Super fastidious housewife Alison Deare - cleans for at least three hours a day, doesn't like any clutter as it "gathers dust", and is worried about catching warts from the inside of eggs.

  • Episode 38 - Torbay - David

    Episode 38 - Torbay - David

    Day three of the culinary competition in Torbay is the turn of political activist and bingo-enthusiast David Ward to throw his version of the ultimate dinner party.

  • Episode 39 - Torbay - Patrick

    Episode 39 - Torbay - Patrick

    Well-to-do restoration expert Patrick Walker, is keen to show off his palatial house, including "the biggest Aga in the village".

  • Episode 40 - Torbay - Carol

    Episode 40 - Torbay - Carol

    It's the last dinner party of a momentous week in Torbay and it is down to Carol to provide a pleasurable dinner party experience.

  • Episode 41 - Basingstoke - Gill

    Episode 41 - Basingstoke - Gill

    In Basingstoke, amateur chef Gill Buley attempts a tricky choux pastry she hopes will wow her fellow diners. But do glamorous Gill's profiteroles make the grade?

  • Episode 42 - Basingstoke - Sophie

    Episode 42 - Basingstoke - Sophie

    It's day two in Basingstoke and 26-year-old host Sophie impresses her fellow diners with her multi-million pound country pile. But Sophie's cooking doesn't quite go to plan.

  • Episode 43 - Basingstoke - Richard

    Episode 43 - Basingstoke - Richard

    Richard Carpenter reckons the warmth of his welcome and a hearty menu will prove a crowd pleaser in Basingstoke. But what do the guests make of Richard's chaotic home and split custard?

  • Episode 44 - Basingstoke - Gabrielle

    Episode 44 - Basingstoke - Gabrielle

    Art teacher Gabrielle Hennig is a self-confessed "stress head" and hopes to do as much of her cooking in advance. But her eccentric hosting leaves her fellow diners in stitches.

  • Episode 45 - Basingstoke - Spencer

    Episode 45 - Basingstoke - Spencer

    It's the final night in Basingstoke and Spencer Uren is going all out to win. But the night takes an unexpected turn and a surprise revelation brings tears of reconciliation.

  • Episode 46 - South Yorkshire - Alison

    Episode 46 - South Yorkshire - Alison

    The first host in South Yorkshire, Alison, hopes to win points with some old-fashioned food. But her guests are intrigued by the saucy pic over her bed.

  • Episode 47 - South Yorkshire - Toni

    Episode 47 - South Yorkshire - Toni

    Up next in South Yorkshire is Toni. But the shaven-haired, motorbike-mad host's grand plan for the night go dramatically off the track, resulting in a trip to A&E.

  • Episode 48 - South Yorkshire - Mark

    Episode 48 - South Yorkshire - Mark

    In South Yorkshire, the competitive, confident and cocky Mark is a man with a plan for victory as he arranges for some surprise celebrity guests to take part in the evening's proceedings.

  • Episode 49 - South Yorkshire - Gary

    Episode 49 - South Yorkshire - Gary

    In South Yorkshire super critical foodie Gary takes his turn. He's making everything from scratch, even the bread. But his healthy non-alcoholic welcome drink doesn't go down too well.

  • Episode 50 - South Yorkshire - Kerry

    Episode 50 - South Yorkshire - Kerry

    It is the final day in South Yorkshire, and plain speaking Kerry plans good old fashioned 'stick to your ribs' cooking for her guests. Except her dumplings turn out to be more like breeze blocks!